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Moving Abroad: Is It Cheaper To Buy New Furniture?

When moving abroad it is hard to decide what thing you will take and what items you will leave behind. However, some people can’t decide if they want to take their furniture or is it cheaper to buy new furniture instead?

Most people do not realize that the amount of money they need to pay for shipping is almost the same as if they would buy a new one. In most cases, it is a way better idea to sell or donate the furniture before the move. But if you are still having hard time overthinking this idea, make sure you try following these recommendation before making the final cut.

Where Are You Moving Is Crucial

The most significant influence on your moving decisions will always be the distance of your future location. In some cases, your new location is too far that the only reasonable thing to do is to pack light and sell all your non-essential belongings.

When you are moving across the town, or in close proximity to it, naturally, you will bring your existing furniture with you and avoid spending money on a new one if not necessary. However, when you are moving to another state, you should be aware that the relocation price will be fairly high.

This is when you should consider selling your old furniture and buying a new one when you arrive considering that the difference in the price won’t be so significant. So why not invest in something new and make your relocation process way easier.

The Size And Weight!

When you plan your relocation consider if your new home is spacious enough to fit all your current belongings. If you are downsizing you might not have enough space for your old furniture.

Where is the point of moving your furniture if it won’t fit your new home perfectly? It might be too large and make your new space crowded. On the other hand, it can also be too small for your new space and make it look empty and unappealing.

Maybe your furniture isn’t too large but the style won’t fit your new home design. You won’t be able to settle down properly in your new house if you don’t make it feel like home. Furniture just like small details makes all the difference.

Does Your Furniture Has Any Sentimental Value?

For some people, furniture can have sentimental value. There is nothing wrong with this, some personal belongings have a special place in our hearts and lives. You might be in possession of some piece of furniture that came from family heritage, some special antique dresser, those are the things worth keeping.

However, keeping and moving old and stained furniture is something you shouldn’t do. The relocation only will cost way much more than the actual worth of the furniture. The less you have to move the more you will save. Donate it to someone who might have an idea what to do with it, or sell it if you can, and replace it after you move.

How Complex The Process Of Moving Is

You should also consider the complexity of moving your old furniture since you might need to pay some extra fees. In case your furniture is oddly shaped or extremely old it will require high-quality packing material and careful handling which will only incur additional costs.

Moreover, if your furniture can’t be disassembled and fit in the elevator the movers will need to take it manually and up the stairs. However, for tackling such a complex task you’ll need to pay some extra cash.

When calculating the final moving price make sure you don’t forget to consider the price you will need to pay for the logistics and moving efforts.

 The Cost

After you revise all the factors above it is time to see how much it will cost you to move your furniture and if you can afford it.

When you move your belongings the moving price is based on the weight of your cargo and the distance of your new home. To make sure you get the most accurate price get at least three different moving estimations.

Only after this, you can realize, if it’s cheaper to buy a new one instead of moving furniture. Browse the online furniture stores and see how much it will cost to buy new furniture, then make a decision.

Moving is a big expense in most cases, especially if you have a lot of things which include stylish and high-quality furniture. If your furniture is not in its best condition but the price for moving it is high, it may be beneficial for you to sell it and make some extra cash that you can spend on new stuff.

So What’s The Verdict?

Taking the time to make the right decision is important. Make that pro and con list we all did as kids when we needed to make some  “hard” decision. If your pros are higher than the cons, and you can afford it, then why not?

If you decide to take all your belongings with you, why wouldn’t you leave all the logistics and heavy lifting to us, and enjoy as much time as you can with your friends and family. We are just one click away!