Eco-friendly storage solutions

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    A lot of people today have storage space, whether it is your own or rented storage units Long Island City. Storage units are very handy but a lot of people are searching for eco-friendly storage solutions nowadays. This is for various reasons. You can be cautious and responsible for the environment or you want to cut down on cash the right way. Whatever your reason for eco-friendly solutions are, we will try to help you by giving you some suggestions and tips on how to slowly but surely turn your storage green.

    Why are eco-friendly storage solutions the better option than any other?

    The planet is in trouble and many people feel like they can make a change. If you are one of these people, let us congratulate you because you are very right. If this is your first storage space and you immediately want to make it green, so to speak, then you are one responsible adult and are an example that should be set. Finding the best moving companies NYC to help you with your items is the easy part. What requires more attention is the whole going green process. You should be aware that this is a positive change for many reasons.

    1. It is good for the environment.
    2. It is a better option for you.
    3. In the long run, having eco-friendly storage solutions is cheaper.
    Light bulb- Eco-friendly storage solutions
    Think about what you are doing to the environment with your current ways. That is why eco-friendly storage solutions are a better option.

    What are the eco-friendly storage solutions you have

    If you really want to go all green, you have countless solutions and options. Nevertheless, we will be mentioning the most common and easy ones everyone can afford and use. We should take this step by step, option by option, and then we will further explain each one of them more thoroughly. Your SoHo movers will help you with your belongings but these green solutions are something you have to do by yourself. Let us continue. You have two main ideas and they are to use ”green materials” and ”green lighting”.

    Packing green

    By this, we mean that every material you use should be considered an environmentally friendly material. You have several options. The first one would be to use reusable packing solutions and ones that are out of materials that can be recycled. Even when using plastic, it is important that you recycle and not throw away something after you are done with it. You can use recycled pallets and cardboard containers.

    Recycled pallets

    Recycled pallets are a great option and they are easy to find. A lot of businesses use them and they tend to throw them away afterward. You can buy them for a really cheap price or even ask to take them. The chances are you will get them for free because those businesses just want to get rid of them in any way they can. These pallets are great for organizing and that is what makes people use them all of the time, not just as a green storage solution but for many other situations.

    Pallets are always a great solution. They are easy to find and are great for organizing.

    Cardboard containers

    This is yet another green option that is even better than recycling because cardboard containers are biodegradable, unlike plastic. The only thing you should watch out for is getting some low-quality soft cardboard. It will damage overtime and your items can be at risk of this and that. Try to find some really sturdy cardboard. This material cannot protect your items from moisture so that is the downside.

    Different lighting

    Lights remain on all of the time in storage facilities. This is for the purpose of safety mostly. Because this is costly and not good at all, you have replacements nowadays that represent the better option. One of them is using a LED light bulb. We do not have to explain what that is or how it works because they are actually very popular today and some people even resolve to use them everywhere. The simple, regular light bulb is becoming an expensive choice so most people start using LED at some point.

    Motion sensors

    If you can, besides the LED bulb, you can also start using motion sensors. They are very popular and are not expensive to install. Motions sensors detect movement and then the light turns on. When there is no motion whatsoever, the light is off. This not only saves energy but is also a great alarm because if you see that the light is on and you are not the one inside of the storage, you will know something is up. You should know that a lot of companies that provide storage services actually use a lot of eco-friendly storage solutions too.

    Solar energy

    This is becoming the most popular thing of all. Solar energy is natural and the only thing you pay for is the installation itself and the prices have significantly gone down due to the popularity of the option. Maybe you even know how to install a solar panel yourself, who knows? Many people do and there are even guides online. Storage roofs are usually flat roofs and that is ideal for a solar panel. Think about this investment because it is a great choice for the future.

    Solar panel
    Solar energy is becoming more and more popular. So many people decide to get a solar panel, and you should too.

    These were our eco-friendly storage solutions

    We hope that these eco-friendly storage solutions were helpful enough and convincing enough to make you resolve on using all of them. If you have an appetite to go totally green, we support you 100 %. As a responsible and conscious adult, you deserve the best this world has to offer, and green solutions are just that. We are glad if this was all useful information and we are also glad that you are deciding to take such a promising step towards a new and better world. We wish you good luck!

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