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Can I Move To NYC Without Job?

“Can I move to NYC if I am jobless ?” is a question many people want to answer. This isn’t surprising at all. A lot of people, regardless of their age, strive for bigger changes and opportunities in life. However, rushing to make a step forward, in reality, can be a way bigger step backward if you didn’t make a good plan.

Moving away from your hometown is always challenging, exciting, and fun, but moving to the capital of the world is a life-changing experience, and it can be pretty scary if you don’t have the job lined up. Most people would say this adventure is crazy, but you know what? New York City loves fearless, crazy people who always chase their dreams.

So why don’t we discuss how you can jump into the unknown and still land on your feet safely?

Can I Move To NYC Without Money?

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The most logical answer is no. However, there is a slight chance you might do that if you already have a friend or some family member there who can help you out for a month or two. According to some sources, approximately a million people fled the Big Apple each year. The reason in most cases is the high cost of living.

So the point is that you can move to NYC without a job, but you need to bring some savings with you. At least ensure you have enough to last until you score the first job. In case you have little to no funds in your savings, the best is to postpone your move until you find a job.

Can I Rent An Apartment In NYC As Unemployed?

If you want to rent a decent apartment in a good neighborhood then you need to have a job. Most landlords will not only ask you if you are employed they will also want to know how much you earn. On average they will need proof that you can pay a security deposit and three months’ rent in advance. So, renting an apartment without a job will be a hard task.

But there is a way to find a great place for living in NYC if you don’t have a job but you do have some savings. The first option is to rent a short-term Airbnb. The second one is more suitable for younger people who are easy-going and much more flexible.

Did you know that more than 40% of New Yorkers live with roommates? If you are single and you want to relocate to NYC then finding an apartment with a roommate or a few of them, is the best thing to do. You will not only save a lot of money, but you will also as well gain new friends. This way you won’t feel so alone in a big city such as Big Apple.

Be aware that the demand greatly outweighs the supply, so the rent prices are jumping constantly. Moreover, scams are unfortunately very common so make sure you check everything out before signing a lease. Take this word of advice, never, I mean literally, never skip to meet face to face with your future landlord.  Insist on seeing your new house before you agree on anything. People put pictures and videos that are edited to enhance their chances of renting or selling. Don’t risk being ripped off just because you were lazy or naive.

For those with no savings or job, the only option is to crash on the couch with friends or relatives.

How much the living expenses will cost me when I move to NYC?

When you are about to move to New York City there are a few things you need to except at the start. Streets are crowded, traffic jams are your new normal, and the noise is. Oh, also, forget about the cheap prices in grocery stores, restaurants, or anywhere. Big Apple will take all you have, but it will make you immensely happy.

For instance, an average meal will cost you around $15 at some not-so-fancy restaurants. If you add a beer to that, your bill will be around $25. What you need to keep in mind is that the price of groceries grows just like rents, with the neighborhood.

Luckily, NYC has a lot of free stuff on offer as well. You can never be bored in this city, just take a stroll and you will be amazed at how many free things you can experience here. Free art shows, concerts, events, and landmarks.

How Do I Get A Job In City Like Big Apple?

Now I’m sure you know what searching for work looks like, but there are some things you need to pay attention to when applying for a job in NYC. Of course, the chances that you will find a job immediately are very low. This can happen only if you have some good connections.

For all of us who do not have a good connection, the following will help a lot. Update your resume and make sure you apply for jobs daily! Also, be confident. On a tight and tough job market such as NYC’s, you need to work your magic as well. Everything is about the human factor. Dress well, be kind, smile, relax, and be yourself.

The pro advice is to start building a network before you even arrive in the Big Apple. The social media platforms will help you a lot in this case. Make some new connections, join groups, and ask as many questions as you can. Someone will notice you. Forget about fear, be brave and it will pay off.

How To Move To NYC On A Budget?

Now if you already made a  firm decision about relocating to NYC, you will need a reliable moving partner. This is where Zenith Moving Company will step in. We offer a lot of different moving services. You need to know that you can hire us only for transportation in case your budget doesn’t allow you more.

If this sounds like a perfect opportunity for you, make sure you give us a quick call, or send us an email so we can talk about this in detail.