Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline

If you’re thinking about moving to Chicago then you have a great sense of timing! The windy city today has  nearly 3 million residents, numerous neighborhoods, a lot of job opportunities that grow day by day, and a cultural landscape that constantly surprises us all.

I can tell you that the city skyline viewed from Lake Michigan can make you dizzy and let you in awe! But, before you pack your bags, you’ll want to read a bit more about Chicago. This relocation guide will cover everything you need to know to before hitting the road. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Consider Moving To Chicago?

Chicago is one of the railroad centers of the nation, drawing a lot of young professionals, prospective industries, and people who want to elevate their knowledge. The Windy City is known for many things, such as the steel boom, the Prohibition-era gangsters, speakeasies, and world-famous deep-dish pizza.

The history of Chicago is embedded into every nook of this city and while you may never get to know every cranny of its history, there’s an opportunity to always explore something new. Chicago is full of opportunities in all fields so if you crave a big lifestyle change, then moving to Chicago is a good place to start.

Moving To Chicago Detailed Guide


Chicago has 77 different neighborhoods. So deciding which one you will call your home can be a gruesome task. Every neighborhood offers a unique specter of attractions, cultural diversity, and history. It is important where you choose to live since this will define the quality of your everyday life.

However, let’s simplify this a bit, Chicago has three main “sides,” or districts, those are:

  • The North Side – Here the neighborhoods are a mix of young college students, professionals, and families.
  • The West Side – This is more of an eclectic side of the city, this is also a culinary part of the city.
  • The South Side – This part of the city is a universal one, you’ll find everything here, from gothic architecture to mainstream art, sports centers, and great educational institutions.

Each of these sides includes dozens of community areas. But you might be wondering where is the East Side. The answer is, that Chicago has no East Side. This is where Lake Michigan is located. This beautiful and enormous waterfront is one of the most cherished assets of the city. Here you can enjoy 29 lakefront beaches, piers, and waterside restaurants. The most popular activities here are boating, jet skiing, and kayaking.

If you already found your perfect neighborhood and you are thinking about moving to Chicago, reach out to us so we can help you arrange this in no time.

Outdoor spaces

Chicago can brag about its 600 different parks and green spaces.  It seems like every part of the city is green. Some of the most famous and beautiful attractions and cultural centers are located in some of the city parks. Those are:

As I already mentioned Lake Michigan is a treasure of this city. The beach scene is strong in this city, you’ll find 18.5 miles of sandy beaches along Lake Michigan. This is an impressive mileage considering Chicago isn’t located on the ocean.

The weather

Chicago is a favorite among people who prefer a four-season climate. When moving to Chicago make sure you bring all,  stuff your suitcase with swimwear, light clothes, winter boots and parkas, and everything in between that you might be needing. You can never know what kind of weather waits around the corner.

Chicago winter can be harsh and cold, and I don’t mean regular cold, I mean public-schools-do-not-work type of cold. When blizzards hit Chicago, you will be paralyzed, so make sure you are good friends with your neighbors since they are the only people you’ll see for days. Oh, also make a reminder to purchase an XL snow shovel for your car.

As opposed to harsh winters, spring and summer heat Chicago very fast. The temperatures here are perfect for the festival season which is from May to October. Almost every neighborhood celebrates with a block party or summer street fair. If the temperatures become unbearable, go straight to Lake Michigan for some well-deserved relief.

Population and culture

Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the States. With a booming job market, it attracts more newcomers from all around the world. The great thing is that immigrants influenced the city’s architecture, cuisine, and culture, and contribute to making Chicago what it is nowadays.

With the Great Migration in the 20th century, a lot of African-American families found their forever home here. Did you know that Chicago is home to the third-largest African American population in the U.S? They are mostly located on the South Side of the city.

Moving to Chicago because of the work?

Chicago’s job market is robust and always in search of top talent and young professionals who are willing to work hard. High-paying positions are in high demand and mostly in popular categories such as the industry of sports entertainment, tech companies, startups, and major corporations like United, and Morningstar.

The job opportunities are in abundance, however, the most growth occurs in the following industries:

  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities
  • Professional and business services
  • Education and health services

Cost of living and public transportation

Chicago is very pricey to live in. With a cost of living of about 23% above the national average. Naturally, the biggest expense is housing costs. The real estates are 56% higher in price than in other areas of the U.S. The median rent is around $2,300 per month. While the price for an average single-family home goes from $550,000 and up. The relief is that utilities are 10% cheaper than in other parts of the country.

Keep in mind that Chicago has excellent urban planning,  and there are plenty of ways to get around town without breaking the bank. Here are some of the options:

  • The L – This is Chicago’s Transport Authority’s main rail system. The network with eight rapid transit lines, which makes commuting fast and efficient. The “Ventra” cards, which can be used with the L rail system as well as CTA buses can be purchased as single passes, day passes, or monthly passes.
  • CTA Buses – Buses make the city more accessible with 129 bus routes operating all around the city.
  • Biking –  The country’s second-highest percentage of people who commute to work with the bike in Chicago. This is one of the most affordable ways to get around the city while you stay fit and active at the same time.
  • Pedway – Built for pedestrians. This is an underground latticework of tunnels, passages, and walkways that link 40 different blocks. This system comes in particularly handy during the winter season when heavy rains ad snowy blizzards cover the city.


Chicago can never be compared with NYC, however, you can make a great life here. The great thing about the windy city is that it offers almost everything like the big Apple but for a lower cost of living, which you must admit is very important.

Moving is never an easy thing to do, especially if it is long distance. That is why you need a reliable partner and Zenith Moving is just what you need!