You are currently viewing Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – which wins in NYC?
Suburban home vs. downtown apartment - which wins in NYC?

If you are wondering which one is better – Suburban home vs. downtown apartment, you have come to the right place. Our moving company has prepared a perfect guide just for you. You should understand that moving and relocation are never easy. However, it does not have to be that way all the time. Namely, you can influence your relocation and make it much easier to complete. In any case, if you rely on professional help, everything will go much easier, right? Well, one way to find out!

Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – how to start your move?

So, before you think about which one is better, you should start your relocation. Look for some eco-friendly storage solutions and then make a choice between:

  • Hiring a moving company. If you decide to hire professional movers to help you out, you can complete your relocation without much trouble. For example, browse the moving companies Manhattan offers. That way, you can see which moving company can complete the job perfectly. Never settle for average movers. You deserve the best possible movers for your relocation. This being said, make sure to know which moving company can fulfill their end of the bargain. There are some fraudulent movers around, so keep an eye open at all times for them as well.
  • Doing everything on your own. You can also choose to do everything on your own as well. For example, you can start by checking your finances and making a relocation plan. The location is not that important when it comes to overall planning for the move. In other words, you can relocate anywhere you like, but you will still need to complete the same moving and relocation tasks. This being said, you need to plan ahead, make a really good checklist and, of course, complete your packing process perfectly if you want to relocate safely. We can help you out with packing as well, so you should not worry much. Cross country movers NYC offers can also help you out!
A woman carrying a moving box
You will need some packing supplies for your move

Everything you should know about packing

There are some things you should know about packing. For example, you will need a lot of moving supplies and equipment for your move. A good idea would be to visit Amazon and to purchase everything you need from there. Also, make sure that you get only the highest quality professional equipment for your relocation. That way, your belongings will be safe during all parts of the move. Professional moving and relocation supplies are designed especially for relocation. In other words, you can use them to protect your items in the best possible way. The layers inside and bubble wrap will help you protect your belongings without any issues.

Workers inside a storage
You might want to check for some storage options

Another thing you should keep in mind when packing is concerned is the packing order of items. You should never start packing everything randomly. Instead, you should separate the items you will not relocate with you, just to keep them out of mind during the packing process. What you can do after is to pack essential items you will need for your move. Documents, valuables, credit cards, cash, et cetera, are your essential items. After that, a good idea would be to do a room-by-room packing guide. Pack everything from one room and proceed to the other rooms in your house/apartment. You should be careful, but try to work fast (unless you are moving a wine collection, then take your time)! We are confident that you will find the best way to complete your packing process.

Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – how to make a decision?

When you want to make a decision between a suburban home vs. a downtown apartment, you should keep some things in mind. Here are some examples:

  • Do you need to be close to the city center. If you need to be close to the city center, we will recommend a downtown apartment. They are, simply, closer to your desired location. That way, you will not have to travel for long to reach your desired destination. Moreover, if your children’s schools are close to the center, they will not have to travel much. Revolve your location around your needs.
  • Prices and rent. Usually, the further away apartments are from the city center, the cheaper they are in terms of rent. So, you should make sure that you can afford your relocation at all times, not only on your moving day. Think in advance – can you sustain your apartment in a few months or years? If the answer is “yes”, then make the decision that suits you the best.
  • Other expenses. In most cases, utility costs depend on the proximity to the city center. So, if you are looking for a downtown apartment, expect to have higher utility costs. Likewise, if you settle in a suburban area, you will have less to pay per month in terms of utilities. Revolve your move around this as well, but check other examples as well.

Additional information

You should be thinking about getting some storage space, no matter where you relocate. So, you should know that cutting costs on storage expenses is important. However, you should also get adequate storage when you need it. It is much better to rent out storage than toss away or sell some of your belongings. Even more, you do not want to live in an overcrowded apartment. For this reason alone, you should get some temporary storage space just in case, at least.

A forklift driver
You might need more storage than you think

Contact a moving and storage company and ask them about the storage you will need. Make sure to get exactly the same amount of storage space you will need and not more or less. This might be slightly tricky to do, but if your moving company helps you out, you will have no trouble with this one. 

Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – conclusion

Overall, the decision between a suburban home vs. downtown apartment still stands. We have offered our advice to you and it is up to you if you will take it into account. In any case, we wish you all the best with your relocation. Good luck!