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Moving To SoHo Made Easy With Zenith Moving

Reputed as some of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods, SoHo is well known for being an upscale center of arts, entertainment, and fashion. I bet moving to SoHo sounds too posh right now. However, keep in mind that artists’ lofts and galleries in industrial buildings sit right next to upscale boutiques and high-end eateries which adds to a balance.

SoHo Manhattan
SoHo Manhattan

This neighborhood is all about the mix of culture and sophistication with a downtown cool. Soho is one of those areas that is packed full of great dinners,  amazing architecture, and different attractions and landmarks. Not surprisingly, this is exactly what makes the neighborhood pricey.

However, it is still possible to find an affordable place in Soho so let’s find out what’s it like to live there.

Moving To SoHo – Basics Of Calling It Home

The trendy neighborhood is located in the middle of Downtown Manhattan. SoHo means “South of Houston”. This is is a relatively small area bordered by Houston and Canal Streets to the north and south, with Sixth Avenue to the west and Crosby Street to the east.

The neighborhood that borders SoHo on the north is NoHo. While its southern neighbor is Tribeca. Hudson Square is to the west, and Nolita is to the east. We will talk about these neighborhoods as well in the time ahead of us.

History of Soho

Walking through Soho’s cobblestone street is like traveling through time. This is what attracts visitors to visit this part of the city. SoHo with its well-known, historic concentration of cast-iron facade architecture from the 1800s is a true NYC gem. The interesting fact is that by the ’60s and ’70s, the neighborhood’s buildings were widely vacant.

This is when artists moved in and began living and working in these empty warehouses which naturally draws attention. The blooming of this neighborhood began with the artists moving in. This attracted people to the area, followed by shopping, restaurants, and residential.

Today, this hood is famous for its tech industry that lies on the far west side of Soho, you also know it as Hudson Square. A lot of young professionals decide to move to SoHo precisely because of Hudson Square and all the job opportunities that they can encounter there.

What Are Your Housing Options After Moving To Soho?

Soho is also known as the “Cast Iron District”, due to the high concentration of cast-iron buildings with ornate facades from the 1800s. However, you can find some newer builds here as well. Most of the cast-iron buildings are converted from factories, warehouses, and office buildings into residential apartments. What we like about SoHo is that most of the buildings are designated as historical landmarks, so demolition is rarely an option. You’ll be able to enjoy the old New York charm in every part of Soho.

Even though you might be thinking that rentals in the older buildings will cost you less, you are wrong. The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in SoHo can go from $5,000 up to almost $9,000 per month. In case you are thinking about buying real estate here, make sure you have a few million dollars in your savings account. A simple two-bedroom apartment here will cost you a whopping $3.5 million!

Public transportation

Subway accessibility in Soho is a bit weird, there are fewer than 10 train lines in or on the border of the neighborhood. You can get to Midtown in about 15 minutes. When you need to visit the far east side of Manhattan, there are 6 different train lines available that will get you there in no more than 30 minutes.

Parks and greenery in Soho

In SoHo, you won’t find massive parks. Therefore, there are some small green nooks like the Elizabeth Street Community Garden James J. Walker Park, and Spring Street Park. A Freeman Plaza West was turned into a park. Also, there is Vesuvio Park which is located in the Sullivan-Thompson historic district. It leads you directly to a famed Vesuvio Bakery on Prince Street. This park was renovated in 2007 and boasts a pool and frequent art exhibits.

Destinations To Visit And See After Moving To SoHo?

To be fair this neighborhood with its charm and history is a destination for itself. Even if you aren’t considering moving to SoHo you can’t live in NYC and not take a long stroll through this epic hood. SoHo is filled with some of the best restaurants and shops in the city! This naturally attracts locals and visitors which makes the streets of SoHo crowded by day and night.

Some of the places that must be on your list include The Ear Inn, a landmark since 1817, and one of the oldest drinking establishments in New York City! Also, you can’t skip the Fanelli’s Café building, which has been in around since the 1840s. I bet you will have a lot of fun visiting the New York City Fire Museum. This museum showcases the history of firehouse trucks and fire-fighting in the city with photos and other paraphernalia.

If you are a foodie then there are a few destinations you need to visit. One is Raoul’s, where you will have the best-famed steak with cream and cognac au Poivre sauce and fries. The other must-go-to destination is Laduree where they serve the best macaroons and cocktails. For those who want to be seen at a sidewalk table at Cipriani’s is the right way.

Moving To SoHo – Living An Expensive Life

If you are planning to move to SoHo then we are sure you already embraced the fact that living in a high-end neighborhood like this will cost you a lot. The architecture in SoHo is distinctly lovable which is true. Even though the narrow walkways are what gives it its unmistakable charm, it does have their downsides.

Imagine moving your bulky furniture up and down these streets. The hallways in your future building are no best, narrow and tight. Imagine how much it will cost you to repair if anything gets damaged during the moving process. To avoid unnecessary costs and unpleasant situations you need to hire the best moving company.

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