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How to organize your storage space

Having to organize your storage space might seem like a big deal to you. Unlike most parts of your home, the storage areas aren’t something you clean regularly. There can be so much mess in there you can barely make yourself do anything about it. But chill for a second here, because we can help you do this. Follow some of our simple steps, and we’ll get there together.

Declutter before you start to organize your storage space

Maybe you have heard this a million times before, but decluttering is an integral part of any process. Whether you are about to call premium movers Manhattan to move you out, or you are just cleaning your home. There is no organizing any space before decluttering and cleaning. This may take some preparation to do. But do not worry, you probably have everything already in your home to start cleaning. For other parts of this process, you may need some extra supplies.

a cluttered storage you need to declutter in order to organize your storage space
Declutter a bit before you organize your storage space

There is a high chance that you shoved unused stuff in your storage area from time to time and just forgot about it. Well, we are here to remind you of all that dirt and clutter. Don’t be too picky about what you are going to keep. Throw away anything you won’t use. Or give it to someone who will. What is useless to you might help someone else a lot.

Opt-out for a storage unit

Even if you decluttered hard, there might still be a chance you’re going to need a bigger space. Storage units Long Island City have you covered there. Keep this in mind when you start decluttering, but keep your standards high. You do not need all that stuff, probably.

a storage unit door
Maybe all you need is a bigger storage unit

Storage units can serve a purpose with big furniture, some art, or even office supplies. But there is no need to transfer just all of that clutter into a storage unit and call it quits. We are not doing that. No point in just transferring your garbage somewhere else. Getting rid of some unnecessary items should be your top priority, and there are ways to declutter storage spaces like a pro! Make sure you get rid of everything unnecessary to organize your storage space as it should be.

Buy much-needed supplies and label everything you pack

You probably had everything in your home already to clean and declutter, but now you’ll need more supplies. If your storage areas are, let us say, a basement, there is probably some humidity down there. That is why you will need to do some extra steps to keep your stuff safe. When you organize your storage space, it is crucial not to cover anything crucial. Windows, pipes, etc. must be free to function. So you are going to have to pack smart.

bunch of markers
Use markers to label boxes

Plastic containers let you stack them one on top of the other. That is a huge space saver. Alongside them ultimately protecting your items from outside impact like humidity. Labeling them lets you get to some items pretty quickly without having to roam through a bunch of boxes. There is no need for you to pack it all up and then make a mess the first time you’ll need something from the garage.

Make an inventory list

Labeling is essential, but it is not as effective without an inventory list. An inventory list will make organizing storage space a walk in the park. And every time you need something, your inventory list will get you to it in no time. List everything there alongside labeling boxes and voila.

a checklist
Making a list is vital in this process

We must as well say how important it is to pack smartly. By that, we mean to have a strategy of how and where individual boxes go. For instance, something rarely used and bulky should be stored in hard to reach part of the storage. Other frequently used items should be stored up front and in plain sight. To properly pack your winter clothes, for example, learn about the proper ways to pack off-season items!

Make small groups of similar items that will be together in a certain part of the space. And make sure you write that down in your inventory. Another great helper is a map. Especially if you have ample storage spaces in your home, a map alongside labeling and an inventory list will make a difference.

Invest in some organizing tools

Trust us – even your storage needs storage. That is why you should use proper tools for house decluttering! Shelves are an amazing thing when it comes to storage. Adjustable shelves will make your lives easier. Besides shelves, more tools can help you organize your storage space like:

  1. Cabinets with locks
  2. Tool pegboard
  3. Covered garment racks for clothes
  4. Stepstool for hard to reach boxes

When adjusting organizing tools across your storage space, keep in mind what we said earlier. There needs to be free airflow, so do not cover the windows. Do not cover the pipes as well, because they can rupture due to pressure. No need for extra work, because w is almost finished here. All you need to do now is maintain what you have done. Give heads up to the family members to maintain and organize storage space as you did. Might as well ask for their help while you are at it. The more they invest themselves in it, the less likely they are to make a mess of it. Another plus is that they won’t need your helping hand when they want to grab something from the storage space.

a lock and a key
Make sure to get a cabinet with a lock

Well, look at you now with your clean and beautiful storage area. As we said, there is much less work than people expect when you have to organize your storage space. People can create an idea in their head that they will be overloaded with work for days and nights. But you just need a solid plan, some tools, spare time and some inspiration.