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The prospect of moving from New York to Florida is both thrilling and daunting. At Zenith Moving, we specialize in turning this transition into a seamless experience!

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Are you prepared to relocate from New York to Florida at last? You cannot be fully prepared for a long-distance relocation until you have chosen an experienced moving company. Even though the Brooklyn region has a large number of long-distance moving firms to choose from, not all of them are equal. We have everything it takes to make your big relocation less stressful with our long-distance New York to Florida movers!

Of the many things on your to-do list when planning a long-distance move, finding a high-quality professional moving company should be at the top of your list. As New York’s best long-distance movers, Zenith Moving has the required experience and passion for customer service to make your move from New York to Miami a success.

Explore the cost of living in your chosen city, the job market, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and local recreational activities. The more you know about your destination, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions during the move from New York to Florida.

Creating a Moving Timeline With Florida Movers Company

A well-organized moving timeline is the backbone of a successful relocation. Break down your moving tasks into manageable steps and allocate specific timeframes for each. Begin by determining your moving date and work backward from there. This timeline should encompass everything. From notifying utility providers and packing to transportation arrangements and settling in your new home.

Consider creating a checklist to ensure you cover all aspects of the move. This can include updating your address, transferring utilities, packing, and scheduling moving services. Having a timeline for moving from New York to Florida and a checklist will help you stay on track and reduce stress as moving day approaches.

• Setting a Budget when Moving From New York to Florida. Moving from New York to Florida comes with various expenses, and it’s essential to have a clear budget in place to avoid financial surprises. Consider all potential costs, including moving services, packing supplies, travel expenses, and any unforeseen circumstances. Allocate funds accordingly to each aspect of the move. Because of this, you need to include a buffer for unexpected expenses.

Creating a budget not only helps you plan financially but also allows you to make informed decisions about the services you’ll need. Whether you’re looking for a full-service move or opting for a more DIY approach, having a budget will guide your choices and ensure a smooth financial transition.

Choosing the Right Florida Moving Services

Choosing a full-service moving option with Zenith Moving can be a game-changer in your relocation experience. With this service, our professional team takes care of every aspect of your move, from packing and loading to transportation and unpacking. This option is ideal for those seeking maximum convenience and efficiency while moving from New York to Florida.

When you opt for full-service moving, you can focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure. All while we handle the logistics. Our experienced team knows how to safeguard your belongings during transit, ensuring they arrive in your new Florida home in the same condition they left.

DIY Moving Options. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, our DIY moving options provide flexibility and cost control. With this option, you can rent a truck from Zenith Moving and handle the packing and loading independently. All while we take care of transportation.

This option is suitable for individuals or families who want more control over their move. It allows you to pack at your own pace and decide how your belongings are loaded into the truck. While you take care of the hands-on aspects, you still benefit from the expertise of our professional team during the transportation phase.

Sorting and Decluttering. One of the key steps in preparing for a move is sorting through your belongings and decluttering. Take the time to assess each item and decide whether it’s coming with you to Florida, ready for donation, or destined for the trash. This process not only reduces the number of items you need to transport but also ensures a fresh start in your new home.

Begin by tackling one room at a time. Start with items you rarely use or need. If you haven’t used it in the past year, it might be time to part ways. Consider donating gently used items to local charities or selling them if time allows. The less you have to pack, the smoother the packing and unpacking processes will be.

Packing Supplies. Gathering the right packing supplies is crucial for the safety of your belongings during transit. Invest in high-quality packing materials, including sturdy boxes in various sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and labels. At Zenith Moving, we offer comprehensive packing materials to ensure your possessions are well-protected throughout the journey.

Consider creating a packing station in your home with all the necessary supplies. This central location will streamline the packing process, making it more efficient. Ensure that each box is labeled with its contents and the room it belongs to, making the unpacking process much more manageable.

Packing Strategies While Moving to Florida

Effective packing involves more than just placing items into boxes. Pack strategically by room, keeping similar items together. Use the opportunity to declutter further as you pack. This ensures that only essential items make the journey to your new home in Florida.

When packing fragile items, take extra care to wrap them securely in bubble wrap or packing paper. Consider investing in specialty boxes for delicate items like dishes or electronics. Distribute heavy items evenly across boxes to prevent overloading and potential damage.

If the thought of packing seems overwhelming, take advantage of our professional packing services. Our team is skilled in efficiently and safely packing all types of items, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move.

Items that are included in your flat charge that we usually pack for free

  • Smart and flat-screen TVs: Protected and packaged in a bigger box
  • Clothes for the wardrobe: Hung and stuffed into a Piece of Cake wardrobe box
  • Typical dimensions Mirrors: Packed in a cardboard box for protection
  • Lamps: Removed shade and wrapped, packed in lamp box
  • Paintings: Packed in cardboard or picture crates for protection
  • Tiny sculptures – Safely enclosed within a robust cardboard box
  • Computers: Packed, wrapped, and stored flat in cardboard boxes
  • Electronics: Bundled cabling and a cardboard box containing the electronics, all wrapped and boxed.

