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Moving to Manhattan with Kids

Moving is typically a time and energy consuming experience. If children are involved, that might add an additional strain to such an endeavor. Moving to Manhattan with kids might be as challenging as it is exciting. It definitely requires a well planned, researched, and organized action. In order to make it as smooth as possible, children should be familiar with the moving related plans and details. It creates in them a sense of playing an important role in it. They should be informed about the new neighborhood before moving to Manhattan, but the connections with the old one should remain. In other words, moving to Manhattan should help sustain a sense of rootedness, but also eagerness to explore the unknown and establish a community in the new neighborhood.

Visiting the new location can alleviate feelings of alienation and hostility that can be part of the experience of moving to a new neighborhood or city, and moving to Manhattan is no exception. Manhattan’s exuberance, vivacity, visually stimulating abundance of lights, billboards, screens, stores, food, movie theaters, and toys can generate in a child a friendly attitude to the new neighborhood. While there might not be as many green areas and open spaces as children would want, the vastness and diversity within Central Park alone might compensate for it. In addition, the local flavors of Morningside Park, Riverside Park, The Battery (formerly known as Battery Park), Madison Square, Union Square, Washington Square, Bryant Park, Children’s Museum, children theater shows, and Hudson River Park offer unique sources of enjoyment for kids. Playgrounds are designed so they secure coziness, comfort, and ease.

Children should be familiar with the schools available in the new neighborhood. Obtaining information about health care facilities is much needed when moving to Manhattan. For practical reasons, it is recommended that parents hire a babysitter or take advantage of a daycare facility on the day of the move to ensure effectiveness of the activity on the one hand and, on the other, safety, peace, and comfort of their kids. Travelling by car, plane, or other means of public transportation should offer to the children the possibility to sleep, but it is advisable to ensure snacks and entertainment, as well. One should bear in mind that specific age related aspects should be taken into account. For example, babies and teens have different needs. The former require babyproof environment, while the latter demand sensitivity to their sense of belonging to the established group of friends, entertainment related routine, and autonomy. The emotional safety of both should be kept intact.

Moving to Manhattan

The new home awaits with the ambivalent potential. Just as it is a source of excitement, so can it cause anxiety. Accordingly, moving to Manhattan might feature a fluctuating response. Potential aversion in children can be appeased by allowing them to choose their room and participate in unpacking and moving into the room of their choosing. Meeting new neighbors may be of help, but it might not always be possible when moving to Manhattan. However, such an option should not be excluded. If it is not available immediately, meeting the people who live nearby might be part of the process of adjustment to the new surroundings. The family should sustain their routine, especially the activities over which they bond.

This is all rather complex and demanding. It is also not very likely that the individuals who are moving to Manhattan, and have children can organize and execute the whole moving process on their own. It is even less probable that they can do it in a smooth, easy, stress and frustration free manner. And yet, there is a way to carry out the move in such a desirable fashion. We assure you that our service can help you with that highly challenging task. Not only will you experience an easily manageable, carefully planned, and expertly organized and executed moving process, but you will also enjoy it.