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Let’s face it: your pocketbook needs some serious preparation if you plan to relocate to New York City. We’ve all experienced it. Despite its allure, New York City is among the most expensive cities in the world. Spending more money in New York City than in Philadelphia serves as the very reason we are here.

Since you are our top priority at Zenith Moving, we felt that this article could help you understand what influences moving expenses and how you might save money when relocating.

What Elements Have the Most Impact on Moving Service Costs?

1. Size and Volume of the Move

The volume of the objects that need to be relocated has the biggest impact on how much a moving service will cost.

The cost of the relocation will increase in direct proportion to the amount of furniture, boxes, and other stuff you have. So, before your move, we advise getting rid of anything extraneous.

When you have a list of the items you need to move, you can give it to the moving firms you wish to get moving rates. Typically, moving firms will request your things list via phone call, email, online form, in-person visit to your home, or video call. Of course, you are free to select the way for distributing an item list that best suits your needs.

Moving firms will be able to determine how many cubic feet will need to be relocated once you give the goods list. They will then multiply the estimated number of CFTs by their rate to determine a quote for you.

2. Distance

Charging is greatly influenced by distance. It takes time and gasoline, and the cost increases with the distance between your new apartment and your existing one.

Additionally, it will cost you more if there are any additional stops between the two sites. Rest assured that Zenith Moving handles both local and long-distance moves. So, no matter where you want to go, we’ll take you there.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility is another aspect that may have a significant impact on your final bill. The first thing that comes to mind is stairs. The price can increase depending on how many flights of stairs the movers will need to climb up and down. This designates both the pick-up and drop-off points for you.

Additionally, even if the building has an elevator, the expense of the move would be increased by the furniture that cannot fit in the elevator and must be carried upstairs.

4. Timing

Depending on when you move, you may pay quite different amounts for the same move. Compared to moving on a Friday or Saturday, moving on a Sunday may offer you more hospitable rates.

Moving is frequently done during the summer by families who don’t want to have to pull their kids out of school. This is the busiest time of year, thus moving costs will be higher. Because of this, winter can be your preferred season.

5. Packing Materials

You’ll need boxes, packing paper, tape, markers, bubble wrap, and more to pack your possessions for a move. These packing materials are very expensive on their own. However, there are a few places where you may get these materials for nothing, such as asking friends or visiting your neighborhood recycling center. You can find out more about where to find free moving boxes here.

Some moving firms also provide the option to rent reusable plastic bins as an environmentally friendly substitute for cardboard moving boxes.

6. Services for Packing and Unpacking

You can also obtain full packing and unpacking service, where you can rely on our experienced movers to handle the entire task. Especially if you don’t want to lift a finger on the day of your move and if you want to avoid all the hassles of packing and moving.

On the other hand, if you only require assistance with a single room, such as the kitchen, you can select a partial packing service. In this case, we would assist you in packing the contents of that particular room.

Naturally, adding packing and unpacking service to your move will raise the overall cost of your move, but clients usually choose this option because it helps them save a lot of time and stress.

7. Further Services

You can also require certain other services that have an impact on the cost. Some of your unique possessions might also require specialist box packing. For your sculptures, artwork, priceless antiques, extremely delicate furniture, pricey gadgets, or pricey motorcycles, moving companies build special wooden crates.

The Typical Price of Long-Distance Relocations From NYC

Long-distance moving costs are largely dependent on the criteria mentioned above. But there is one more aspect that has a big impact on long-distance moving costs. Whether you select consolidated or exclusive shipping will determine this.

With exclusive shipping, you can move more quickly and receive an accurate delivery date.

Consolidated shipment, on the other hand, would cost substantially less. But you would just receive an arrival window and your things would be transported in a trailer with those of other customers. To prevent this from happening, Zenith Moving performs a thorough, bar-coded inventory of each load and physically separates each job inside our trailers using wood dividers.