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The pros and cons of drive-up self storage

Storage units have become some of the most desirable ways to offload the number of items that all of us keep at home. Now, not only are they popular with regular people, but the businesses have also found out that they can use storage units to their benefit. We all know that storage units come in different shapes and sizes. They also can be equipped with different amenities as well. So, all that you have to do is to choose the unit that you like. However, what if we told you that you could also choose to rent a drive-up self storage unit? Plenty of moving companies Long Island City offers have this service as well. Would you be interested in something like that? Well, to make your choice, you need to find out their pros and cons. Now, let’s take a look at them together.

a set of storage units
Drive-ups are far easier to access with large items

Us drive-up self-storage the storage that you have been looking for?

Let’s face it, storage units are exactly what we have been needing. In the consumer society that we live in the amount of space that we have on our hands diminishes on a daily basis. We are able to buy so many items that we do not really need for daily use. Still, we can have them, so why not get them, right? Well, all of us who have been taking opportunities in this manner found out that storage units are great. They allow us to keep our habits going. So, when you get short on space at your own home or office, you should really consider renting at least one of the storage units Long Island City has to offer. But, is the drive-up self-storage the thing that you have been looking for? 

Following are the pros and cons of renting drive-up storage. Use this information for your own benefit and choose wisely.


  • Easy access for storing any types of items
  • Larger than the usual storage units


  • They usually come with fewer amenities
  • Harder to maintain clean

Now, let’s find out more about both pros and cons.

Easy access is perhaps the greatest perk you will get

The first thing that we would like to talk to you about is perhaps the best perk you will have when you decide to rent a drive-up storage unit. You are going to be able to bring your belongings in or out easily.

You see, most of the other storage units are placed in large buildings similar to warehouses. These buildings have hallways with plenty of doors to storage units. Sometimes, they come equipped with single doors too! So, in this case, bringing in your bulky items is not going to be that easy a thing to do.

a drive-up self storage unit
This is what your drive-up self storage unit may look like

On the other hand, drive-up self storage units are a product of an entirely different concept. With drive-ups, you are not going to be doing almost any heavy lifting upon reaching your storage unit. Instead, you can simply take out your belongings just outside of your storage unit, place them onto a trolley, and bring them in. Drive-up units from Zenith Moving NYC are on the level with the ground. So, you will not have to make your way over any set of stairs that might make managing your items difficult.

Drive-ups are larger than the usual storage units

The second good thing that we would like to point out is the size of drive-up units. While they do come in one size, they are usually larger than standard storage units. So, storing the bulk of your items should be far easier if you decide to rent one such as these.

Bottom line is that these units, while easier to access can hold far more items than the regular ones. So, if bulky items are what you are looking to put away during your residential move or for an extended period of time, this might be your best bet. Just make sure to find the best offer you can and pay a reasonable price.

Drive-up self storage units often come with fewer amenities

Now that we have seen what the good sides to renting storage units are, let’s take a look at the downsides as well. After all, it is important to know both the good and the bad in order to be ready for whatever may come your way. The first thing on the list is the possible lack of amenities.

temperature controller
These types of storage units come equipped with fewer amenities

Storage units can be equipped with many different amenities. The list may include temperature control, climate control, insulation, and so on. However, drive-up units are usually going to be stripped of all these perks. Simply, they are so big that rarely do people in New York City need to keep them cool or cold. Plus, installing such equipment in them can be very expensive. So, if more than plain space to store your items in is what you are looking for, then you should perhaps keep on looking. 

Keeping storage units such as these clean is far more difficult

The last thing that we would like to point out is the fact that it is difficult to keep storage units such as these clean. Why is that? Well, they are usually equipped with rolldown doors. While the doors make them easy to access, they also do not really seal the facility off from what’s outside. With just a little bit of breeze, dust is going to be coming in. So, keeping the items clean and the indoors, in general, is not going to be easy.

The choice whether to rent drive-up self-storage or not is all up to you

As you have seen, there are good and bad sides to renting drive-up self-storage. Make your choice and use your unit to the max.