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Moving To Williamsburg: Let's Go To Brooklyn

Moving to Williamsburg is a great idea for people that are looking for a place that has a small-town charm but with big-city energy. Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NYC that has become one of the most popular places among students and young professionals.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

This hood is great since it established itself as a trendy, hip neighborhood, full of great restaurants, boutiques, and bars located right across Manhattan. If you are thinking about moving to Williamsburg, there are some things you will need to take into consideration before making the next step. Now, relax, take a cup of coffee and enjoy this mini guide.

Start Right, Hire The Best Moving Company To Help You Relocate

The first thing I need to mention is to avoid making common moving mistakes by simply planning everything on time and sorting a good comprehensive moving checklist.

When it comes to relocation, you should understand that this process is not a piece of cake. You can do it all by yourself but why take an unnecessary risk when you can hire a local moving company to handle most of the tasks instead of you? They are here for a reason so it might be a good idea to consider that option.

We are proud to say that the Zenith Moving team knows every nook and cranny of this area and they will be able to help you settle in. Now that we sorted this out let’s have some fun and explore Williamsburg to see what it has in store for you!

Moving To Williamsburg – Expectations

The first things you should expect after moving to Williamsburg are nostalgia and home-sickness, however, these are normal feelings. The great news is that Williamsburg is known for its great nightlife and a wide variety of activities that will keep you busy. Here you will find some of the best bars that NYC can offer.

People in Williamsburg are all about entertainment and food

Did you know that in Williamsburg you can go for a game of bowling while at the same time a live band is blasting your favorite songs? Brooklyn Bowl is a cult place that you must visit no matter in which borough you settle! The food scene in Williamsburg is legendary! With a wide variety of restaurants, this hood is capable to satisfy even the most gourmet palate.

What we love about this neighborhood is the diversity. You’ll find everything here, from the classic American comfort food to the spicy and adventurous taste of Mexico, to simple but delicious Japanese cuisine. The world-class dining scene of Williamsburg will make you forget about cooking.

Also, beer, especially craft beer is a big thing in Brooklyn. Did you know that Williamsburg is a community renowned for its love of craft beers? Well, if you haven’t now you do! Here you will find a bunch of beer gardens with a wide selection of craft beers that will serve the tastes of every type of beer drinker.

It’s the headquarter of the NYC art scene

Williamsburg has been home to artists since the early 70s, this is the main reason why it became the headquarter of the largest art scene in NYC. The neighborhood is full of buildings with hand-painted murals, as well as plenty of wonderful art galleries and art exhibitions you shouldn’t miss out on. Places like Sideshow, Soloway Fine Arts, and Williamsburg Art and Historical Society should be on your map.

Plenty of open green spaces

If you are a fan of large outdoors and plenty of green spaces you will love Williamsburg. When you need to take a break from the fast city life check out some of these parks:

  • McCarren Park
  • Domino Park
  • East River Park
  • Brooklyn Greenway Bike Lane

Here you can find a massive swimming pool, a gym, terrains for baseball, basketball, and softball, and dog parks. If you are a running enthusiast you can run alongside the East River and enjoy the Manhattan view.

Cost Of Living In Williamsburg?

In the past few decades, Brooklyn has become a pretty expensive place to live. However, some parts of Brooklyn remained more affordable than others. Depending on who you ask, Williamsburg is expensive and cheap at the same time. the median rent price in Williamsburg is around $3,675 which is nearly 27% higher from recent years. However, this is still a pretty okay price considering the rent prices in other parts of NYC.

Moving To Williamsburg – Yes Or No?

If you can afford it then definitely yes! This amazing part of Brooklyn has that great vibe and friendly community that will keep your attention for years to come. On one hand, it is quiet and peaceful, while on the other hand, there are plenty of amazing things you can do and see there.

Moving to Williamsburg might be one of the best experiences of your life, as long as you make a good plan and stick to it. The more you prepare, the easier things will be. However, don’t make a big fuss about packing and unpacking let us do that instead of you while you enjoy exploring Williamsburg. Once you get to know Brooklyn, you will not want to leave its premises.