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With well-trained fine art movers NYC and equipped trucks, our team has the resources to handle all your prized possessions.

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    Handling the transportation of artwork can take time and energy to handle properly. Therefore, most people tend to opt for professional expertise when the need for relocation arises. If you are in need of some help with relocating a fine art collection, know that you have come to the right place! With Zenith Moving and our team of fine art movers NYC, you will find that relocating your valuable possessions is not that hard. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will take it from there! Get your free, no-obligation moving estimate today!

    Zenith Moving is a company you can rely on

    Our moving services Manhattan had a humble start back in 2018. We have since built a well-known strength amongst moving companies in New York City. It was through diligent and attentive work, honest care about our customers, and noting except quality service that we have managed to deserve such a reputation.

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    It was through diligent, quality and committed work that we have managed to climb to the top of NYC moving industry.

    All of our local movers NYC are comprised of trained individuals. The experience and knowledge they pair with top-notch equipment and materials ensure for the utmost safety of your belongings, and complete success of your relocation, regardless of its size, type or distance.

    How to know if you need assistance from our fine art movers NYC?

    The simple way to look at it is this: items serving only an aesthetic purpose qualify as fine art, and things that have a practical purpose are applied art. Many people seem to think that fine art is just oil paintings. However, they might be surprised to know that it also includes statues, pottery, sculpture, calligraphy, and photography. Of course, prints and mosaics and much more would also quality.

    Having that you are looking for fine art movers NYC, chances are on your side that we are just the people you need. New York City tends to turn many people into fine art lovers and art collectors. So, if you have had the pleasure of enjoying the splendor of its locations, we can bet that you couldn’t resist getting some of the beautiful pieces.

    How can our team of fine art movers NYC help you?

    Moving your belongings to another location means exposing them to the possibility of damage. After all, they will be handled and shifted, and thus at the risk of getting destroyed. This is, of course, a scenario you want to avoid when it comes to all of your possessions, but especially fine art. So, if you have a relocation approaching, but are hesitant about letting anyone but an expert takes care of your valuable collection, make sure to turn to us.

    Zenith Moving understands the importance of fine art. Our white glove movers NYC will go above and beyond to ensure your belongings receive the utmost care and attention whilst being transported. Regardless of the size and dimension, your valuable possessions will be safe in our capable and experienced hands. Our fine art movers NYC will take all the precautionary measures, plan the relocation, and conduct a rigorous check in order to make sure your items reach their new destination completely unblemished.

    What to expect from our supreme service?

    Packing and transporting artwork takes a lot of skill and knowledge, from crating and protecting, to transporting and unloading. However, with a company that has successfully completed this process many times, you will have nothing to worry about. Our team of fine art movers NYC will start with measuring your art properly in order to ensure the crating is a perfect fit. They will also utilize all the necessary protection materials and methods in order to prevent any blemishes. And, with the proper equipment and adequate knowledge, they will do so with great ease.

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    You can rest assured that our fine art movers NYC will utilize every safety measure when handling your precious collection.

    When working with Zenith Moving, you have no hidden fees nor tricks to be fearful about. We conduct our business honestly and openly. Our international movers NYC will always work in accordance with your wishes and create a moving plan so that it suits all of the prerequisites and possibilities.

    Zenith Moving will help with all aspects of your relocation

    Although we are your best choice for fine art transportation, know that you can turn to us for any other kind of relocation. Zenith Moving NYC will be glad to help you with:

    • A move of any distance

    Regardless of how far you plan to go, relocation is always a big change. As such, it requires maximum attention and devotion in order to reach a successful outcome. And, with reliable helping hands, you can rest assured that it will all go smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are in need of international, interstate, local or long-distance movers NYC, know that we have you covered. Our moving experts will be next to you every step of the way.

    • A move of any type

    Our company will provide you with both the commercial and residential movers Manhattan that will be glad to assist with your relocation. While different in type, both require great organization and complete devotion in order to produce a favorable outcome. And you can count on us to deliver. So, do not waste your precious time, and give us a call today.

    • The packing process

    The biggest and most time-consuming part of every relocation is packing. However, with our professional packers, you needn’t deal with this at all. By using top quality materials, adequate equipment, and vast experience, they will coordinate the entire packing of your household or office space.

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    Put your trust in our professionals and keep your peace of mind knowing they will do a great job.
    • Keeping your belongings safe

    If at any point before, during or after your relocation you are in need of additional space, know that you can turn to Zenith Moving. We offer our storage units in Long Island City as a safe and secure environment for all of your belongings for as long as necessary.

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    If you want to transport your valuable art with a guarantee of success, Zenith Moving is the company for you. Our fine art movers NYC will make sure your belongings reach their destination in an impeccable state. Give us a call today and ensure safe, smooth and efficient relocation.

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