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Moving to Greenwich CT - the ultimate guide

Moving to Greenwich CT can generally be considered a great idea. The city has a lot to offer to both a growing family, a young businessman and people looking to retire. However, the actual move there is a process, and that is exactly what we will tackle in this article. Apart from hiring Zenith Moving NYC to help with the process, here are some other tasks you need to allocate your time for.

What’s to know about Greenwich CT?

Greenwich is located in the southwestern part of Fairfield County, Connecticut. With a population of approximately 62,500 residents, it is the largest town on Connecticut’s Gold Coast. It is also home to many hedge funds and other financial service firms. Greenwich has a humid continental climate, while it is quite close to a humid subtropical climate.

A nice looking neighborhood during fall
Moving to Greenwich CT might prove to be the best thing for you.

When it comes to the costs of living, be prepared to set aside quite a budget to get used to living here normally. Especially if you are planning on buying a home. With the median costs of living in the US being 100, here is what you can expect:

  • Overall, Greenwich is 2.5 times more expensive
  • Grocery costs are higher by 18.3%
  • Health costs are 2.3 percent higher
  • Housing costs are the biggest reason why Greenwich is so expensive. While the average home cost in the US is $231,200, it is $1,323,300 in this town.
  • Utility costs are 20% higher
  • Transportation costs are 30.8 percent higher

As you can see, living here means having a ready budget. Especially if you plan on owning a home. That being said, statistics show that 93.80% of residents own their home in Greenwich. Meaning that you will have quite the community to motivate you.

The perks of living here

What you may not know is that, although, in different states, NYC and Greenwich are rather close to each other. So, if you plan on moving to Connecticut from New York, it won’t take much of your time nor effort.

Greenwich is a town with many parks and facilities within its borders. It has 147.3 acres of beach and recreation area that is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Residents do not only enjoy the beach but also running paths, marina, and picnic areas. The town also sports a number of other public spaces such as the Greenwich Land Trust’s preserves, the Babcock Preserve, and Greenwich Audubon Society. Moving here will also give you the opportunity to enjoy a 3.9-acre island, called Island Beach, accessible by ferry, making for a great day trip destination. The town also has numerous private golf courses, as well as a notable public golf course named Griffith E. Harris.

Taxes are also one of the perks of living here. When you compare Connecticut to New York and New Jersey, its maximum state income tax rate is the lowest in the Tri-State area. When it comes to real estate taxes, Connecticut’s taxes are relatively lower in comparison to other areas of the Tri-State.

Tax Heaven written on a type machine
While otherwise expensive, Connecticut is the real tax heaven when compared to other areas of the Tri-State.

Addressing the move itself

While there are great moving companies Greenwich CT has to offer, it is the companies in your current place that need to interest you. Finding reliable movers to help with your relocation is one of the best ways to ensure you will not struggle with the process. So, make sure to allocate enough time for your quest, and go through the procedure in the way it is supposed to be addressed. That means that you need to:

  • check their reviews and customer reviews
  • learn about their service and the specifics of their offer
  • compare moving quotes from at least three moving companies

This ought to give you the best picture of the company that is perfect for you.

Tackling the packing task

Packing will undoubtedly take the most of your time, nerves, and efforts. It is with that in mind that you ought to address it as a long-term task, rather than a thing you do in one day. Especially if this is a long-distance move you are preparing for. We suggest that you start by packing items you use rarely and that you won’t need the moment you arrive at your Greenwich home. The boxes that you pack, seal, and label are best to be kept in a room that you don’t visit that often. By doing so, you will avoid the feeling of living in a storage unit.

When it comes to the techniques of the packing itself, there are a few simple rules of thumb you should follow:

  • heavy and fragile items go in small boxes with significant padding
  • bulky and light items are best for big boxes
  • furniture is best transported when disassembled
  • electronics and appliances are best packed in their original casings

Where to find moving boxes

Your safest bet is to go to your moving company and find out whether they have packing materials to sell. Apart from saving yourself plenty of time, you will also know that all of those boxes will indeed keep your belongings safe. However, if you would like to save some money, you can visit your local grocery and clothing stores, as well as warehouses. They are sure to have plenty of empty boxes. Still, make sure that they are damaged and odor-free.

Box filled with clothes
Free boxes are easy to come across, just make sure they will provide the right protection to your goods.

Another great thing to take into consideration is that you already have packing containers in your home. Apart from the boxes you already have, there are bags, bins, suitcases, and duffel bags that can all serve the purpose of boxes. Especially when it comes to the less fragile belongings. Following this logic, you can use some of your clothing pieces to cushion your items. Socks, sheets, and old t-shirts will prove to be great padding for your fragile goods.

Moving to Greenwich CT in short

The town is expensive but great. It really justifies its costs of living by all the perks it offers. Living here will come with many benefits you will enjoy in the long run. As for moving itself, hiring professionals will save you a lot of time, while it is never a bad idea to start preparing earlier rather than later.