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Pack Like A Pro: The Bubble Wrap Diaries

To be able to pack like a pro you need to learn some basic things first. You’ll need a lot of patience, some skills, and a very wide range of packing supplies. Don’t even start without a collection of different size boxes, wrapping papers, scissors, packing tape, painter’s tape, and a few different types of bubble wrap. 

Yes, you read that well, there are a few different types of bubble wrap and every type has its specific purpose. Today we will teach you how to use bubble wrap in the most effective way and maximize the protection of your belongings.

Pack Like A Pro – Bubble Wrap Guide

Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a plastic cover that contains air-filled bubbles along the surface whose purpose is to create a cushioning layer. These bubbles provide outstanding protection against shock and vibrations. It’s always used for protecting fragile and easily breakable items.

So as you can see bubble wrap is used heavily when getting ready to move. But did you know that there are as many as 7 different types of bubble wrap? Also, did you know that each one has its own distinctive purpose?

Of course, using general-purpose bubble wrap when packing is perfectly fine. However, only when you use a different kind of bubble wrap you can really take advantage of all the protective potential of this material.

Pack like a pro with different sizes of bubble wrap

Let’s first take a closer look at the bubble wrap sizes. Different bubble sizes have different purposes and that’s exactly why you should know when to use small and when to use large bubbles.

Use small bubbles when – When you need less protection from shock and impact but you still need high protection from scratches and scrapes.

Use large bubbles when – When you need a better padding protective layer against vibrations and shocks. Large bubbles have more air inside them so they provide more cushioning. However, it takes plenty of space inside a box so it is not an ideal solution for protecting smaller breakable items.

The standard size of bubble wrap:

  • 1/16-inch thickness –  Air-filled bubbles that are this small do not provide the best possible level of protection. But, that doesn’t mean they are unusable. This plastic film is used when you need to wrap something several times thanks to its minimum thickness. It is usually used as effective protection against scratches, scrapes, or other types of surface damage. Also, this size is for protecting small delicate items such as glassware.
  • 1/8-inch thickness – This bubble wrap size is the best option for small and delicate items that can be easily scratched. Since it is not too thick, you should still consider wrapping each fragile item with at least a couple of layers.
  • 3/16-inch thickness – The most common size for bubble wrap. It’s best for protecting breakable items of light to medium weight.
  • 5/16-inch thickness – A medium-size bubble wrap is a great option when you need to fill in any empty spaces inside your boxes. Keep in mind that the larger the bubble size is, the better protection you will get.
  • 1/2-inch thickness – This is considered large-size bubble wrap, and is an excellent option when you need the best possible protection for your large and medium size items. This size provides an almost impenetrable protective layer around your items. 

Different Variations Of Bubble Wrap

As I already mentioned there are 7 different types of bubble wrap at your disposal. Each type can and should be used when packing for relocation, especially if you have a long-distance relocation ahead of you.

General-purpose bubble wrap

When you want to pack like a pro you can’t avoid using bubble wrap. No matter how many different items you have to pack you will need to invest some money in at least few rolls of general- purpose bubble wrap.

This multi-purpose bubble wrap is the type of plastic film you picture in your head when you hear bubble wrap. It does provide an effective and economical solution for protecting your fragile items against accidental damage during a house move.

General-purpose bubble wrap is manufactured using high-quality medium-weight plastic. Therefore it is strong and durable enough to protect most if not all the breakables found in your home.

Multi-purpose bubble wrap comes in two different grades:

  • regular grade (single-layered)
  • heavy-duty grade (double-layered)

When used carefully, most of the bubble wrap you use to or fill empty space is reusable. This will in turn help you keep packing costs to a minimum in the future.

Kraft paper-backed bubble wrap

This type of bubble wrap is used primarily for protecting delicate wooden surfaces like furniture pieces. One of the most significant advantages when using Kraft-backed bubble wrap is that it will let the wood structure breathe. This way you are eliminating the possibility of moisture being trapped inside the air pocket.

Also, the paper side will be much gentler for delicate furniture surfaces than the plastic side of regular bubble wrap.

Foam-backed bubble wrap

Foam-backed bubble wrap is an excellent choice if you’re looking for that extra level of protection. The soft layer of foam on one side of the plastic film will provide additional cushion for very fragile items that are in most cases very expensive.

Foamed sheets of plastic film will not sweat like regular plastic. When you’re moving extra fragile items like antiques and arts, then your best choice is to use this type of bubble wrap.

Self-adhesive bubble wrap

Don’t secure your bubble wrap with double-sided tape when there is a self-adhesive bubble wrap. This bubble wrap is a great choice for delicate items such as glass pieces, furniture, or fragile electronics like a flat-screen TV.

The adhesive side on the bubble wrap will enable the protective plastic film to stay firmly attached to the area that needs protection. Believe us, it is much better to use self-adhesive bubble wrap instead general bubble wrap with double-sided tape. 

The reason is that self-adhesive bubble wrap is much easier and safer to remove. Also, it won’t leave nasty residue marks on the sensitive surfaces it’s been used on.

Anti-static bubble wrap

If you want to pack like a pro you will need to think about everything. You will need to know which items need special handling to prevent potential catastrophic damages.  For instance, when packing super-fragile electronic devices, make sure you are using anti-static bubble wrap. Electronic parts have the tendency to build up static electricity due to the constant friction between the components. 

So when you are using standard bubble wrap, a possible electrostatic discharge may damage the electronic parts and even start a fire in some rare instances. That is why you need to use anti-static bubble wrap.

The great thing about it is that it will slowly dissipate electrostatic discharge (ESD). This bubble wrap is usually colored pink so don’t get surprised.

Metalized foil bubble wrap

When you need bubble wrap that will protect heat-sensitive items from damage, then you need a metalized foil bubble wrap, also known as a temperature-controlled bubble wrap. This bubble wrap uses laminated sheets that regulate the temperature of the items wrapped inside it. 

Meaning this foil protects heat-sensitive items from extreme outside temperatures and abrupt temperature changes that may occur during transportation and damage them. It is used for packing exotic food items, valuable pieces of art, important documents, old valuable books, antiques, etc.

Eco-friendly bubble wrap

Since we are living in an era where being eco-friendly is crucial for well being of our planet, it is logical that we invented an eco-friendly bubble wrap. This protective wrap provides the same level of protection as a standard multi-purpose bubble. The only difference is that this wrap contains roughly 40% of recycled plastic.

Let’s Us Teach You How To Pack Like A Pro

If you want you can combine multiple types of bubble wrap for the best results when you’re packing your belongings. Packing your items shouldn’t be a such hard task for you just be careful and think straight.

However, if you feel largely overwhelmed and you’re not sure how to do it, and you doubt your skills then we have a solution for you. Hire Zenith Moving Company which offers professional packing services. In no time we will pack, transport, and unpack at your new address.

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