Researching Your New Neighborhood in Florida

Before you arrive from New York to Florida, take the time to familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Research local amenities, schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational options. Understanding your surroundings will ease the settling-in process and help you feel more at home from the moment you arrive.

Explore the local culture, dining options, and entertainment venues. Consider reaching out to future neighbors or joining online community groups to gain insights into the neighborhood’s vibe and gather recommendations. The more you know about your new surroundings, the more confident you’ll feel as you embark on this exciting new chapter.

Climate Considerations – Florida’s climate varies across regions, so it’s essential to pack accordingly. From the tropical climate in Miami to the subtropical climate in Orlando, each area has its unique weather patterns. Research the climate of your specific destination and pack clothing and essentials suitable for the conditions you’ll encounter.

Consider the seasonal variations and any weather-related challenges you might face during your move. Be prepared for warm temperatures. Especially if you’re arriving in the summer months, and ensure that your belongings are protected from potential heat-related issues during transportation.

Community Services and Amenities – Discover the community services and amenities available in your new location. This includes schools, hospitals, public transportation, and local businesses. Understanding the resources at your disposal will make your transition more comfortable and contribute to a smooth adjustment to your new lifestyle.

Research the quality of local services, such as schools and healthcare facilities, to ensure they meet your needs. Explore public transportation options, especially if you’ll be relying on them for daily commuting. Knowing what’s available in your new community will help you feel more at ease as you settle into your Florida home.

Unpacking and Organizing – Upon moving from New York to Florida, prioritize the unpacking and organization of your new home. Begin with essential items and gradually tackle other boxes. Zenith Moving offers unpacking services to expedite the process, allowing you to settle in quickly and focus on making your new space feel like home.

Unpack strategically by starting with the rooms you use most frequently. Set up essential areas such as the kitchen and bedrooms first to ensure your daily activities can resume smoothly. As you unpack, take the opportunity to assess your belongings and determine the best layout for your new home.

Connecting with the Community

Building connections within your new community is essential for a smooth transition. Join local events, clubs, and community gatherings to meet new people. Attend neighborhood meetings or social gatherings to introduce yourself to your neighbors. Making an effort to connect with others will enhance your sense of belonging and make adapting to your new environment more enjoyable.

Consider joining online forums or social media groups dedicated to your local area. These platforms can provide valuable information about community events, services, and opportunities to meet others who are also new to the area. Establishing connections early on will contribute to a positive experience in your new community.

Why Are We the Most Adored and Reliable Mover in Florida?

  • Moving assistance is available 365 days a year.
  • Competitive rates and a promise of a fixed charge
  • All-inclusive packaging assistance
  • Professional crate services and care of fragile items
  • Moving items, including plastic bins and boxes, are packed and delivered right to your house.
  • No movement is too slight or large.
  • Both temporary and long-term safe storage
  • Exceptional customer service and assistance with a personal moving counselor for the duration of our relocation
  • State and federal moving to accredit
  • Completely covered, protecting your belongings throughout the transfer
  • Expert, knowledgeable, and skilled movers
  • A GPS-tracked fleet of customized vehicles that is secure, hygienic, and compliant
  • Committed Customer Success Team to promptly and equitably handle all grievances and feedback

Moving You to Florida and All of Its Major Cities and Towns


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West Palm Beach


Tips and Tricks When Moving from New York to Florida

It is crucial to prepare for your long-distance relocation when deciding to move from New York to Florida. It’s not as simple to make many journeys as it is to move across town.

With 20,271,272 people living there as of 2023, Florida surpassed New York to take the third position in terms of population. The Sunshine State, which is well-known for its 663 miles of sandy beaches and warm climate, is a well-liked holiday spot and relocation choice for New Yorkers (really, over 50,000 of them go south each year).
Take a look at these four suggestions for a fruitful long-distance relocation from New York to Florida:

It is important to pay special attention to the preparation process while moving a great distance. Make sure you begin your preparations eight weeks or more in advance of the date of your move.

You definitely won’t have many opportunities to make numerous trips, unlike with a typical local relocation, so it’s critical to make sure everything goes as planned from the start to avoid any headaches.

Pro Tip: It’s critical to confirm that moving trucks are accessible in the above-specified areas. If the home items need to be moved to a smaller vehicle for a gated neighborhood, the island ferry, or downtown, there are extra fees.
Make sure you begin your preparations eight weeks or more in advance of the date of your move.

Make sure you spend your money on sturdy, high-quality moving boxes. Your most valuable and private belongings must be safeguarded to the greatest extent possible because they will be traveling along the East Coast.

Pro Tip: Look into the banks and booze establishments in your area. Boxes are frequently given out for free!

Examine the things you currently own. Determine what you NEED and what can probably be given or thrown away. The less your load, the better while traveling long distances. Bring the necessities, but after you’re established, think about getting rid of that old ironing board and buying some new kitchen appliances.

It pays to move more than a thousand miles away, so be extra organized. To ensure you know exactly what you are and are not bringing with you, take photographs of everything you own. Remember to name those boxes as precisely as you can; nothing is worse than pulling up to an empty house with a truckload of partially or incompletely labeled boxes. The more attention to detail you put into your boxes, the simpler it will be to fill your new area and begin unpacking.

