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How to prepare for moving while it's snowing

It is no secret that relocations tend to be hectic and stressful. It is not only the moving day that can take a toll on your nerves but the period that precedes it as well. So, when you need to think of the bad weather as well, it is perfectly understandable that you feel like postponing your moving day. However, all the professional and experienced moving companies NYC has will tell you not to worry, making us the messenger and representative of that group. Namely, you indeed can prepare for moving while it’s snowing, and we will explain how in great detail.

It is essential that you plan ahead

Moving during winter is one of the ways to ensure it snows for your moving day. However, not all is lost, so long as you plan for snowy weather and take all the relevant precautions. As a matter of fact, planning for your relocation is smart, regardless of the season. Even if you have Financial District movers helping you out with the process, it is you who has to plan and prepare as well. So, make sure that you take care of the following.

NYC street covered in snow
Moving while it’s snowing can be quite straightforward, so long as you properly prepare.

Do not venture into a snowy moving day without a professional moving assistance

Performing a DIY relocation is a challenge of its own accord. However, attempting a solo move in harsh winter conditions is simply setting yourself up for failure. Just the process of carrying your household items over snow is both difficult and dangerous. Not to mention loading things on the moving truck whilst its snowing, navigating the large moving vehicle down slippery streets, and driving through snowdrifts. Let’s put it this way, if you were worried about damaging your belongings, ruining your floors, compromising your safety, and losing a lot of time, money, and nerves in the process, this is a certain way of checking out all those boxes.

With all that said, it would be best that you hire professional assistance, and thus ensure it will all work out in a much better way. Proper moves have rich experience, expert skill, and specialized equipment to perform your move in a safe and efficient manner, even during snow. Apart from providing your belongings with the best form of protection against cold and moisture, they will also know how to deal with weather challenges.

Make sure to keep checking the weather

While hiring professional assistance will take a huge load off your shoulders, that does not mean you can just lay back and enjoy the ride just yet. You want to keep a sharp eye on the weather. Check it every week prior to the move, and then every day during the week of the move. If at any point you feel like the weather conditions will shut down roads, or hinder your movers, call the moving company and speak with them of this concern. It is always better to delay the move than to get caught in a blizzard.

A woman checking weather forcast on her phone
Now is the time to be a little paranoid about the weather conditions.

Get all the necessary supplies

While every move requires that you have quality moving boxes Manhattan, in order to prepare for moving while it’s snowing, you have to stock up on a few other things. Snow shovels, sand or salt, plastic sheeting, tarp, old sheets or blankets are the essentials. They will help you quickly and adequately respond to weather challenges at the time of your relocation. Make sure to keep them on hand, in case you need to deal with snow on moving day itself, and see that you have an extra heater and plenty of hot beverages ready for the D day, as well.

You should take care of the utilities

Prior to your relocation, it would be smart to contact your current service providers and schedule the utilities at your old home to be turned off on the day after you move. Just as well, make arrangements for the utilities at your new place to be up and running on move-in day.

It is our honest advice that you keep the heat turned to low for the first few hours after arriving in your new home. You will be taking your items inside and the door will probably be open the entire time, making it impossible to warm up the place. That said, you have to make sure that you have heat and light in your new home when moving in the snow is essential.

Likewise, when moving out of your old home, see that you turn the heat off. As the movers will be going in and out, the doors will constantly be open, making it useless to crank the heat up. Still, it is smart to keep a small room heated, just so you and your movers have a place to go for a break and warm up.

Do not even think about moving while it’s snowing without preparing your car for driving in the snow

Driving in snow is both difficult and dangerous. It is with that in mind that you want to prepare your car and ensure it is in top shape for a winter trip to your new home. You want to have your vehicle services and winterized before the relocation. Have your car checked well in advance of your move, paying special attention to the battery, coolant system, and breaks.  Refill antifreeze and have the oil changed to get the right viscosity for optimal winter performance, as you will most certainly need it. Get winter wiper blades that are flexible enough to withstand extremely low temperatures and snow tires that provide enhanced traction on icy roads.

A car in the snow
You want to ensure your car is ready for the upcoming road.

You also want to plan your travel route prior to moving while it’s snowing. While the fastest route may not always be the safest and stick to well maintained, major roads have a smaller risk of getting stranded in the snow. If necessary, find out about the locations that offer overnight accommodations along your route, just so you know where you can stop if the weather gets worse while you are on the road.