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Top moving destinations- NYC
The streets of Manhattan

When you decide to start fresh, and you can move almost anywhere, the decision-making process becomes overwhelming. To be able to choose that one place you will call home among a wide variety of top moving destinations, you have to know yourself well.

If you don’t choose your city accordingly to your lifestyle then you will be unhappy.  Ask yourself “which place has everything I need?”.  Remember this is a very important decision that will set your life’s course for years to come, so make it count! I hope the following rows will help you find what you are looking for so let’s begin.


Climate is a very important thing you need to take into consideration when choosing your new home base. Maybe you would like to live in a tropical climate with proximity to the beach? There is something magical about experiencing warm January while you ride a bike to your work alongside the beach. If this is your story, then you should start searching for your place under the Sun anything between San Francisco on West Coast and Miami on East Coast.

On the other hand,  nature-enthusiasts and those who prefer mountains and colder climates due to winter sports, need to find a place that has them in abundance, or they are at least relatively close. You should check out Montana, Vermont, Minnesota, Main, Wyoming, or North Dakota.

You need to realize that climate is much more than just climate. Let’s discuss this a bit more. Climate will impact:

  • your physical comfort or discomfort – if you, for instance, move to a tropical climate and you can’t cope with the heat, or you burn easily your quality of life there will be miserable since you will be limited;
  •  your mental health – imagine relocating to an area with heavy rains and that makes you feel depressed and anxious;
  • your hobbies – you can’t be passionate about surfing and trying to improve your skills and live in Minnesota. The best you can do there is winter sports and football;
  • what you wear – well this is not so crucial, but some people feel better while wearing colored  and lightweight clothes, than long sleeves and heavy coats;
  • local economies – and that impacts your employment, if you are a marine biologist there is no place for you in Vermont.

Top Moving Destinations For Education

For students and parents, living in a city or area with a high-quality educational system is of great importance. Even now when you are young and single, consider moving to a city that offers great educational institutions. One day you will have a family and living close to great schools will be beneficial.

We are witnessing the constant rise of home values everywhere, especially in good school districts. So as you can see you’ll need to pay a premium price to live in communities with a great educational system. Or should you? You can always opt for some more affordable neighborhood that is in close proximity to a school of your choice.

Remember, when you move to an upscale community you will pay a higher rental price, but you will gain a lot of benefits from it, like:

  • private schooling,
  • wide variety of extracurricular activities,
  • low crime rates,
  • community parks,
  • playgrounds and swimming pools.

If you are in search of top moving destinations for educational purposes then you should look up states like:

  • New Jersey,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Illinois,
  • Florida,
  • Washington,
  • Colorado,
  • California.

Craving For The Big City Vibe

Top moving destinations - NYC Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan bridge over East River

It is natural to be drawn by the energy of big cities, they have a lot going on for them and you want to be a part of that. Large cities have a great nightlife, a lot of cultural amenities, solid public transportation, and great job opportunities, and honestly, you can never be bored in them.

But the hard part is that living in them can also be very expensive. You should embrace that fact as the price you’ll have to pay for all the opportunities and happiness that they provide. Now if you are sure that living in a metropolis is what you need let’s discuss some options, shall we?

For party people, nothing is more important than nightlife and partying 24/7. If that’s what you are looking for, then New York City is your go-to place. For foodies and gastronomy enthusiasts there can only be one city – San Francisco!

Who said that big and busy cities aren’t the best choice for families with small kids? They for sure never visited Los Angeles, the home of Disneyland and sunny weather all year round. What else do you need for a happy childhood? Chicago is a great option if sports play a prominent role in your life. In case you live by the rule, the beach is life and you love that Latino vibe head up to Miami and soon you’ll feel at home there.

Of course, you have a lot more cities as an option but these five cities are known as an all-time favorite.

Top Moving Destinations If You Are Into Culture

Some people prefer living in cities that offer great cultural experiences and diversity. They are looking for world-class museums, theaters, concerts, and a diverse array of cuisine from every corner of the world. This can be found in the majority of big cities. However, these places are crowded and constantly jammed with tourists from all over the world, which can be a problem.  The urban city lifestyle isn’t for everyone, so the solution might be to move to a smaller city in the same area.

Metropolitan areas do have cultural amenities and opportunities that are far beyond what a smaller city can offer. But the advantage of living in a smaller city is comparatively affordable price points. Also, they are still close enough to big cities so you can take a weekend trip and explore while not spending too much money. A great example is Ithaca in New York. Perfect, a small university town just 3 hours drive away from the Big Apple.

Bottom Line

If you thought that making decision about where you should move next was hard, then don’t even think about doing all the logistic work regarding relocation. Leave that to professionals! Even cross-town moves are stressful, and moving across state lines, or even international borders, is a truly heroic task. The process of moving gets a little less painless with us. Reach us out here, and we will take care of everything.