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About To Move To NoHo?

If you are thinking about moving to NYC and you aren’t on the budget then move to NoHo! This neighborhood is predominantly upper-class Manhattan neighborhood. The borders include East 9th Street to the north, East Houston Street to the south, Mercer Street to the west, and Bowery to the east. I’m sure you all understand that NoHo is short for North of Huston.

NoHo Manhattan
NoHo Manhattan

NoHo is a 125-building area that is proclaimed a historic district by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. There are two areas in NoHo – the NoHo Historic District and the NoHo East Historic District.

Move To NoHo To Get To Know Manhattan Better

NoHo is a creative pocket of Downtown Manhattan. It also has a reputation for being one of the most in-demand neighborhoods in New York City. This amazing area has a long-standing commercial history. In the period from 1850 to the early 1900s,  this neighborhood served as a warehouse district. This helped shape the neighborhood’s striking architectural features. Today NoHo’s vintage store-and-loft buildings have since been modernized to suit a more fashion-forward and edgy downtown styling.

What to expect after you move to NoHo?

When you move to NoHo you will have all of the benefits of living downtown, but you will also be able to quickly and easily commute to other parts of the city when needed. Bounded by Broadway and Bowery, NoHo is still six-block far away from all the crowds and busy streets like SoHo, East Village, and Greenwich Village. This neighborhood is a great option for people who want to escape the busy NYC lifestyle and seek peace.

NoHo’s convenient location draws professionals that work in downtown and midtown Manhattan and don’t mind commuting to work every day. Commuting is rather easy thanks to the eight train lines and transfers to main transit points like Union Square.

The NoHo lifestyle

Even though this is an upscale community the NoHo residents have that laid-back yet constantly stimulating lifestyle. Everything is pretty straightforward and easygoing. When you move to NoHo you should expect to spend your days lounging at coffee shops. strolling at nearby parks, or browsing boutiques. Also, nights are very easygoing here as well. Most of the NoHo residents spent their nights at sleek lounges, wine tastings, in fine dining restaurants, or visiting art houses and theaters.

Before you move to NoHo you should embrace the fact that the entertainment and culture scene here is under influence by a history of having artists as residents. For instance, Colonnade Row is a perfect example of a residential-cultural space. Also, Astor Place Theater is the original home of the acclaimed Blue Man Group and other off-Broadway shows.

If you are an avid movie enthusiast then visit the Angelika Film Center for the latest independent releases.  While those who are theater lovers gather at The Public Theater, which has a unique city-summer tradition, to watch Shakespeare in the Park. NoHo is full of specialized shops dedicated to book lovers and music fans. As you can see NoHo is pretty boho and artsy.

The Real Estate Market

One word describes NoHo real estate market – pricey. NoHo has a distinctive architectural style which is Classical or Renaissance-inspired. This small neighborhood is often overlooked by New Yorkers passing through, mainly because of the rental prices. Back in the day, it was considered as a part of SoHo, but now, NoHo sports an undeniably distinct charm that isn’t found elsewhere in the city.

NoHo has a relatively diverse mix of real-estate options. Lofts and walk-ups add a lot to a classic old New York feel throughout the neighborhood. Most apartments in these buildings are old, spacious, and with a great layout. However, a month’s rent for a two-bedroom apartment here will cost you from $5,500 and up.

Those looking for a more modern aesthetic should search for their new home in Bond Street Building. This is a luxury home block that you can find between quaint, historical buildings and a cobblestoned street. These new luxury buildings near Bowery are some of the most highly sought-after in the downtown market, so don’t get scared by the price.

If you want to buy an apartment here you’ll need to pay at least 3 million dollars and often even more.

Move To NoHo With Zenith Moving

It is no surprise that many people dream about moving to NoHo considering how much entertainment, delicious food, and fascinating history this neighborhood has the offer. However, to be able to enjoy the easy-going NoHo lifestyle you first must move in.

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