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Tips for storing sculptures in NYC

Are you a fine art and sculpture dealer, collector, or artist? In case you are, you may need to relocate or organize your fine art and sculptures and prepare them for storage. In case you had moved recently, you know how hard can be to prepare your valuables for keeping in storage. Whether your sculpture collection is modest or huge, you may need professional help from our fine art movers NYC has. Our fine are and sculptures specialists can provide you with high-quality and affordable service. Also, they can ease your DIY tasks with advice on storing sculptures in NYC. No matter what you need at this moment, this short article will help you learn some essential ways to keep your sculptures in optimal condition even when there is no more space for them in your home. So, let’s see how to prepare for such a task.

Storing sculptures in NYC requrie knowledge
Find out what professionals do before storing sculptures in NYC.

Prepare your sculptures for storage

Preparing your sculptures for storing may require extra attention. As you know, sculptures are extremely delicate and fragile. For this reason, you need to put them away in the best condition possible. Only when you do it in this way, you can continue maintaining that condition. So, after you opt for storage units Long Island City has and pick the unit that fits your needs, start preparing your valuable sculptures.

What you should do before storing sculptures in NYC?

One of the first things that you can do is cleaning your sculptures with a microfiber cloth. This way you will remove any dust which is a must when storing sculptures in NYC. Remember, all your belongings should be clean before you place them in storage. So, take the advice from our Zenith Moving NYC experts, and do dusting and cleaning your sculptures. Although your fine art and sculptures seem pretty fragile it does not mean there is no way to clean them up.

Make sure to protect your sculptures in the right way.

Protecting your sculptures is important

In case you own stone sculptures, remember they are prone to decay from the environment because of weather, repeated wetting and drying, and salts. Because of this, make sure to store them further inland instead of somewhere near the coast. But when it comes to glass and ceramic sculptures, you can use moving boxes Manhattan has to pack them after you finish gentle cleaning. Make sure to pack them properly and avoid potential cracks this way.

Take care of every part of your sculptures

In case there is any metal, wipe it with a bit of oil to prevent the risk of rust. And then, take care of the wooden parts and pedestals of your sculptures. So, spray the wood with polish to add protection. After you clean and protect your sculptures, make sure to wrap them in order to protect them from dust, mold, and bugs. You can use some type of protective and breathable covering for wrapping your sculptures. Make sure to avoid plastic and bubble materials because of blocking air circulation and trap condensation. Now you can be sure storing sculpture in NYC will be successful.