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First Apartment Essentials: THE Moving Checklist
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Are you moving out of your parent’s house, or maybe switching from a dorm room to a studio apartment? No matter the reason, you’ll need a detailed list of first apartment essentials.

Moving into your first apartment is the most exciting part of young adulthood. All those decisions you need to make on your own can make you feel like you have everything and nothing in control at the same time. If you always lived with your parents, or with your roommate, the chances are high that you don’t have everything you need for a new start.

Your First Apartment Moving List

Even if you are moving into a completely furnished apartment, you still need to acquire a lot of basic everyday things. You’ll see that everything listed here is a must-have. Make sure you print out this checklist and check off all these items before you start packing your boxes.

If you don’t want to write one on your own here you can download some useful templates.

The first apartment essentials for the bedroom

Let’s start with the most important room, the bedroom. No matter if you are moving to a furnished or empty apartment I recommend you always take your mattress with you. I don’t want to be mean but some people just don’t take care of it properly, and we know bedbugs are a big no-no in the bedroom. In case you are moving to a space, you’ll need a good bed frame beside the mattress.

Okay now that we sorted the bed and the mattress, let’s make sure you buy at least four packs of bedding, two pillows (optional), and a blanket. You’ll need a nightstand, a dresser, and hangers for the clothes. Most apartment that has dressers already don’t have hangers so they will be a good investment. If you mind some subtle street light coming through the windows make sure you take some curtains as well.

You can, of course, personalize the space with some decoration, lamps, and books, but these things are not essentials and I’ll let you add these things to the list on your own. So for the bedroom, you’ll need:

  • Bed frame;
  • Mattress;
  • Pillows, beddings, blankets;
  • Nightstand;
  • Dresser and cloth hangers;
  • Curtains.

The first apartment essentials for the kitchen

The second most important room in every home is the kitchen. You can live without a washing and drying machine (laundry shops are all around the place) but you can’t live without a fridge and stove. Luckily, almost all apartments have these household items included in the setting.

However, you can’t cook without pots, skillets, and pans. You will also need cooking utilities such as a ladle, cooking spoon, spatula, cutting board, and so on, you get the point. Take some time to carefully choose kitchenware like water glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, spoons, knives, and forks.

Don’t forget you’ll need a table and chairs, or if your kitchen is small couple of barstools will solve the sitting problem. If you are a student then microwave and a blender are stapled appliances for your meal-prepping, get them. A coffee pot, a hand mixer, a toaster, and a crockpot should be on your list also.

Also, make sure you buy some dish towels, a large kitchen trash can, and an abundance of plastic and glass containers for food storage. Oh, don’t forget handy items like a can opener, bottle opener (because of the party!), aluminum foil, baking sheets, and measuring cups.

Kitchen summary:

  • Pots and pans;
  • Cooking utilities;
  • Kitchenware;
  • Table and chairs;
  • Microwave and blender;
  • Coffee pot, toaster, hand mixer, and crockpot;
  • Dish towels (dish soap also);
  • Kitchen trash can;
  • Plastic and glass containers.

The first apartment essentials for a bathroom

The bathroom isn’t so hard to organize for the first time. All the things you need for this place are functional and decorative at the same time. I love organizing my bathroom since it can’t get easier. You can start by purchasing towels in different sizes and in the color you prefer. Then move to the shower, and buy a new shower curtain and curtain hooks. Place a bathmat or a rug in front of the shower to avoid a messy floor. From electric appliances, all you need is a hair dryer.

Make sure you buy laundry baskets, small baskets for organizing your cosmetics, and chemicals for cleaning. Things like toilet paper, soap, and a first aid kit should be on this list as well.

Bathroom must-haves:

  • Towels;
  • Shower curtains and hooks;
  • Bathmat;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Laundry basket;
  • Organizers;
  • Cleaning chemicals (this include dish soap, fabric softener, laundry detergent, etc.);
  • Toilet paper, soap, and first aid kit.

The first apartment essentials for a living room

This is your chill-out zone and a place where you will entertain your guests. The most important thing in every living room is a comfy couch and a coffee table. You will also need a TV cabinet for TV, you can choose the one with a lot of storage compartments and save up some space. If you have some spare space you can buy some chairs or lazy bags.

Arrange your books and decorations on shelves. Having some wall art, lamps, plants, decorative pillows, and candles will make your living space homier. Throw some warm and cozy blankets over the futon while you enjoy your first-morning coffee.

Living room essentials:

  • Comfy couch;
  • Coffee table;
  • TV cabinet and TV;
  • Chair or lazy bag;
  • Bookshelves;
  • Decorations.

List of most essential unessential things

I guarantee you that a lot of people became so hectic when moving that they forget about some small basic things you need for your apartment.  Since they are so minor, you even forget about their existence until you desperately need them. To avoid this happening to you I wrote this list so make sure you print it!

You’ll need the following things as well:

  • Iron and iron board;
  • Light bulbs;
  • Scissors and scotch tape;
  • Broom and dustpan;
  • Sewing kit;
  • Reading and emergency lamp;
  • Oven mitts;
  • Paper towels holder;
  • Dish drying racks;
  • Organizer for kitchenware;
  • Small trash can for the bathroom;
  • Plunger;
  • Full-length mirror;
  • Thermometer;
  • Fire distinguisher;
  • Trash bags;
  • Toiler scrubber and sponges;
  • Home toolkit with hammer, nails, screwdrivers, measuring tape, duct tape, and batteries.

Ready For Your First Big Move?

If you got all or at least most of the things from this article, you are ready to fly out of the nest! Since this is your first move I bet you think that you are very optimistic and you think that you can do all on your own. However, this amount of belongings can’t fit in your car, and taking multiple trips is not a good option as well.

Luckily, we have everything you need for a successful relocation – a great reliable team of movers and spacious vans and trucks. Zenit Moving offers local as well as interstate moving, which is very popular among students. Contact us here so we can help you start a new chapter in your life on the right foot.