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Items you shouldn't store at home

Do you plan to organize your home space or you are preparing for moving soon? In this case, you should keep reading this short article. Since we know how difficult organizing your belongings could be, we decide to share our knowledge with you. From decluttering your items to packing them for the upcoming move, there will be so much job to do. Nevertheless, before you start doing anything, make sure to create few lists. Lists will be your guide once you start cleaning, sorting, and transfer your things from one room to another. Your main goal should be getting rid of useless items and getting as much space as possible. So, take the advice from our Long Island City movers and start with an inventory list according to it make a thorough plan. Extra advice, make sure to have the list of items you shouldn’t store at home.

Items you shouldn't store at home should be narrowed on the list.
First and foremost, make sure to create a list of items you shouldn’t store at home

Make sure to separate certain items you own

Whether you are getting ready for moving to another home or you just want to keep your current home safe and pest-free, you must know how to keep your belongings in good shape. Unluckily, there are certain items that not recommendable to store at home. To avoid mold, pests, and similar problems, furniture, infrequently used clothes, books, and similar items you can place in some of the storage units on Long Island City, and the rest of your items you can keep in your garage. But most importantly, let’s resume what items you shouldn’t store at home but also in a storage unit.

Items you shouldn’t store at home but also in the storage unit

Before you face certain problems, you will not know how important is to take care of the items you plan to store at home. If you ask our Zenit Moving NYC experts, they will tell you how much trouble you can have in case you store the wrong items in your home storage. There is no doubt certain items represent a magnet for rodents and pests. For example, pet food in your garage is directly inviting pests for a tasty snack. In case you don’t have a metal container or tightly sealed plastic container, you shouldn’t store pet food in your home garage.

Check what you can keep in storage units

Do not prepare certain items for keeping inside storage units. Unluckily, most of them may be forbidden to store in providers’ storage units. So, before you contact our white glove movers NYC, make sure to organize and separate items you should keep neither in the storage units. Instead of wasting time preparing these items for storage, better to find a way to get rid of some of them.

Items you shouldn't store at home are canned food.
Don’t save any canned food in your garage or storage unit.

Things you shouldn’t and things you could store at home

Here is a simple list of the things that should not be stored at your home garage:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Living animals and plants
  • Perishables, canned food
  • Pet food
  • Weapons, explosives, stolen items
  • Scented or wet items, oily rags.

Although your garage is a perfect place where you can place some of your household goods, business items, a surplus of electronics and appliances, make sure to clean and protect them properly. On the other hand, the items we mentioned are not what you should keep in there. Remember to follow this list of items you shouldn’t store at home and you will avoid headaches.