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How to prepare winter clothes for storage

Warmly welcoming summer means bidding on winter clothing. After it dutifully served us in the harsh months, it was time for these stalwarts to go on their rightful holiday. It’s good! Storing sweaters, coats and boots gives you more room for displaying elegant summer dresses and sun hats. But before throwing your sweaters under the bed, make sure that you provide a healthy home for your helpers in cool weather. Zenith Moving prepared for you some tips on how to prepare winter clothes for storage.

Woman in winter
Coats, sweaters, hats – these items took care of you when the temperature dropped. Now it’s your turn to take care of them!

Expensive woolen clothes are designed to last for a long time, and they will be preserved if you take care of them. If stored improperly, winter clothing may be at risk of moths and smell for months without fresh air. The right procedure for summer storage is the key to the long life of sweaters and coats. Keep the sweaters right, and they will be ready for duty in September!

How should you prepare winter clothes for storage?

Wash first

You know what they say about dirty laundry: do not stuff it in the back of your closet in the summer! Well, maybe this is not a phrase, but you still should not keep dirty sweaters or coats. Any woolen clothing that has not been washed must be thoroughly washed before being stored since wool is the favorite dish of the moth. Whats may seem like harmless spots can be a real holiday for moths and beetles in the summer months. Properly wash wool sweaters and coats before storage so that they do not come out of the cabinet with the holes from the months when they were eaten.

Brush coat

Coats also deserve a good wash before putting them in storage NYC, but this does not mean that you should spend your money on dry cleaning. In the end, they just go to the warehouse – they don’t go to the opera. The coat can also be ripe for moth food, if not peeled before storage. To clean, take the coat outside and clean it vigorously in hard-to-reach places where eggs or moth larvae can live. This includes the collar and any seams on the coat – tiny moth eggs live in crevices of the coat.

In addition, it is best not to store the coat next to woolen clothes that have been dry-cleaned in case you missed a few spots. When storing, it is better to hang the coat in storage bags made of natural cotton. A small cedar plank available in good stores will repel the moth in the warmer months.

Fold your coats, don’t hang them

In the cold season, we usually hang our coats so that it is easier for us to access them, to keep them out of the way and to keep their shape, so that they do not wrinkle when we put them on every morning. However, during the months for which we store them, we really like to fold our coats, rather than hanging them for months in a row. This ensures that there are no traces of hangers on your shoulders that look funny when you put them on next September. And also clears your wardrobes so that you can hang out summer clothes instead.

Clean plastic containers

If you are going to fold all the warm winter clothes, you will need a place where you can put the piles of clothes. That’s why you should invest in a few plastic containers with snap caps that will keep everything inside and everything else out! However, you should always clean and wipe the containers before putting your clothes, even if they’re brand new, just in case.

Stack of plastic containers
Before you prepare winter clothes for storage, you want to make sure there is something you can store it in

Hang your pants if you have space to avoid creases

In the warmest months of the year, we can always be found in shorts, summer dresses or light skirts. There is nothing we love more than letting the sun and breeze touch our skin while we can! That is why we often do not see our long trousers for several months! We keep them and do not return until we are forced. However, unlike our coats, the Spruce taught us that our pants do better when hanging for a long time than when folded because it helps them avoid wrinkles and creases.

Vacuum and dry cleaning before packing

We have already mentioned that you should wash your clothes and wipe the plastic containers to prepare winter clothes for storage. But what if you are still a little paranoid about how your clothes will do during storage because you live in a very dusty place? Then there is another cleaning method that will help you even further than those that you have already seen! Make sure everything is vacuum cleaned and dry cleaned before being placed in bathtubs and casings.

Plastic makes perfect

The real purpose of winter storage is to protect from creatures and moths – no one wants beetle eggs to be their next winter accessory. The best way to protect winter clothing, such as sweaters, scarves or even bedding, is to store them in tightly closed plastic containers. Replaceable plastic bags or small plastic containers are great for storing clothes without errors. Putting sweaters in a simple box will leave them in the grip of the environment. Close them and save them!

Wrap everything up

When you fall asleep, do you not like being covered in protective bed sheets? Well, winter clothes do too. Make sure to have your delicate pieces properly wrapped! Place a layer of tissue paper between garments, placing them in winter storage bins. This will prevent color transfer between objects during the summer months. If you live in a particularly humid climate, packing your clothing in clean cotton will protect your winter clothing from condensation.

Prepare your winter boots

Summer is a time for bare ankles! It means saying goodbye to your winter boots. Like your sweaters (and everything else), boots and other winter shoes should be thoroughly cleaned before you store them for the summer. Use a wire brush to remove dirt and stains, and stuff shoes with newspaper or tissue paper to keep them in shape.

Black boots
The better you prepare them, the longer they will last

We realize how important your winter clothes are to you and how you want to keep them safe. With these tips, you can easily prepare winter clothes for storage and protect them during the summer. And these can be used not just for storing your clothes. When moving with professionals local movers NYC, these tips can also come in handy. Therefore, take your time to prepare your clothes the right way.