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    Gold Coast bound

    Moving from New York to Greenwich, CT has been the choice many have made during the past years. Partly, this has been due to a hyper-dynamic lifestyle in New York. Alternatively, the corona virus pandemic has impacted people’s decision to move from New York to Greenwich, CT. The town is located in the appealing part of Connecticut called the Gold Coast in Fairfield County.  Its thriving infrastructure might make it golden, yet there are facts to be aware of. For example, housing is expensive. The cost of living is high. Property taxes are also considerable. Reportedly, they are lower than in the other suburban areas in its proximity. Even budget-friendly moving from New York to Greenwich, CT entails costs ranging approximately from $ 3,000 to $4,000. For those who are moving from New York to Greenwich, CT, the weather will not be surprising. This does not diminish the challenge that comes with cold winters and hot, humid summers. However, the peace, quiet, safety, and things to do that characterize Greenwich, CT can alleviate the hardship.

    What It Offers

    Greenwich is a vibrant cultural spot. It boasts of many renowned events and institutions of cultural significance. Some of the events include:

    1. The Greenwich International Film Festival;
    2. Outdoor Spring Crafts Festival;
    3. Greenwich Holiday Stroll and Fair;
    4. The Greenwich Reindeer Festival.

    Among the prestigious institutions are The Greenwich Symphony, The Greenwich Historical Society, and The Bruce Museum. They sustain a vibrant cultural experience. There are other reasons why Greenwich, CT is a great place to live. For example, it has excellent private and public schools. There are many activities for children including sports and camp options, which is yet another reason for living there. There are spectacular beaches and private islands, as well as outdoor places to practice physical activities. Greenwich, CT features an award winning library. Greenwich Avenue is a shopper haven. Its restaurants meet the standards of the most demanding restaurant goers. It is a cozy, friendly, and welcoming home to families, couples, and singles. In addition, many financial organizations and hedge funds are located there. Hence, it could be appealing businesswise, as well.

    How to Reach It

    There are thousands of the Greenwich residents who commute to Manhattan on a daily basis. It is a 30 minute ride by car on I-95, Merritt Parkway (Route 15). Surely, in the rush hour this may vary. This is even more intense on Fridays. It takes 45 minutes to arrive at Grand Central in New York on Metro-North. Moving from New York to Greenwich, CT requires a reliable mover to ensure safe transportation of the customer’s belongings. Both the customer and the mover benefit from good time management. Therefore, keeping the customers’ daily schedules and activities intact is of the essence. It also helps the moving company keep the moving process free from delay and distractions. The moving company that offers a well organized, professional, and efficient service can make the move easy and stress free. It can also help one reach the gem on the Gold Coast and enjoy the new living and/or working environment.

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