Reason for moving to Greenwich, CT

Moving from New York to Greenwich, CT has become reality for many New Yorkers in the past years. The reasons for moving to Greenwich may include:

  1. The beauty of the place;

    moving to Greenwich
    Moving fron New York to Greenwich CT
  2. Business prosperity;
  3. New York City frenzy;
  4. Covid pandemic.

In addition, potential motives can be safety, education, real estate, personal choices, and lifestyle.

In any case, moving from New York to Greenwich, CT builds on curiosity, courage, openness, and optimism. This might not appear to be so to those whose decision was imposed by external factors. However, they change their point of view once they find themselves in the pleasant surroundings such as Greenwich, CT. Greenwich, CT is a historic town located in southwestern Fairfield County called the Gold Coast. It is one of the oldest towns in Connecticut. History and culture dwell there. It was named after the London borough and it emanates the New England charm of a coastal town.  Greenwich, CT is faithful to its origins. It cherishes the cultural legacy and tradition. Yet, it also offers a feel of a modern, vibrant city.

Moving from New York City

Greenwich, CT is quiet and safe, which may be the major reason for some Manhattanites to move there. New York is sometimes infamously hyperdynamic. Some find the traffic to be excessively hazardous. It can also be time consuming. The number of accidents and traffic related atrocities has dramatically increased recently. Needless to say, such a situation on the streets implies danger, air pollution, and noise pollution. In New York, housing is a major issue. Not only is the rent too high, but one often finds dire conditions in the apartments available for rent. Neighbors might be disrespectful and uncourteous. The area might be crime infested and not very clean. Schools in the neighborhood may not offer a good education. Health care facilities might be a problem. Long distances, endless commutes, and deprivation of time for personal life, family, and friends can be the reason for a change.

Covid Pandemic Related Move to Greenwich, CT

Many people have lost their jobs lately. This is mostly related to the newly arisen covid pandemic situation. In addition, during the harshest periods of lockdown, people felt frustrated, scared, and lonely. The sheer number of people in the big city entailed a greater risk of exposure to and contracting the virus. At the same time, either a self-imposed or compulsory quarantine had an overwhelming effect on some people. They felt isolated and unprotected. The alternative was being in contact with other people, which could have had gruesome consequences. For that reason, many decided to move. Among them, numerous are those whose choice was Greenwich, CT.

The Balance and the Benefits

Greenwich, CT might not have Manhattan’s Financial District, Fashion District, the posh Upper East Side, or the Theater District. Yet, it has Downtown–the town’s commercial center. There is a shopper treasure chest on Greenwich Avenue– “the Ave,” as locals call it. Greenwich has an Apple Store and a Rodd & Gunn store, for example. There are many high-end opportunities. All the stores including Athleta,  Warby Parker, and Hermes are the pride of the neighborhood. So are the local stores. Rolls Royce, Tesla, and Lexus car dealerships are also located in this town. Once you get tired of shopping, spas in Greenwich, CT guarantee recuperation.

Connecticut has become a new home for many New Yorkers. The former residents of New York’s East Village now enjoy the bliss of the new home. So does an investor from Tribeca. A young married couple with a baby daughter shares their enthusiasm for moving there. This chimes with the satisfaction of the family from Brooklyn with two schoolchildren and a dog. The family from the Bronx joins the company of those who praise the new living environment. Gallery owners from Brooklyn have also found the kindred art community in the new place there. Some people previously inhabiting Washington Heights and Upper West Side now live a life of contentment in Connecticut. So do the East Side veterans couple.

Among those who share similar testimonies, more than a thousand New Yorkers chose Greenwich, CT to be their new home. They don’t feel deprived of the sense of diversity. Greenwich features demographics consisting of non-Hispanic whites,  African Americans, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, Hispanic and Latin Americans, and multiracial Americans. History, art festivals, and cultural venues add an additional flavor to Greenwich, CT. Families, couples, and singles alike find this town to be equally attractive. That may be the reason why many have moved there to live in the community of courteous and educated residents.

