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Moving to Brooklyn Heights to live that laid-back lifestyle? Well, Brooklyn was always considered for hip and artsy neighborhood, so you couldn’t pick better. However, Brooklyn is also a peaceful and historical neighborhood, suitable for young families with kids.

Moving to Brooklyn Heights
Moving to Brooklyn Heights

Do you know all those old brownstones and tree-lined sidewalks that you’ve been seeing in every NYC-based movie? Well, that is exactly what Brooklyn Heights look like in reality.

Let’s Learn Some Brooklyn Heights Basics

This hood is located on the East River, just between the Dumbo and Downtown Brooklyn. Most of its residents love this enclave because of the great combination of Manhattans elegance and Brooklyn’s hippy vibe. Brooklyn Heights has been known as Brooklyn’s most peaceful, pleasant, attractive, and community-oriented neighborhood.

This neighborhood became largely popular after the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883. The direct and fast access to Manhattan attracted bankers and other professionals to relocate to Brooklyn Heights from Manhattan and Financial District. This was always a walkable neighborhood, full of green spaces, parks, and playgrounds which created a family ambiance. If you are relocating with small kids look no further than Brooklyn Heights.

What Is The Cost Of Living in Brooklyn Heights?

As you probably know, living in New York is extremely pricey. Some boroughs are more affordable than others, yet even the cheapest NYC borough isn’t affordable compared to the national average. We ain’t sure why, but many people think that moving to Brooklyn will reduce the cost of living. Unfortunately, this simply is not true.

To be more precise the cost of living in Brooklyn is similar to Manhattan. The main reason is that Brooklyn is growing, expanding, and a lot of new and luxurious places are located here. This is what drives prices up, and this is what will further impact the prices.

We have to warn you that Brooklyn Heights is one of Brooklyn’s most expensive areas. Average housing prices and cost of living here are quite high. To make this decision more bearable this is the price you’ll need to pay for living in a peaceful and family-oriented community.

Housing options in Brooklyn Heights

Moving to Brooklyn Heights is still more affordable than Manhattan. However, keep in mind that the median rent here for a one-bedroom apartment is around $3,000. In case you are moving with a family, the price will jump significantly. For instance, a three-bedroom apartment ranges from $5,000 up to $11,000 depending on quality and amenities.

In case you are considering buying a house in this neighborhood, you are in to spend big bucks! The average price for buying a one-bedroom apartment is around $1.5 million, while a three-bedroom apartment that is suitable for families with kids will cost you around $3.5 million.

Public transportation and commuting

From Brooklyn Heights, you can take the B41, B45, B63, B65, and B67 buses, as well as the 2, 3, 4, 5, B, Q, D, N, and R trains from the NYC Subway’s Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center complex. The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is also available to take you toward the AirTrain and JFK International Airport.

When you need help finding your way, you can use any map application since Brooklyn Heights is a small neighborhood and you’ll get your way around it with ease.

Things To See And Do

The best thing you can do in this neighborhood is to walk, wander and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Brooklyn Heights has in abundance. Soon you will realize that this area is full of cute and short dead lanes, one of the most famous ones is Love Lane. The story behind the name is pretty logical and romantic, in the past lovers would meet in this street to take a walk and go on dates. These little dead-end streets are what make Brooklyn Heights charming and unique.

BK Heights is all about the classic and slow pace. In all honesty, this area isn’t a foodie’s paradise, you won’t find trendy and hip cuisines here. The restaurants are mainly focused on classics like Italian, French, and American cuisine. Even though I told you this is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, you’ll find a bunch of cocktail bars around here.

If you are up for some craft beer or organic wine then take a stroll down this area and I guarantee you’ll find more than enough bars that fulfill your criteriums. The nightlife isn’t as dynamic and wild as in Williamsburg or Manhattan, I can freely say that it is more accommodating to young parents, which is great.

Amenities you must visit

What I would recommend to every newcomer is to first visit Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and experience one of the most amazing views of the city. The skyline of Manhattan is one of the prettiest views in NYC. From here you will see the Statue of Liberty and the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge, and just below you is Brooklyn Bridge Park.

There is everything for everyone here, no matter their age and lifestyle. Are you familiar with Bargemusic? You have to visit this place! This is NYC’s floating concert hall that presents great music year-round. It is docked just under the Brooklyn Bridge, this is one of the most memorable things you can do in this neighborhood. Just imagine how good it is to listen to your favorite classical pieces under the starry night in the middle of NYC.

If you aim for a shopping spree, you won’t find that here. The BK Heights is full of local independent stores full of great handcrafts, so if you love unique and one-of-a-kind things then this is your go-to destination.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Brooklyn Heights

The pros of living in Brooklyn Heights include good public transportation, a vibrant culture, a diverse community, lots of events and happenings, and proximity to the rest of New York City.

On the other hand life in this neighborhood also comes with some cons. The cons of living in Brooklyn Heights include the cost of living, which is relatively high, limited parking, and limited availability of large apartments. Additionally, the area is somewhat isolated from the rest of Brooklyn and can be a bit bland and lacking in exciting nightlife.

Moving To Brooklyn Heights With Zenith Moving

Moving to Brooklyn Heights is a great option for many people, no matter their age or status. It is a picturesque neighborhood with many historic buildings and a vibrant culture. The area has great schools, a variety of restaurants, and plenty of parks and other outdoor activities. Also, a big plus is how conveniently it is located near Wall Street, making it an ideal community for those working in the city’s Financial District.

If you already pictured yourself strolling along Brooklyn Heights streets then it is time to pack your bags. However, we hope that you are aware that you don’t need to do that all by yourself. Hiring a moving company like Zenith Moving will make the process of relocation stress-free, quick, and safe.

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