Why Are We the Most Beloved and Reliable Mover in Florida?

  • Moves that are on time and within your budget to meet your specific needs.
  • Moving assistance is available 365 days a year.
  • Competitive rates and a promise of a fixed fee.
  • All-inclusive packaging assistance.
  • Professional crate services and care of fragile items.
  • Moving items, including plastic bins and boxes, are packed and delivered right to your house.
  • Both temporary and long-term safe storage
  • Exceptional customer service and support with a personal moving counselor for the duration of our relocation
  • Completely covered, protecting your belongings during the transfer
  • Expert, knowledgeable, and skilled movers
  • A GPS-tracked fleet of customized trucks that is secure, hygienic, and compliant
  • Committed Customer Success Team to promptly and equitably handle all grievances and feedback

Cost to Move From New York to Florida

It’s time to move 1,150 miles from New York to a new house in Florida, bringing with you your belongings, pictures, and memories.

You can get an estimate for your move to the Sunshine State by looking at the chart below:

 Move size  Moving company  Rental truck
 Studio / 1 bedroom  $1,050 – $4,237  $728 – $1,387
 2 – 3 bedrooms  $2,317 – $5,460  $787 – $1,649
 4+ bedrooms  $3,901 – $7,331  $989 – $2,010

Source: Zillow, Numbeo

Living in New York vs. Florida


  Florida New York
Summer high 91ºF 81ºF
Winter low 49ºF 16ºF
Annual rain 55″ 44″
Annual snow 0″ 62″


   Florida  New York
 Population  22,244,823  19,677,151
 Politicas leaning  Republican 51-48  Democratic 61-38
 Crime index  21.39  16.65

Source: Zillow, Numbeo


   Florida  New York
 1-Bedroom apartment in the downtown area  $1,757.68  $1,693.43
 1-Bedroom apartment outside the city center  $1,518.55  $1,448.36
 Utilities for two (65 m2 apartment) including electric, gas, water, heating  $124.44  $123.93

Source: Zillow, Numbeo

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While Zenith did come highly recommended, I thought they were overpromising. I now bite my tongue, not only did they deliver as promised but went far and beyond the expectations. Kiko makes the planning process seamless. He accommodated every request I had and put up with all my questions at all times of day, never saying no. I initially booked 1 move but ended up doing 4. His team, led by Paco and Hassan were outstanding. So efficient, funny and easy to work with. They deserve every star!
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We were recommended Zenith when we were quote hunting for our move. The quote process was easy and straight forward. Our move from NYC to Connecticut was fuss-free thanks to Zenith. They do a video call to assess the items you have and provide a quote that covers everything (excl. tips) so you don’t have to worry about additional/hidden fees. Though they arrived 1 hour late, they were efficient in moving and wrapping our big items. I love that they provided us with extra boxes on the day of move as we ended up needing quite a few. They arrived 30 min earlier than us in the new apartment and waited for us with things ready to be moved. No damage to the apartment and friendly team. Thanks Kiko, Emma, Paco and team.
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Where do I start? After doing extensive research we went with Zenith Moving As they came in highly recommended. Kiko communicated everything to us from the first minute and made move a lot less stressful.We have a lot of stuff of value, and also things that are not top dollar value but huge value to us. These guys took care of every single item in the house! Everything was double or triple wrapped and not a single item broke or got damaged. These guys are fast and focused so make sure you stay out of their way while they are working lol. I’m so happy I listened to Kiko and took packing service. Trust me you can never pack like these guys would do it for you.Also, our move was local in the midst of Hurricane Ian here in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I was afraid they would cancel but that didn’t happen so I’m very grateful.All in all just an amazing experience with these group of guys, would definitely highly recommend to anyone!
Kaitlin MacholzKaitlin Macholz
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My experience with Zenith Moving was exceptional! They were extremely professional and responsive. Throughout the week leading up to my move, they were proactive in coordinating details. Moving can be a stressful process but they always made me feel like they had everything under control. On the day of the move, their team was efficient and did a great job with everything, and checked in throughout to make sure that I was happy with how things were going. I had a great experience couldn’t recommend them more, and definitely will work with them again in the future!
Maria Wu-ChangMaria Wu-Chang
15:13 21 Feb 22
We had a 3 part move, from Brooklyn to Long Island and 20% of the boxes/furniture going into storage. Kiko came and had a very thorough meeting with me looking over and taking inventory of all the items and gave me a good competitive price. It was full pack and full move, partly into storage and rest moved into a house in Long Island. The day of the move, the packing went smoothly and way quicker and all seamless, boxes were properly tagged and all things went into storage with labels. The actual move to the house was also quick and professional. Beds taken apart and properly assembled back together and one of their crew even helped me unpack my entire kitchen which went quicker than I can ever do myself.All in all a wonderful experience and I truly value Kiko’s and his crews incredible work ethnic. So much so that I now became a repeat customer.Had another move to decorate our new house and had him move pieces from an apt from the city last week! Kiko even picked me up, drove me to the city and dropped me off back at my house, total catered service!If you are looking for a great moving company who takes cares in their work, look no further! Call Zenith!