You are currently viewing A Step-by-Step Guide to Moving a Pool Table

Many individuals believe that a home is lacking without a pool table. Pool tables can keep people entertained for hours and are frequently the focus of a space. Moving a table, though, might convert any joy into dread.

Pool tables must be moved carefully and professionally. You must have a plan before moving.

Let’s examine strategies for simplifying the procedure as much as we can.

Move Your Pool Table: Advantages and Drawbacks

A pool table can be moved without expert assistance. To avoid paying movers, many people choose to relocate their pool tables. Before grabbing a screwdriver and breaking into your pool table, think about why you want to employ pros.

Pool tables typically weigh 700 pounds. Pool tables can weigh more than a thousand pounds. A pool table has certain parts that are up to 9 feet long. It takes a lot of strength and bulk to move a pool table by oneself.

Consider the time and work required to get rid of it. The entire pool table cannot be transported because of its weight. A pool table must be disassembled into transportable sections before being moved. Pool tables are intricate designs with numerous delicate pieces. If you don’t know how to take the table apart, you risk breaking both your back and the table.

When relocating a pool table, keep the following in mind:

1. Employ Expert NYC Pool Table Moving Services

The process is streamlined by pool table movers in NYC who are committed to their work. They are knowledgeable about all the challenges that come with moving. You will spare yourself physical and mental anguish by hiring experienced pool table movers, therefore the fee is well worth it.

2. Hire the Right Crew and Tools

By typing “pool table movers near me” into your favorite search engine, you can locate a neighborhood crew of pool table movers.

They will assist you in moving your table to your new residence. To assist you with this undertaking, you want to assemble a qualified workforce. Due to financial constraints or deadlines for moving, it might not be feasible.

You must be ready for this. Grab the socket wrench and screwdriver set you’ll need to disassemble your furniture. Additionally, gather moving blankets, bubble wrap, and a lot of bubbles.

Over 100 pounds may be found in each component of a pool table. As a result, each one should be handled by several persons. You should ideally have friends or family who are strong and able to lift the big components. On a moving day, it’s crucial to wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes.

3. Completely Disassemble the Billiards Table

The process for moving a pool table is the same for experts and beginners. Take off the bumpers, side rails, and ball pockets. The table’s felt covering is then taken off. Tears may be shed as a result of this delicate process. Be ready to replace the felt cover after moving by being prepared.

The slates must now be unscrewed. These elements, which are fragile when removed but made to fit into the table, can get broken. Cracks are common. It will be necessary to replace a broken slate.

The table’s legs and main body should be separated. It’s time to load the pool table into the moving truck once the demolition is finished. Wrap the table’s components with moving blankets and bubble wrap. You should exercise additional caution when handling slates due to their weight and potential for shattering.

4. Assembly of the Billiards Table

It is similar to putting a pool table back together. Moving and disassembling a table are challenging tasks. You can get guidance from experts at every stage. This is especially true when it comes to the challenging chore of making the felt on the tables smoothly.

If you are assembling the table yourself, you can do so in reverse order. Like a puzzle, each piece will fit in its proper location. You will need a group of relatives or friends to help you put the table together because of its weight.

Your pool table’s owner’s manual will include step-by-step instructions for taking it apart and putting it back together.

To Sum Up

You can use these factors to guide your decision on whether or not to DIY. A pool table is difficult to move. And it’s acceptable to acknowledge that you don’t have the time or skills to do so.

Your pool table can be swiftly moved by working with a reputable moving company like Zenith Moving. No matter how big or little the move, we are capable of handling it. A pool table can be moved as part of this. You can unwind knowing that we will handle the challenging task of shipping your pool table safely and without worry.