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Eliminating clutter can reduce your usual housekeeping by, on average, 40%. Additionally, it might make relocating to a new home much easier.

The ideal time to discard, sell, or donate unwanted or no-longer-needed items is just before a major relocation. If you haven’t decluttered in a while, though, you could feel overwhelmed or not know where to begin.

Do you require assistance organizing before moving? If so, you should read this tutorial. Below is a list of helpful hints and pointers.

Motives for Decluttering and Organizing Before Moving

Why move with a bunch of things you don’t need or want?

Get rid of stuff that will merely take up space and never be utilized rather than packing up the entire house and holding on to them so you can start fresh (and unpack more quickly) in your new place.

Before moving, tidy and organize your space for the following reasons:

Time and Energy Savings

One of the simplest methods to save time while moving is to pack fewer items. Less packing, less moving, and less unpacking means less time and energy invested (and more time available for other tasks).

Save Cash

Your moving costs might be reduced by decluttering before the relocation. For instance, you won’t have to spend as much on materials or pay as much to load, carry, and unload your possessions. 

Earn Extra Money

You can earn some extra money by selling unneeded stuff before your move. Everyone may use more money in their bank account during this procedure because moving is pricey.

How to Begin Organizing Before a Move

Give yourself adequate time if you want to downsize and organize your belongings before moving into your new home. Don’t put off starting this kind of endeavor until the last minute. To reduce your stress, start early.

How would you begin? When you want to move, start by taking these actions:

Examine Your Possessions

Make a note of everything you don’t want to take with you after doing a tour of your home. Think of this as the idea-generating phase. Thoughtfully decide what will remain and what will be removed before you start tearing items off the shelves.

Make a Plan for Decluttering

Make a plan for the upcoming weeks or months after that. Set a deadline for clearing up the clutter in each space of your home. Start looking into locations where you may donate, get rid of, and sell used stuff.

Make Numerous Lists

Make a list of the items you are selling or giving away. Keep in mind that you must do this for donations to guarantee that you claim the appropriate deductions when you pay your taxes.

One Action at a Time

Before you begin packing for your move, try to finish your decluttering. You won’t have to be concerned about multitasking and unintentionally packing things that you intended to donate (or vice versa).

Order Products by Category

First, arrange the goods into piles that will be sold, given, or thrown away. After that, arrange the items in the piles.

Make a pile of the clothes you want to donate, such as the shoes you want to donate, etc. Additionally, you may group those into heaps of long- and short-sleeved shirts, etc.

Donating, Selling, Or Discarding Unwanted Items

What ought you do with anything you gather while decluttering?  Take broken or seriously damaged objects and discard them. Even specialists can help you get rid of things and dispose of them for you.

Consider selling items in good shape at a garage sale, using online classified services like Craigslist. Or give them to a nearby thrift shop if you have any.

If there is sufficient time between the date of the sale and your move, we advise against holding a garage sale. Avoid making things more difficult for yourself.  When you have cleared out every room, only then should you give, sell, or throw away undesired goods. You won’t need to make more travel or hold additional sales as a result.

Having Trouble Moving to Your New House?

It’s a good idea to get rid of outdated trinkets, appliances, and other things you don’t want or need when moving to a new house. Utilize the above-mentioned advice to streamline your move and adopt a more frugal way of life.

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