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5-step-guide to packing a file cabinet

Packing a file cabinet is a commonplace part of commercial relocation. Even though it is not that challenging when moving, it can create a lot of problems for people who do not know what to do. There are some things that you should consider when preparing a file cabinet for the relocation. You can always hire Manhattan commercial movers to do the job for you, but is it better to do it by yourself? Read on to learn a couple of tips and tricks!

5 steps when packing a file cabinet

When it comes to packing a file cabinet, we can boil things down to 5 main points. We’ll be going into more detail with all of them down below, but here’s the skinny if you’re short on time:

  • Get moving supplies
  • Empty the cabinet
  • Protect the files
  • Remove drawers
  • Pack the cabinet

Get moving supplies for packing a file cabinet

Moving supplies are an essential part of every move. That is why you should get the best ones that you can find. The best way to get them is to ask the Long Island City movers you are interested in. Every respectable moving company has them at their disposal, and the good thing for you is that they are in the best possible condition.

Empty the file cabinet

The first thing that you want to do when packing a file cabinet is to empty it. If you are having a commercial relocation and you are expanding and moving to another city, you probably have a ton of important files there. You would not want something to happen to them or to even lose them. You can hire the most professional movers there are, but these things can often happen, especially if you do not do it right. So, be sure to empty the cabinets before you do anything else.

files in a cabinet
Emptying the cabinet will make packing it so much easier

Protect the files

The crucial thing that you need to do is to protect the files. There is a high chance that you do not need all of them. Some of them are probably old, and you just forgot to throw them out. Decrease the number of items you need to move by decluttering it.

After that, you have to pack them properly. It is best to use cardboard moving boxes where you just put them in and seal the box. This will save time both for you and the Manhattan movers and packers you may have hired. If you want to be extra safe, especially if you are moving during rainy days, use plastic bins for better security.

documents - packing a file cabinet
Protect all important documents at all costs while relocating

Remove the drawers before file cabinet packing

Most file cabinets contain drawers where you put important files and documents. In order to prepare the cabinet properly for the move, you should remove them. This will make the whole process much easier. Also, you will have a much easier time with the moving because you will remove the moving component of the cabinet. There will be less chance of damage that way.

Pack the cabinet

Now comes the harder part. You have to pack the cabinet and prepare it for transport. The best way to do this is to use plastic wrap. The best way to use plastic wrap when moving is to wrap all around the cabinet. Bubble wrap is particularly great for this task. After that, do not forget to tape the cabinet several times. This will prevent the plastic wrap from falling off during the ride.

plastic wrap
Plastic wrap is the perfect choice when packing a file cabinet

Summary of packing & moving process

As you can see, packing a file cabinet for the move does not have to be stressful at all. The most important part here is probably the documents and files that you have in there. Be sure to protect them, as well as the file cabinet, and you are ready to go!

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