Back and Fro

Those who consider moving from New York to Greenwich, CT might have dilemmas. They may already be nostalgic and anxious. They may be concerned about their ability to adjust to the new circumstances. They may also be attached to New York. The good news is that there is no reason to worry. Even the long-time inhabitants of New York can cheer up. Greenwich, CT offers Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to mention but a few names that resonate. The proximity to New York is one of the advantages of moving to Greenwich, CT. Thousands of its residents commute to Manhattan every day. It is a short and comfortable commute from and to New York’s Grand Central Terminal. A Metro North direct train on the New Haven line departs from Grand Central and arrives in Greenwich in less than an hour. It operates every thirty minutes on a daily basis. It is also possible to reach Greenwich by car or taxi. It takes approximately thirty minutes on I-95, Merritt Parkway (Route 15). It is advisable to avoid the rush hour, especially on Fridays.

The Climate in the Time of Climate Change

Those who are moving from New York to Greenwich, CT will find its climate familiar. In other words, the weather can be challenging. Greenwich has a humid continental climate leaning toward a humid subtropical climate. Generally, in Connecticut, it is not easy to predict the weather in spring. The average temperatures are 38. 1° F/ 59.8 ° F and precipitation 4.04 in While snow is not unusual in March, warm weather arrives soon, but is changeable. Layered clothing can be a good option in such circumstances. In summer, some parts of Connecticut are not as hot and humid as in New York. From June to August, the average temperatures are 60° F / 82.5° F, and precipitation 3.83 in. At night, it can get cooler. This is slightly different from New York, in terms of heat and humidity. However, in Greenwich in particular, summers are hot and humid. Storms and showers are not unusual. There is a lot of sunshine and bright skies. In Fall, the average temperatures in Connecticut are 41.8° F / 62.7° F, while precipitation is 4.04 in. It can be outrageously gorgeous with the changing foliage, the vivid landscape, and New England charm. Yet, days are shorter, and chilly air comes with the onset of dusk. Generally, winter brings the average temperatures ranging from 19.9° F to 36.9° F. The average precipitation is 25.6 in. Snowstorms are typical. It tends to get rather cold in winter. In Greenwich, CT it can be freezing cold in winter. Climate change can cause certain divergences from the expected condition. Some might find the weather there by large to be an issue. Yet, there are a lot of clear, sunny days. Peace, quiet, soothing scenery, and nice people of this town can appease the harshness of sometimes severe weather conditions.

Business Calling

Many bear witness to the benefits of choosing Greenwich, CT. Many have also flourished professionally as a result. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Although this Gold Coast gem features suburban peace and quiet, its business side is on a par with a big city. With a population of over sixty thousand, Greenwich is home to major companies, hedge funds, and financial organizations. For that reason, it has acquired the nickname “hedge fund capital.” It is one of the wealthiest cities in the USA.  There are a lot of corporations in the financial sector, the real estate industry, insurance, and healthcare. The prominent firms include:

  1. AQR Capital Management,
  2. Cambridge Solutions,
  3. First Reserve Corporation,
  4. Tudor Investment Corporation,
  5. North Street Capital.

In addition, Axiom Investors and K7 Investors headquarters can be found in Greenwich, CT. Among the institutions and organizations are:

  1. Hyatt Regency,
  2. Interactive Brokers,
  3. Greenwich Hospital,
  4. Brunswick School.

Welcome to the Pleasure dome

Predictably, living in Greenwich, CT comes with a price. The streets are full of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, or Range Rover vehicles. The houses on beautiful tree-lined streets are all equipped with a home security system. Belle Haven is among the most appealing and the most affluent neighborhoods. Some prominent people including hedge fund moguls, celebrities, and businessmen have lived there. According to Business Insider, other attractive areas are:

  1. Putnam Ave/Old Church Rd,
  2. Stanwich / Banksville,
  3. Glenville,
  4. Riverside.

A real estate broker’s website indicates that popular neighborhoods include:

  1. North Greenwich / Riversville,
  2. Old Greenwich,
  3. North Mianus,
  4. Town Center,
  5.  E Putnam Ave / Wendle Pl.

Needless to say, this entails the flourishing real estate industry. It has a lucrative potential for investors, lenders, appraisers, and home owners. According to real estate brokers, home sales in Greenwich, CT go as high as $10 million. Understandably, gated communities are common. Alternatively, property is frequently hidden from view behind fences. Likewise, clubs, such as Belle Haven waterfront country club, are members-only. Membership is conditioned by the citizens’ social and financial status. Housing is here very expensive. The high cost of living is typical of Greenwich, CT. So is the high rental cost. Property taxes are considerable, although, reportedly, lower than in the nearby suburban areas.

