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Moving to  Dumbo, Brooklyn can be a great decision for those who want to experience life in diverse neighborhoods, vibrant culture, and unique types of housing. Dumbo is formerly known as an industrial neighborhood, however, with time it evolved into a district that is filled up with fashionable shops, restaurants, and high-priced homes. What makes Brooklyn charming and distinctive is the architecture.

Moving to Dumbo, Brooklyn
Moving to Dumbo, Brooklyn

Residential options in Dumbo include airy lofts with plenty of space and luxury condos with breathtaking water and Manhattan skyline views. Living in Dumbo means you’ll be surrounded by factories-turned-apartment buildings, as well as access to the East River waterfront through Brooklyn Bridge Park.

You can never be bored in Brooklyn, this is home to a wide range of iconic landmarks and fun things to do. However, you should be aware that life in Brooklyn is pricey. As of the beginning of 2022, the median sales price is at least $3 million, while the rental price is $4,500.

Additionally, if you are looking to move because of a career you’ll be glad to know that Brooklyn is home to tech companies such as Etsy and smaller incubators are headquartered there, making it a great place to live and work.

Is Brooklyn A Good Place For Living?

Yes, Brooklyn is an excellent place to live! It is one of the best places to live in New York and is full of rich history and culture. Brooklyn has great food, easy access to Manhattan, diverse people, beautiful parks, excellent schools, and a booming job market. It is also known for its iconic skyline, historic neighborhoods, and stunning parks. Brooklyn has plenty of transportation options, including buses, cabs, subways, and ferries.

In the following paragraphs we will share some useful information about housing, transportation, and activities you can do after moving to Dumbo.

Cost of housing in Dumbo

The cost of living in the Brooklyn area is 184.7 and the utility cost is 151.6. From this, you can probably assume that life in Brooklyn ain’t easy for people with lower income wages. However, some parts of Brooklyn are more affordable than others. Unfortunately, Dumbo isn’t among them.

The average rental price in Dumbo goes from $3,500 and up. However, some media rent price is closer to $5,000, so you’ll need around $60,000 annually for housing only. Usually, a typical house value in Dumbo is estimated at $3.3 million which is out of reach for many New Yorkers. Luckily Dumbo is very walkable, so if your work is located in Brooklyn you’ll easily manage the work routine.

Commuting and public transportation

Commuting and public transportation in Dumbo, Brooklyn is serviced by the MTA – High St Subway Station. There is also the G train which serves the neighborhood, and City residents can use the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for public transportation.

Most households have a low rate of vehicles available at 25 percent compared to the rest of the city at 45 percent. The ride from Dumbo across the bridge and up to Midtown usually takes as little as 15 minutes. During traffic jams, this route will take up to 45 minutes.

Additionally, the DUMBO NYC Ferry Terminal offers ferry services. It takes passengers across the East River to the Financial District on Wall Street in just four minutes. In case you go uptown to 34th Street you’ll commute around 35 minutes since the ferry stops in Williamsburg as well.


There are a variety of educational opportunities available in Dumbo. Public schools such as District 13 STEM school PS 307 in Vinegar Hill is Dumbo’s zoned elementary school. Also, PS 8 is an option but in most cases, this institution is jam-packed.

If you need preschools, then your options are DUMBO Gan and NY Preschool (NY Kids Club). While people who need daycares can count on Imagine and Bright Horizons.

Additionally, Brooklyn Bridge Park offers educational programs exploring the ecology, history, and infrastructure of the Brooklyn Waterfront, and there is a variety of kids’ classes, activities, and stores in the area.

Things To See And Do After Moving To Dumbo, Brooklyn

Many people claim that Dumbo is the waterfront TriBeCa of Brooklyn. Mainly because it has the reverse–and better–view of the amazing NYC skyline. The whole neighborhood and its entire waterfront are great places for a relaxing stroll. Places you must visit are Brooklyn Bridge Park and Jane’s Carousel, a century-old carousel that was upgraded recently and now is under a glass rooftop.

If you are looking for Instagrammable spots in Dumbo then you must visit the intersection of Water and Washington streets. Everyone who is into photography knows about this place. Locals as well as tourists flock here for an iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge set between the red brick warehouse buildings.

Another neighborhood star you’ll love is St. Ann’s Warehouse.  This theater is placed inside a former tobacco warehouse. Here you will find a lot of concerts and award-winning theater productions. Oh and don’t forget to shop at the Brooklyn Flea, you’ll be surprised whit how many things you can find here.

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Dumbo

Keep in mind that these are some general opinions, which you don’t necessarily need to share. However, no matter where are you moving it is always a great idea to make a pro and con list so you know what things you can expect. Let’s see what people say about Dumbo.

Pros of moving to Dumbo:

  • Proximity to Manhattan – With an F train Dumbo is just one stop away from Manhattan.
  • Incredible river and city views – Dumbo offers the best views of the Manhattan skyline.
  • Historic architecture – Dumbo is filled with gorgeous 19th-century architecture. You’ll love the vibe of old warehouses and cobblestone streets.
  • Artsy vibe – Dumbo is packed with trendy restaurants, art galleries, and unique shops.
  • Thriving tech scene – Companies such as Etsy and Vice are based here.

Cons of moving to Dumbo:

  • Limited transit options – Dumbo is a bit isolated from the rest of Brooklyn.
  • Expensive – Unfortunately, Dumbo is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the whole of NYC.
  • Lack of modern office space –  There are only a few modern office spaces so it is not ideal for business.
  • Lack of green space – Green space and parks are very limited here.
  • Tourist crowds – This is a popular tourist destination, so you’ll need to tolerate crowds and lines.

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