Moving Tips: Departing for New York

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    Unless you’re in New York, it’s difficult to be the source of many songs, pieces of art, and great American poems. The Empire State has consistently felt at ease in the limelight. New York appears most at home on stage, performing for a packed house at Radio City Music Hall, where it also gave the world it’s first building with more than 100 stories, the Brooklyn Bridge. As well as many of the most renowned artists in history.

    However, New York is undoubtedly more than just the bustling scene of the Big Apple. It is the Hudson River Valley’s somnolent hollows. Around Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario, there have been tremendous snowfalls. High in the Adirondacks, there are views of Niagara Falls and mountains.

    You’ll discover that New York is the place to be and a place to call all your own, whether you’re relocating to NYC or a modest hamlet upstate.

    Real Estate and Living Expenses

    New York State is an intriguing — and well-liked — location to live. This is because it has one of the largest and most diversified populations in the nation.

    The state, which is home to over 19 million people, is one of the most expensive places to reside in the United States due to its popularity and enviable position. New York State’s cost of living index is 135.7, making it the sixth highest in the country.

    Housing is the main offender. The average household income in the state is $75,157, which is greater than the national average, yet the typical home value is $340,600, and rent averages about $1,400 per month. Due to these expenses, the homeownership rate is 10 percentage points below the 64% national average.

    Unsurprisingly, NYC has a greater cost of living than nearby metro areas. More than any other American metropolis, rent jumped by a staggering 19% between 2022 and 2023. Manhattan experienced the most growth among the five boroughs of New York City, at 20.4%, followed by Brooklyn (19.2%), Queens (13.8%), the Bronx (7.6%), and Staten Island (6.2%).

    Surprisingly, transportation costs in the state are just somewhat higher than the national average. It is much simpler to commute without a car in New York City than it is in some other major metro areas. This is due to the accessibility of the city’s public transportation system.

    Education in NYC

    New York State is home to many of the greatest colleges and universities in the nation, including Ivy League schools like Cornell and Columbia. As well as NYU, Syracuse University, the University of Rochester, and other schools.

    New York attracts eminent researchers from all over the world and has true intellectual depth in almost every discipline. These organizations build an important knowledge base for a range of sectors, from technology to finance.

    The Job Market

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, the job market in the Empire States has mostly recovered, with information technology and healthcare leading job growth in the region. However, New York State’s unemployment rate, which is higher than the national average, has stubbornly held at 4.3% or higher throughout the past few months of 2022.

    In New York State, there were about 9.5 million non-farm occupations as of November 2022. The most recent statistics show that the average salary in New York’s private sector is $89,513.

    Health care and social assistance, which employs over 1.5 million people, is by far the largest sector of the New York State economy. While the banking and insurance industry, which employs over 500,000 people statewide, has the highest average income at $286,786.

    Other high-paying industries include utilities ($141,398 on average), professional and technical services ($140,693 on average), administration of businesses and enterprises ($177,801 on average), information technology ($169,852 average), wholesale commerce ($100,630 average), and utilities.

    The top corporations in New York state by revenue, according to Forbes, all operate in the business services and supply industry and bring in more than $10 billion a year apiece. Leading the group is McKinsey & Company, followed by Standard Industries, the grocery chain Wegmans, the media giant Hearst, and the consulting firm Bloomberg. More than 140,000 people are employed by these businesses collectively in the state and abroad.


    Since New York is the largest state in the northeast and has such varied topography, inhabitants can anticipate significant climatic variations from one part of the state to the next.

    One of the nicest times of year to visit New York is in the spring. May and June are lovely months to reside in or go to New York State when the snows melt. Expect pleasant weather, a ton of spring flowers, and animals (including people) waking up from their winter slumber.

    The average summer temperature in cities is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas that in mountainous areas is only 64 degrees Fahrenheit. However, heat waves can cause the temperature to soar, so be ready for temps to reach the 90s. Nearby beaches, where the waters stay chilly for most of the season, are popular places for city dwellers to escape the heat.

    Fall would always prevail if spring and fall engaged in arm wrestling for the title of the greatest season in New York. For apple harvesting, mountain hikes, and leaf-peeping, Upstate New York is fantastic.

    Although typical accumulations vary greatly around the state, winter snowfall is something that all New Yorkers must endure. The “lake effect,” which can cause snow to pile quickly, sometimes even several feet at a time, is all too familiar to people who live in the Great Lakes region. Which includes cities like Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester. Residents of this region should anticipate at least eight feet of snowfall per year. As well as the sporadic occurrence of thundersnow, a winter thunderstorm that may sound like it belongs to a Great Lakes monster but is just a winter thunderstorm.

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