Place and Time for Moving to West Haven, CT

Moving from New York to West Haven, CT brings one to a coastal town in New Haven County.  It is a long standing player in the history of the USA. Notably, it was an active participant during the American Revolution. Yet, it is called the youngest town in Connecticut. The reason is that it obtained a status of an independent town in 1961. It used to be a shipping and industrial center famous for buckle shops and a leather manufacturer. Later, technology oriented industries, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies emerged in the town. It features stunning shorelines, a boardwalk, and places for outdoor activities such as biking and walking. Its residents claim that everyone is welcome and promise that everyone will love it. Its schools, colleges, and universities provide an excellent service. West Haven, CT has community groups incorporated in the work of its cultural institutions such as the Council on the Arts and the Historical Society. There are several theaters and numerous fine restaurants to satisfy one’s desire for entertainment.

Moving and Traveling from New York to West Haven, CT

Moving from New York to West Haven, CT is a thrilling endeavor. It ensures a safe place to live, and a pleasant environment to work. The town is located in south-central Connecticut on Interstate 95. Should one need to commute to New York or just visit, there are four ways to travel:

  1. by car,
  2. by bus,
  3. by train,
  4. by plane.

It takes approximately two hours to get from New York to West Haven, CT by train. The trains depart from Grand Central and Penn Station in New York City, and arrive at New Haven Union Station. The trains mostly operate throughout the week. However, at weekends it may vary. Should one opt for traveling by bus or by car, the following information could be of interest. Interstate 95, Route 34, Route 1, Route 162, and Route 122 run through West Haven. Go Buses runs from Manhattan to New Haven, CT. The bus operates every four hours and it takes slightly more than an hour to reach the destination. In addition, MTA buses depart from Grand Central and reach New Haven in approximately two hours. They run hourly. There are other bus companies that offer services for this route. Getting there by plane is, predictably, the fastest way. Southern Airways Express offers a thirty minute flight from New York Skyports  Seaplane Base Airport to Bridgeport Airport. One can also travel by car from New York City to West Haven, CT. The journey takes between an hour and a half and two hours. Logically, that would be approximately the time a journey by truck would take. However, it may vary. Moving from New York to West Haven, CT can be a complex enterprise. It is an interstate move that takes slightly longer than the journeys to the suburban areas closer to New York. For that reason, the move needs to be well organized, expertly executed, and seamless. Those who are moving from New York to West Haven, CT don’t want to travel longer than necessary. They don’t want the moving process to be more complicated than it should be. These requirements can be met. The way to meet them is a reliable, friendly, and efficient, moving service. Choosing the right moving company is key. Choose the best.

Getting Safely and Being Safe

A team of professional skillful movers can get one’s belongings safely from New York to West Haven, CT. There may be many goals of moving from New York to West Haven, CT. One of them is being safe. In order to obtain that goal, based on the experience of the dwellers, one should avoid some areas, and opt for some other neighborhoods. One can choose a million dollar home, condominium, or rental unit. Reportedly, the neighborhoods to choose and live safely are predominantly in the east part of the town, while crime rates are higher in the northeast areas. The comforting fact is that West Haven, CT has first-rate public safety organizations. Live, play, work, and move safely. Enjoy the appeal of the shoreline and the coziness of the new home in West Haven, CT.

Moving to West Haven Soon?

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