Sitting in your new home after relocation surrounded by a ton of moving boxes? This is a picture that reminds us of a new beginning. A fresh start is what we all need sometimes. However, right now it seems like you are stuck between a bunch of moving boxes Manhattan and you don’t know what to do. There is no doubt, unpacking is an unavoidable part of the moving process. Of course, you will take the time and unpack and sort your belongings. But one thing concerns you- what to do with leftover moving boxes and supplies? Are re-using moving boxes and supplies wise idea? Or should you throw away all leftovers? Whether you plan to move again soon or you don’t, this short article is what you should keep reading.

Reasons for re-using moving boxes and supplies

Everyone who had moved recently can testify unpacking is an overwhelming process. But with proper labeling and having an inventory list, unpacking can be fun. So, after moving to Manhattan, make sure to turn your unpacking process into fun instead of complaining about one more task you have to finish.  But one thing still confusing you.  You are not sure what to do with all those empty moving boxes and supplies you get when you unpack your items. Well, there are two possible solutions to this situation.

The first solution is keeping and re-using moving boxes and supplies. The second solution is getting rid of these materials. Will you speed up the unpacking process and just throw away all leftovers? Or will you try to stay dedicated to a better solution?

Re-using moving boxes and supplies in order to stay green
Stay ”green” during and after moving by re-using moving boxes and supplies.

What if there are no moving boxes and supplies after the move?

Hiring professionals can mean there will be no leftovers after moving. For instance, hiring professional Manhattan moving services include bringing all required packing materials. Your movers can pack, load, transport, and unpack all your belongings if you wish so. In this case, you will not be responsible for dealing with leftover boxes and supplies. Additionally, certain moving companies offer to buy back your moving boxes and supplies. Also, you can find great exchange programs. Those programs are designed to save money by allowing the purchase of unused or gently used boxes before your move.  In fact, this is a way to reduce waste by promoting re-using after the move.

Disadvantages of re-using moving boxes and supplies

There is no point to save over damaged moving boxes and supplies, so better recycle them. To be honest, the only cons of re-using moving boxes and supplies is the lack of space where you need to hold them. If you ask our experts from Zenith Moving NYC, they will tell you that is still a temporary issue. When you keep your leftover supplies in your basement or storage, you know you will re-use them again.

Family unpacking
Check the condition of each moving box.

The advantages of using moving boxes and supplies again

There is no doubt, you can help our planet, friends, or neighbors by re-using moving boxes and supplies. For example, if you know anyone moving soon and could use them, this is a great way to help. On the other hand, if there is no one who needs moving supplies that had left, there are still so many ways for reusing moving supplies. Check creative ideas on YouTube and try to make cardboard puzzles, dollhouses, or a fort for your kids. Not only for entertainment, re-using moving boxes and supplies is possible in the garden, for gift wrapping. Once again, if there is no room for any of this, recycling is what you should consider when it comes to your moving boxes and supplies.