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What are the packing materials you need for moving

Before you start packing, there is a couple of things that you need to have by your side. Packing is a boring task that you have to do, but it requires your full attention as well as equipment. We have prepared the list of all the things that you will need, but of course, you do not have to buy everything. Many of the packing materials you need for moving you already own. Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can let movers and packers Manhattan do everything instead of you with their own packing material. The bottom line is to try and obtain the right amount of packing material as you will not be moving out at least in the next few months.

Woman with wrapping materials for couch
It is not hard to obtain packing materials you need for moving if you start preparing on time.

Moving boxes

The biggest part of the packing materials you need for moving is the moving boxes. Depending on what type of items will you move, you will most likely need boxes in all shapes and sizes.

  •  small-sized boxes for books, souvenirs, etc
  •  medium-sized boxes – for china and glassware
  • large boxes – for clothes, towels, it is better if the items are not too heavy
  • wine-boxes – in order to safely move any wine that you have, you will need wine boxes
  • mirror boxes – they also come in various sizes, so you can use them for all of your mirrors

Do not worry if you do not have moving boxes in all sizes, though. You can also use your bags and suitcases for your clothes. Even though obtaining packing material is one of the downsides of self-packing for a move, remember that soon you will be in your dream home.

Packing tape

In order to secure all of the boxes and items inside of them, you will need packing tape. You can use brown packing tape for your boxes. It is resilient, and it is quite reliable even when you have to store your boxes before moving in. It will not change or break due to temperature changes or humidity levels. They are also great for securing large mirrors. When you tape the mirror in an X shape, it prevents the glass from shattering.

Permanent markers

Labeling boxes may seem like a trivial thing to do, but it is one of the most important ones, especially during residential moving. It is one of the essential packing materials you need when moving. Obtain high quality, waterproof permanent markers for labeling boxes. You can choose if you want to label all the boxes with a black marker, or buy markers in several colors and then label the boxes. For example, writing Fragile on a box with a red marker is a great indicator that no one can miss.

a permanent marker
It is vital that you label your boxes with a high-quality, permanent marker.

Bubble wrap, packing paper and moving blankets

In order to protect your items from being damaged, you will definitely need some of these for your move. Bubble wrap is something that we all like to play with eventually, but it is great in preventing any breakage on your items, and definitely a part of the packing materials you need for moving. Learn how to pack your fragile items correctly, and avoid any damage.

Furthermore, packing paper will protect your items perfectly, and the good thing is that you actually do not have to buy it. Most likely you have some old newspapers at home, so you can just use those. Cover your fragile glasses in this paper and fill out any empty spaces that exist in the moving boxes.

Moving blankets can soften any fall of the moving box or improper handling. Here you can also use something that you already have at your home. Towels, linen, old blankets can serve their purpose instead of moving blankets.

Where can you buy the packing materials you need for moving?

Now that you know what are the items that you need to obtain, the question remains where to get it.

  • supply store – A good supply store will enable you to find everything that you need in one place. However, as we already mentioned, it is not really necessary to buy everything. You can try and get something for free.
  • Grocery store – ask in the grocery if they have some moving boxes, they will be happy to give them to you. Just pay attention if they are of good quality
  • Local businesses – Offices usually have spare moving boxes and similar items that you might use for moving. It is not a bad idea to ask and see what they have to offer.
  • Ask your friends who have recently moved – Most of the time people will not move more than once or twice a year, or in a couple of years. This is why it is a great idea to get in touch with people who have recently moved. They will be happy to get rid of extra moving material, and you will save some money.
wine glasses on a dining table
Wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap and packing paper to protect them.

Hire professionals

If you are not in the mood to obtain all the packing materials you need for moving and packing your entire household, call the pros. They know exactly what packing material you will need and most importantly in what amount. You will not have to worry about leftover moving boxes or the mess after you move. They will take care of everything, and the quality of the packing material they get is superb, so your items will not be damaged.

Moving is not easy, but it is certainly manageable. When moving your belongings make sure that you have good-quality packing materials you need for moving. Also, be careful when packing your items, and never forget to label the moving boxes. Good luck!