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Moving From NYC To Chicago? Do It With Zenith Move

Are you moving from NYC to Chicago soon? Long-distance moves can be very tiring and complicated – they take a lot of your time energy and resources. With the move so extensive it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. That’s why you should take your time to make a plan and organize your whole move. Interstate movers NYC can help you realize the move and have a smooth transition into your new home. We know how long distance most can seem complicated which is why we’ve created a guide to help you move from NYC to Chicago. To find out how to approach your Interstate long-distance move keep on reading!

Chicago city
Chicago differs from NYC in a variety of ways!

NYC vs Chicago

Moving from NYC to Chicago means moving into a place that has different weather, taxes, and transportation, to name a few. Here are a few differences when you’re moving from NYC to Chicago:

  • All four seasons are prominent. The winters are much colder in Chicago!
  • You can take a taxi on the Chicago river
  • Chicago is way more affordable than NYC! The median income is lower in Chicago, but everything is much more affordable, which makes it a good place to save some funds. 

As you can see even in the most basic features the life can be very different. Making such a big step in your life and moving to cities that are very different can be very stressful but also very exciting. 

Start preparations early when moving from NYC to Chicago

When you’re facing long-distance moves you have to start your preparations as early as possible. Luckily, if you get stuck, you can get help from some of the best moving companies NYC! That’s why it’s important to start your preparations early – long-distance moves that are rarely conducted without the help of a quality moving company. Take your time to send out numerous moving quotes and hire the moving company that’s the best fit. It’s important that the company is experienced, reliable, and that there are no hidden fees. When you start preparing early, you’re getting ahead of the whole schedule, which can be very helpful if you encounter a problem that ends up taking a lot of your time to fix. That’s why you should not procrastinate your moving process.

cardboard boxes
Early preparation is the key to having a successful relocation!

How to stay organized

Long-distance moves require various tactics if you want to stay organized. First of all, you should make an inventory list which will help you to know where the location of each of your items. This will be a great help when you start unpacking and you can’t remember which box do you put the item in. Making an inventory list on your computer or electronic device is very convenient since you can access the location of the item within seconds. You should also make a to-do list which will help you stay calm when you start feeling anxious. Taking one look at your very organized list will help you realize that you have the whole process under control and that you know exactly what you need to do next. You can also track your finances, phone numbers, and important information. It’s hard to keep them all in your head which is why you should definitely write it all down

Decluttering will help you lessen the costs

When you’re moving long-distance, for example, moving from NYC to Miami, you should definitely take your time to declutter. This will lessen your moving costs and the time that you need to pack. You should opt to get rid of the big and bulky furniture pieces and electrical appliances. Moving companies charge the most for the items that are big and heavy, which is why it’s a good tactic to sell those items at your current place of residence and buy the new ones when you move. This way, you will not have to pay as much for transportation fees. You should definitely sell or donate some of the leftover items. You can also give them away, of course, and if they’re totally useless you should simply throw them out.

Hire a professional moving company to help you

Make sure that the moving company that you’re about to hire is licensed. Give them a call or visit their offices if that’s possible and ask them all questions related to the moving process, insurance options, and the prices. Do not sign the contract before you read it thoroughly. If there is any part of the contract said that you do not understand or your lawyer to make it clear. This way you will avoid hidden fees.

moving from NYC to Chicago
Moving from NYC to Chicago requires professional movers that can think on the spot!

How to pack when you’re moving from NYC to Chicago

It’s important that you get quality packing materials. Long-distance moves can often mean that your belongings have to be transported by several vehicles. The repeated loading and the loading process, together with the long drive, increase the risk of your items getting damaged. When moving from NYC to Chicago you should invest in high-quality packing materials! You can order them online to get from the specialty store or rent the packing materials from the moving company.  When you’re renting the materials from the moving company you know that they’re going to be the high quality. Moreover, you make your unpacking process easier. 

Ask for help

During the moving process, everyone needs help now and then. You can ask your friends and family for help. In that case, invite the people that you think won’t make this process harder for you. You don’t need additional stress when you’re moving from NYC to Chicago.

You can also hire movers, which have years of experience in the matter. If you don’t have enough time or energy to dedicate to the relocation, it’s better if you delegate the process to someone else. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that it will be done right. Having enough time to deal with more important things in life should be your priority. You too can have a stress-free move!