Enjoy Yourself

No, Greenwich, CT is not all work. No, Greenwich, CT is not merely a quiet suburban town. No, Greenwich, CT is not dormant. Moving from New York to Greenwich, CT does not mean leaving cultural offerings behind. Greenwich, CT has a thriving cultural scene. There is a plethora of venues and events that sustain a vibrant cultural experience. They can entertain and enliven even the most exhausted, burned out, and bored.  There are particular venues and happenings, but there is also an occasion when the whole town vibrates to the rhythm of the arts. In May, Greenwich, CT is stormed by visitors. Annually, over one hundred artists exhibit their works at the Art-to-the-Avenue festival. As visitors flock, this turns the Ave into a gallery. The visitors stroll, while musicians, street performers, and unique works of art are being presented. Other events include the Greenwich International Film Festival and the Greenwich Reindeer Festival.

There are special events, as well. They are:

  1. Halloween Happenings
  2. Breakfast with Santa
  3. North Pole Stroll
  4. Snow Sculpture Contest
  5. Fireworks
  6. Jim Fixx Memorial Day Fun Run;
  7. Kite Flying Festival
  8. Sanblast

Numerous esteemed institutions of cultural significance can be found there. One of them is the Greenwich Symphony, where music enthusiasts quench their thirst. The Greenwich Historical Society offers events that invoke the rich historical legacy and brings families together through arts programs. The Bruce Museum plays a major role in the cultural life of the town. It is located in a beautiful surrounding.  The sheer generosity of the community has sustained the abundant Museum collection.

There are fine restaurants that meet the standards of the most passionate and demanding restaurant goers. Some of them are Aux Delices Foods, Kissaki, The Ginger Man, Bistro V, Miku Sushi, Rebecca’s, Townhouse, Myx Creative Kitchen.

It’s Safe

Those who are moving from New York to Greenwich, CT for safety reasons should be relieved of worries. The town offers to the residents to sign up for alerts. Thereby, they can receive announcements of important information such as warnings of natural disasters. There are emergency hotlines and emergency numbers for the community. The town features emergency preparedness in order to respond properly to incidents, mass casualty, disaster, or bioterrorism. Fire Department (GFD) focuses on the preservation of life and property against fire. Police Department uncompromisingly protects the residents and property efficiently providing law enforcement and public services. There is appropriate health emergency planning and an option for the residents to report a concern. In addition, Greenwich Hospital provides superb health care. It specializes in diverse medical, surgical, diagnostic, and wellness services.

Learning and Sports

For those who have children or are themselves interested in pursuing education, Greenwich, CT is a good place. It has excellent private and public schools. Their work is monitored through the “Indicators of Success” which is reported on at periodic Board and Board Committee meetings. Greenwich Library is an instance of an award winning public institution. In addition to learning, children can practice sports and participate in summer camps. Both kids and adults can take advantage of extraordinary parks, beaches, private islands, and playgrounds. They can relax and enjoy physical activities there. The Town of Greenwich Parks and Recreation Department manages that aspect of life in Greenwich, CT. It ensures high quality leisure time and activity programs. They aim at different ages and enhancing the physical, intellectual, mental, social, and cultural potential of its residents.

Moving to Greenwich, CT

Estimated costs of moving from New York to Greenwich, CT range approximately from $ 3,000 to $4,000. Taking into account this and other factors pertinent to a moving process, one should choose the mover carefully. It should be budget friendly and regard affordability as one of the customers’ top priorities. It should be able to meet certain requirements. For example, the mover should offer flexible scheduling. It should not interfere with customers’ daily activities and duties. Relocating belongings must be carried out safely. The company needs to be reliable and capable of proper time management. It should provide a white gloves service enabling expert handling of the clients’ furniture, technology, special items, clothes, etc. A moving process needs to be well organized, professional, and efficient. Moving from New York to Greenwich, CT should be stress free and enjoyable. Once reached, the Gold Coast gem justifies the effort and its worth. It keeps its promise and confirms its status of a prosperous and pleasant place to live and work.

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