Moving from New York to Norwalk, CT is very often a matter of choice based on several potential motives. They include:

  1. lifestyle;
  2. safety;
  3. education;
  4. budget.

Generally, those who are moving from New York to Norwalk, CT should do some research prior to the actual move. Based on the testimonies of the current and/or former residents, there are things to consider. For one, moving from New York to Norwalk, CT definitely brings about change in the lifestyle. Those who are tired of city life will find comfort there. Yet, if the change is supposed to include living and working in a walkable town, it is questionable. Although some distances are walkable, those who have lived in  Norwalk, CT recommend having a car. One also can go by bus, bike, and train.

If the difference should be the exclusion of any aspect of a city dynamic, that may be disputable. Norwalk is a corporate town. As far as safety is concerned, one should be informed about the particular neighborhoods. Reportedly, Norwalk is mostly safe and nice. The Cranbury area should meet the standards of those who seek a middle-class suburban environment. Those inclined to more affluent options should take into account Rowayton and the neighborhoods toward Wilton and New Canaan. It is advisable that the person who is moving from New York to Norwalk, CT visits the town beforehand. They should walk the actual areas to get a sense of what the neighborhood is like. There are, however, efficient services that ensure the stability of the town. They include the police, fire department, and health care.

Norwalk’s public schools might not be the best in Connecticut. Many people send their children to private schools. Based on the Connecticut Mastery and Connecticut Academic Performance Tests results, they fall behind the schools in nearby towns. This might precisely be the reason for the misperception of the schools’ performance. Namely, because the schools in the adjacent towns are much better, schools in  Norwalk are perceived as not good enough. Clearly, this is not always the case.

Regarding budgeting, one should be aware that property taxes in Connecticut are generally high, and Norwalk is no exception. However, the property itself might be more affordable than in some other towns in Connecticut. The cost of living is lower than in some towns closer to New York City. It is certainly lower than in New York City itself.

The City of Norwalk

Norwalk is located in southern Fairfield County, southwestern Connecticut. It is a coastal town on Long Island Sound with an estimated population of around 90000. It belongs both in the New York and the Bridgeport metropolitan areas. Norwalk is a financially strong and stable town. The tendency to remain so is evident from its fiscal standing. It is also a thriving place with ongoing development. This includes carrying out continual beautification projects and diverse forms of gentrification, thereby preserving the flavor of the place. Its openly business friendly attitude is welcoming small, medium-sized, and large businesses. It even encourages relocating there. Norwalk, CT boasts of community oriented programs and services. In addition, it offers recreational activities, parks, and other features that ensure enjoying life, work, and play in the town.  Norwalk’s public services at work sustain the cleanliness and accessibility of the place. It is a cultural destination offering museums and entertainment venues that rejoice people across the age, race, and ability divides. The museums are:

  1. Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum
  2. The Mill Hill Historic Park and Museum
  3. Norwalk Historical Society Museum
  4. SONO Switch Tower Museum
  5. Stepping Stones Museum for Children

Norwalk Symphony Orchestra and Norwalk Youth Symphony play a major role in the entertainment sector. Cultural events include:

  1. George Greek Orthodox Festival,
  2. Round Hill Highland Games,
  3. Boat Show,
  4. Film Festival.

Moving to Norwalk

One should be aware that Norwalk is not among the suburban areas in close proximity to New York City. However, the commute is surmountable. There are two stations in Norwalk. They are South Norwalk and East Norwalk stations. The trains operate more frequently at South Norwalk station. The Metro North train takes approximately an hour to arrive at Grand Central terminal. After Stamford, all trains from Norwalk run express. Some trains run express to Stamford, as well. The trains run at least every hour. This is even more frequent on weekdays during working hours. Moving from New York to Norwalk, CT does not make one’s commute complicated. It enables visiting New York City and other places. In order to experience the place, the first prerequisite is finding a professional, considerate, and efficient moving company. Relocating all the belongings safely and expertly is as important as reaching the destination in person. The vibrant and friendly Norwalk, CT welcomes newcomers. Embrace, enjoy, and celebrate diversity and the community there.

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Moving to Norwalk, CT Resources

Welcome to Norwalk, CT. To make the settling in a bit easier for you, we put together a list of  Norwalk, CT resources.

Official City Website – All city resources at one place

Great Norwalk Chamber – Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Norwalk Public Schools – Norwalk Public Schools website and information.

Driver’s License Information – Department of Motor Vehicles for the latest details on Connecticut driver’s licenses.

Senior Services – Senior Services o bring our older citizens into the main stream of community life.

Norwalk, CT – Wikipedia page

City of Norwalk Facebook page

Recreation and Parks – City of Norwalk, CT

Norwalk Community College – Accredited community college in CT

Maritime Aquarium Norwalk, CT Aquarium – Great family destination. The Maritime Aquarium is the only aquarium focused on Long Island Sound