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At last, you’re beginning to feel at home. You’ve done packing, if not quite, and are getting to know the area and what you hope will become your “forever home.” But the kitchen is a different story. Perhaps you have reduced. Or maybe you just moved into a property with a galley layout instead of a full-sized kitchen. In any event, your new kitchen feels small, with surfaces straining to hold an assortment of gadgets, and other items you might not always require, that are making clutter.

There will always be a demand for counter space, particularly if it serves as a catch-all. Determining what you need nearby, what you can keep elsewhere, and what you can just throw away is crucial. Not sure where to begin? Here are some pointers and strategies to help you with your clutter problems.

Examine the Entire Circumstance

It’s generally reasonable to assume that a smaller counter area is frequently a symptom of a larger issue.

First, take everything out of the place where it is currently being stored. Sort related goods into must-have and nice-to-have categories. Consider ways to make your kitchen’s traffic flow and structure more efficient when utilizing it. 

Remain concentrated on your objective: creating counter space. The curating process might still be rather easy if you recently moved in. Even better, you can divide it into manageable chunks to make it seem less daunting. Whichever route you decide to go, keep in mind that this is the most effective technique to permanently remove counter clutter. 

Reduce the Number of Single-Use Appliances

Your coffee maker and microwave should be on your countertop as you usually use them once or twice a day. But little, one-time-use equipment like toasters, waffle irons, rice cookers, and paninis take up space that could be better utilized for meal preparation. Consider carefully how frequently you’ll probably need them on hand. The best places to keep them are generally the pantry, a cupboard, your hall closet, or your laundry room if the response is less than once or twice a week. 

Consider how one appliance may be utilized for several purposes as well. Is a food processor or blender taking up space on the counter, for instance, when a compact immersion blender that fits neatly in a drawer may do the same tasks?

Place Other Crucial Items in Their Place

Daily usage products don’t need to take up space on your counter. To clear up even more space, consider installing a wall-mounted paper towel holder and relocating your dish drainer to the inside of the sink. Your most utilized cooking equipment, such as wooden spoons and spatulas, should be stored in an eye-catching container; store the other items in a drawer. Additionally, to store blades close at hand and out of the way, replace your unwieldy knife block with a magnetic one that mounts to the wall.

Make Use of Doors, Walls, and Cabinets 

Have a peek at what’s just above them for even more ideas on how to tidy your counter! Cutting boards, measuring cups, potholders, dishtowels, and other small DIY projects may all be stored behind cabinet doors using several storage options that can be found online or at kitchen specialty stores. In addition to freeing up your counter, adding floating shelves to the edges of cabinets creates visual appeal. For things like cookbooks, houseplants, your favorite spices, or even a pretty dish, it’s the perfect option.

A Remark about Canisters

For some reason, old-fashioned canisters of flour, sugar, tea, and coffee continue to litter worktops everywhere. You must carefully consider if they are functional or just extraneous décor. They’ll be much more comfortable in the pantry if you’re not baking every day and you already keep your coffee in the refrigerator. Better still, throw them out completely and replace them with more shelf-stylish, compact, and sealed alternatives. Having said that, you can keep the cookie jar if you have young children.

Be Sure to Wipe Off Your Counters Each Night

The greatest method to eradicate countertop clutter is to never allow items to gather there in the first place, even though this may sound rather basic and even apparent. Make sure your counters are clean and organized before going to bed so you can enjoy cooking in the morning! 

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