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Moving from New York to Miami

Different Faces of Moving from New York to Miami Weather-Related Moving from New York to Miami

Moving from New York to Miami has become commonplace. Thousands of New Yorkers have fled the City during the past couple of years. One would wonder why. This question might be redundant, given that Miami’s nickname is the Magic City. In addition, it is the epicenter of the allure of the Sunshine State, as Florida is called. Yet, should one really insist, let us consider some significant aspects.

First and foremost, the reason might probably be what it has always been: the climate. Miami has a long history of being the top inbound destination for the people from New York. This is not surprising. New York might be super attractive with its urban appeal, businesses, art, and culture. However, the weather in New York makes it difficult for one to really take advantage of the city’s offer. Winters in New York are cold and long. Snowstorms are not unusual. The city sometimes gets paralyzed due to the weather conditions. Parts of its infrastructure have been on the brink of collapse on a couple of such occasions. Summers are hot and humid, which is also an impediment of sorts when it comes to immersing oneself in the city’s niceties. Typically, spring and fall are moody and unpredictable. The spring can come suddenly, bringing an abrupt shift from winter clothes to the summer wardrobe. Alternatively, winter’s remnants might be dragging till a shy, cool spring gives way to the summer.

Nothing like that happens in the Magic City. This does not mean that Miami is immune to climate-related quirkiness. One needs to know that there are some factors that shape the climate of this city. They include:

  1. sea-level elevation;
  2. coastal location;
  3. Tropic of Cancer;
  4. Gulf Stream.

Miami has a tropical savanna climate. This means that summers are hot and wet, while winters are warm and dry. Additionally, a hot and wet season runs from May to October, and warm and dry from November to April. Caution is necessary. Hurricane season lasts from June to November. And yet, there is a possibility that hurricanes can occur at other points, as well. Despite the capricious hurricane seasons and truly hot summers, Miami has continually been an alluring destination where New Yorkers move either for good or as a temporary solution. Namely, many New Yorkers have bought properties in Miami and use them during New York’s merciless winter months. It is a bliss to be protected from the problems with cold, snowstorms, public transportation, power outage, and internet connection. Miami is the key to the conundrum.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, thousands of New Yorkers have left the city in the last couple of years. The period of the pandemic brought some fluctuations. Many went to Miami to avoid New York’s horrid situation caused by the COVID-19. Some of them have been going back and forth. Some decided to go back to New York. However, there are many of those who chose to return to Miami and settle there.

The Magic of The Magic City

No wonder some people opted for Miami as their new home. The appeal of the sandy beaches, blue sky, beachy feel, the sun, and the water speaks volumes. Although a metropolitan area, Miami boasts attractions solely stemming from natural abundance. Lush vegetation and the proximity of the state’s hidden natural sources are part of that aspect. No, Miami is not just the beaches. Yet, the attractions Miami offers largely rely on the outdoor activities enabled by the climate and environment. They include recreations such as:

  1. boating;
  2. scuba diving;
  3. fishing;
  4. swimming;
  5. sailing;
  6. biking

No, Miami is not just the beaches. There is nightlife to consider. Exquisite bars offer unique selections of cocktails, wines, spirits, and expertly prepared food. Top-quality restaurants offer an advanced version of the food and drink experience bars provide. Dining is not the only form of leisure that the city features. There are exciting South Beach dance locations and incredible live music venues. In addition, Coconut Grove ensures a safe haven for art lovers. There are numerous small galleries where one can appreciate art. Moreover, the city as it is offers an aesthetic experience without any help from art institutions. Miami’s architecture speaks of history and vibrant culture.

Practical Reasons for Moving from New York to Miami

Believe it or not, business can be the reason why Miami is a preferable location. Tourism is the industry that has been providing the city, its citizens, and newcomers with jobs, resources, and entertainment. Yes, the national growth in Florida is outpacing New York in some respects. There is an increasing number of businesses, like hedge funds and tech companies, that make people move from New York to Miami. There is a plethora of companies, notably in Greater Downtown Miami, constitutive of the charm of the Magic City. Many of them are in the field of media and telecommunications. Some of the famous corporate names include Fidelity National Financial, Royal Caribbean cruises, Jabil, Darden Restaurants, Carnival Cruise Line, and Sykes Enterprises. Some of the Wall Street prominent companies, including Goldman Sachs, are considering moving to Florida. It is noteworthy that Miami is especially lucrative for the super-wealthy. In comparison to New York, it is a tax paradise. It is small wonder the tendency detected in the recent past regarding moving from New York to Miami is called exodus.

Once in Miami Do Your Research: The Advantages of Moving to Florida

Before you find yourself physically there, you’ll visit Miami virtually for multiple reasons. Primarily, it will be for the purpose of research. Investigating the possibilities, offers, opportunities, and conditions matters. Once you realize that tax is incomparably lower than in New York, you proceed to find out that same applies to the cost of living. Transportation, food, housing, clothing, entertainment, and personal care are more affordable in Miami than in New York. Spoiler alert: “more affordable than in New York” might not be synonymous with “cheap.” Property prices and rent also follow a more budget-friendly logic. Well, it is true that one should take this with a grain of salt. Surprisingly, despite the more than obvious sinking due to the climate crisis, Miami is still a real estate mecca. Having said that, property prices can be mind-boggling. As is the case in all metropolitan areas, the prices depend on the neighborhood. Therefore, part of the research will probably result in the findings about Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, and Brickell being among the appealing areas in the city. They bring the joy of the beach, entertainment, shopping, and business. One may also realize that in the suburban areas, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and Doral offer good living conditions. They offer a soothing pace of healthy living, pleasing scenery, and play within the synergy of the historical and modern.

House Hunt in Miami, Florida

The other reason why one would visit Miami virtually before they move there is house hunt. Make no mistake — you are a New Yorker. If you have apartment hunted in New York, you’ll manage it anywhere. This does not exclude being cautious. For one, there are many scams. A New Yorker knows what kind of role platforms such as Craigslist can play in that context. Brokers can be merciless, yet they are much more affordable in Miami. One should also consider the crime rate in the metro area and make sure to know how to navigate it. Touristy and suburban areas might be safer, but that comes with a price. Literally so.

Infrastructure in Miami

Getting closer to Miami requires familiarizing oneself with the context that makes Miami the Magic City. This includes knowing its demographics. One shouldn’t be surprised by benefitting from their knowledge of Spanish there. Predictably, Hispanic or Latino populations figure prominently. This includes people from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Salvador, and Guatemala. In addition, there are people of Colombian, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Argentine, Chilean, and Ecuadorian descent. Some descended from Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Mexican ancestry. There are White Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans.

As far as public transport is concerned, there are trolleys, trains, and buses. Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus provide affordable services. However, if one is honest, having a car won’t hurt.

If the pursuit of education is one of your top priorities, you should consider some of Miami’s finest educational facilities. They include some private universities: Talmudic University, University of Miami, and Miami International University of Art & Design. The public ones include Broward College, Palm Beach State College, Miami Culinary Institute, Florida Atlantic, and Florida International University.

In the Health District, there is Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami. This is a major center for hospitals and clinics. It also features esteemed biotechnology and medical research industries.

The Logistics of Getting from New York to Miami

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