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Choosing The Right Storage: How To Guide

Choosing the right storage is crucial when it comes to self-storing. Storage units are designed to give you additional space and provide the necessary climate conditions. However, a lot of people don’t know which kind and size of storage unit they need.

Choosing the wrong storage compartment can be a costly mistake so why not avoid that by learning some basic things?

Choosing The Right Storage Compartment 101

Storage units - public storage vs self-storage is not easy to decide
When it comes to public storage vs self-storage, you should read our guide to learn more

As I already mentioned choosing the right storing compartment can be a difficult task but with the right guidance, you won’t be able to make a mistake. Also, I need to mention that besides choosing the right storage unit you’ll need to have properly packed items and boxes that can withstand the moving and loading process, as well as climate conditions.

What are the different types of storage units?

After you’ve settled on your choice of self-storage, it’s time to consider which type of unit will meet your needs and protect your possessions the best. Naturally, there are many options of storage compartments available, however, these are the most common ones:

  • Non-climate-controlled units – All storage units have garage door fronts for easy access. The deal with non-climate-controlled storage is they don’t have HVAC systems to regulate temperatures. A storage unit like this is often situated outside with security measures to protect your belongings. Some places, like Stuff It Inn Storage, offer two levels of security access by having a perimeter gate in addition to door locks for each unit. Non-climate-controlled storage use is better suited for possessions that won’t be affected by extreme high and low temperatures. Outdoor units work well with furniture, sporting equipment, and yard tools to name a few.
  • Climate-controlled units – These behave the opposite of non-controlled by using HVAC systems to preserve possessions. The predictable temperature inside is better situated for delicate belongings. You might choose a climate-controlled self-storage unit to store valuable pieces that you need to access only once or twice a year. Think of seasonal clothing, jewelry, or household furniture/decorations. Climate-controlled units have just as much security protection as non-controlled. Access is usually similar, but you might need to check if these units are indoor or outdoor. An indoor unit won’t provide you with a “drive-up” option that makes it easier to load and unload. Larger, bulkier items such as furniture might need better access points and should weigh into your decision-making process.
  • Portable storage units – These are also known as mobile storage. This option is great if you prefer to have your storage container at your home and load it at your own pace and convenience. This is a common option for individuals who are in the process of moving and wish to put some belongings in storage for a short time. Portable storage containers are stored at a commercial warehouse after loading and only allow limited access to your belongings while in storage.
  • Commercial storage unit – In case you are moving your company you will most likely require commercial storage. These are warehouse storage and they are suited to the large-size storage needs of various businesses. They usually have loading docks to provide ample space and easy transport for large items. Due to a large amount of space required, warehouse storage units might not be as easily accessible as other types of storage units, forcing individuals to travel further to access stored items.

Choosing The Right Storage Size Guide

Storage units come in a wide range of sizes, from small ones that can fit only a few necessary items to large ones that can accommodate everything you own times 10. Before you rent storage make sure you are sure what size you actually need. Think about how much stuff you’ll keep inside and choose according to that. 

Make a list and take pictures so you can visualize it better. After all, it is always better to choose the larger unit so you can be sure all your items will fit. Let’s see which storage sizes are commonly in use.

Storage unit – 5 x 5

A 5×5 storage unit is around the size of a small coat closet, for example. If you have an overcrowded closet then this is your solution.

This storage space is also great for bicycles, seasonal clothing/gear and decorations, and small pieces of furniture, such as filing cabinets and side tables. You can store small items in an organized area for the season or until you find a way to get rid of your excess possessions.

These units are great for those that go big on Christmas decorations and those who want to clear out a small amount of clutter around their house. If you are looking to hold some inventory for your small business, this would be a worthwhile investment. The space is small enough to be economical but big enough to give you much-needed breathing room.

Storage unit – 5 x 10

The most versatile unit size is 5×10. These units are best for those who can’t decide what size they actually need. This is an excellent entry-level size that can hold tons of small boxes and furniture. 

On average, the 5×10 unit will hold roughly the amount of one bedroom’s worth of furniture. Consider this size if you live in an apartment or want to store lawn equipment.

Storage unit – 7.5 x 10

At triple the size of the 5×5, the 7.5×10 storage unit has enough space to fit all the accommodations of a studio apartment or small one-bedroom apartment. However, this space isn’t restricted to only those preparing to move.

This space is great for holding miscellaneous items and larger furniture items you have been crammed into your home. A 7.5×10 storage unit is also useful for an unexpected event, such as storing a recent inheritance that might be difficult to store in your own home.

Storage unit – 10 x 10

You’ve got an extra five feet here and can use this wisely. Medium-sized households or when two people decide they need to join their possessions can use this space for any overflow. Extra appliances, furniture, and boxes can live here. You could also fit in a motorcycle or other small sporting equipment.

Storage unit – 10 x 15

If you live in a two-bedroom apartment and you lack storage space then renting a 10×15 storage space would be a fantastic thing to do. It’s a pretty large size that could include a range of full-sized furniture and appliances with extra room for a yard or sporting equipment. Plan your unit appropriately, and you could also fit some smaller boxes.

Storage unit – 10 x 20

If you need a small unit to fit furniture and items from your 4-bedroom home, then this is it. You can even fit a car in it, in case you need it. 

In case you store a car or a motorbike in it you will still have some extra free space to fit some small furniture and a few boxes that might be making unwanted crowds in your home. The best way to describe this size to you is by saying it’s similar to one car garage.

Storage unit – 10 x 30

The largest size you’ll find at most self-storage units is 10×30. Some companies can provide you with a 20×20 storage compartment. You need to know that both offer the same amount of space. The only difference is the shape, one has a square, and the other a rectangle shape. 

This size of the storage unit can fit the entire contents of a house. You could also use it for a car and some sporting/lawn equipment. The vehicle and furniture could live harmoniously in the same space, but the addition of the car will limit the amount of furniture you can get inside.

Need A Moving Company To Help You Unpack Your Storage Unit?

A lot of people prefer to DIY most of their moving process. They choose to pack their belongings on their own and place them in the rented storage compartment until they are ready to move. When they find the right real estate it is time to choose a reliable  partner and schedule the moving date.

Choosing the best moving company is a daunting task just like choosing the right storage compartment. Once you have decided where, when, and what you’ll move it is time to assign someone to be in charge of this task! Do not waste any more time and give us a quick call! We got your back!