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When contemplating a cross-country move, or simply a move from one state to another, hiring long distance movers may be crucial. Long-distance moving, however, is a whole other ball game.

Your movers will be working long hours because it may take several weeks for them to arrive from your old location to your new one. Because long distance moving involves a lot of preparation, endurance, and attention to detail, make sure you tip your movers appropriately if you are hiring them.

Advice for Those Planning a Long-Distance Move

The processes involved in a local move versus a long-distance move differ greatly. You will typically work with a single moving crew while doing a local move. However, you will usually receive two moving crews when you hire long distance movers.

The first will safely put your items into the truck after collecting them from your previous residence. After that, the items will travel across the nation (or to your destination, if necessary), making overnight stops. Long-distance movers frequently have to drive nonstop in order to reach your location on time. A second crew will be present to unpack your goods from the truck when they arrive. Tipping may change differently from a local transfer because of the additional staff participating in the procedure and the more hands on deck.

What Is the Moving Services Tipping Etiquette?

Tipping your movers is a typical practice, just like tipping your server at a restaurant. A typical gratuity is between 15% and 20% of the overall moving cost. However, you will have to tip both moving crews when you hire long-distance movers. To figure out how much to tip them, divide the move’s total cost in half (to cover the costs of both crews), then adjust the gratuity accordingly.

If your relocation costs $2500, for example, you would figure out the tip by taking half of the total ($1250 in this case) and giving each worker a gratuity that is between $177 and $250. Get a free quote from local movers in your region to get an idea of the cost of your long-distance relocation. Your final move charge may fluctuate from the initial quote because of additional services, tipping, traffic, and other moving expenses.

When to Tip Movers

After they have finished packing your stuff into your new house, tipping movers is traditional at the end of the day.

How happy you are with their service may be reflected in the amount you tip them. Giving them a generous gratuity is a terrific way to let them know you appreciate the additional care they took with your items. Other things to think about are: Were the movers on time? Have all of your possessions arrived securely? How simple was it to get in touch with the movers? And so forth.

It’s also important to consider the environment in which your movers operated. Are there elevators at your place? If not, what was the number of staircases? Was the day very hot? Did they move a good deal of bulky furniture? Were there heavy traffic volumes or hazardous driving conditions? Show compassion and empathy. Moving is a physically demanding job where employees must think quickly to solve problems that may emerge and do challenging duties.

Additional Methods to Award Your Movers

Having water available for movers in case they become dehydrated on moving day is important because moving is an exhausting task. Additionally, feeding your movers a meal if they’re hungry is a regular practice. These are of course optional and shouldn’t replace the gratuity, but it’s a good gesture to express gratitude for your movers and their welfare.

Other Things to Remember

When professional movers finish a full-day or half-day move, cash tips are the preferred method of appreciation, so make sure to have some cash on ready for them. You can speak with the foreman or the company you hired to arrange your move if you have any concerns about the condition of your items or the entire experience.

Although tips encourage movers to perform well, you have the right to refuse a gratuity if you believe they have fallen short of your expectations. You might inform your movers that you want to tip them when they arrive if you want to motivate them to perform well.

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