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Tips for packing your bathroom for moving

When relocating, packing room by room, systematically, is the best way to go. This way you can sort your moving boxes and unpack much easier when you move into your new home. Packing your bathroom for moving is one of the challenges for many because there are often many fragile items, chemicals, etc. We’re here to share with you a complete guide for packing your bathroom for moving and make relocation easier for you. Here’s everything you should know.

Before you start packing your bathroom for moving…

…reduce the number of items. The bathroom is one of those rooms where clutter is easily piled up. Cosmetics, medicines, cleaning supplies, etc. – half-empty bottles, and expired products easily sit on our shelves for a long time. Be sure to go through all the shelves and drawers, and throw away everything you don’t need in your new home. When it comes to cleaning supplies and chemicals – don’t move them unless you really have to. Try to use up as much as possible before the moving day – cleaning your home thoroughly before you move out is something you should do.

many toothbrushes to include in packing your bathroom for moving
Removing all the items that have piled up over time is very useful when packing your bathroom for moving

Decluttering your household before the move is an essential step for many different reasons. Here’s why you shouldn’t forget to purge before you start packing:

  • you’ll have fewer items to pack – this will save your time and energy;
  • it’s cost-effective – you can significantly reduce your moving costs after you get rid of all the unnecessary, damaged and old items.
  • you can even earn some money – if any of the items in your home are still in a good condition but you don’t need them, you can sell them online or on a garage sale and even make some money for your move.
  • you’ll make more peace in your new home – starting fresh without unnecessary clutter is amazing, so be sure to declutter your home before the move.

Find a good moving company

Even though we’re sharing tips on how to make packing easier, the safest thing you can do is to hire a moving company to help you out. However, in the huge moving business nowadays, finding someone reliable may seem like a challenge. Make sure you contact only the best moving companies NYC, take recommendations and double-check all the information and contact details. Stay safe and have a smooth and stress-free move.

Packing toiletries

Even after you declutter and use up as much as you can, there are probably products you want to bring to your new home. When it comes to packing toiletries, the biggest challenge is to transport them without spilling. Our advice is to have separate zip bags for each product. Also, you need to make sure the lids are sealed – a good idea is to use a piece of plastic wrap on the bottle before you put the lid on. This will make sure the liquids will stay inside during transport, even though there is some tumbling.

How to pack medicines

First of all, you need to go through your medicine supply and see what are you actually moving with you. Remove all the bottles with an expired date, damaged or no label, broken container, etc. These are probably not to be used anyway, so this is a good time to get rid of them. Then, be sure to get a separate box for medicine bottles – it should be a sturdy box that prevents light and heat to damage the bottles inside. Keep this box at hand and don’t pack it with the rest of your items, in case you need anything during the moving process.

Protect the glass containers

Many bathroom items are kept in glass jars. That’s why you need to be very careful when packing them. Be sure to extra padding material to wrap each jar, so it doesn’t break during transport and creates even more mess.

However, if you find this packing process too hard and risky, we suggest you hire professional movers and packers Manhattan. This way, you don’t have to think about the amount and safety of packing supplies, proper packing techniques, etc. A skilled professional will do that for you!

bathroom items
Any glass container in your bathroom should be packed separately and ell-protected.


Moving is the perfect chance to remove all those old, scruffy or torn towels before you pack the rest into the moving boxes. However, don’t throw them away immediately. You can use old towels to protect fragile items or to clean your home before you leave. Also, you can use them to fill any extra space in moving boxes – without making them too heavy.

blue towels
Even old towels can be put to use when packing your bathroom for moving!

Don’t overpack

When it comes to packing your bathroom for moving, it’s important to use small or medium-sized boxes. Overpacking and making big boxes way to heavy is very dangerous. These are difficult to lift and carry, and you can easily get hurt. Use several smaller boxes and make your packing process a lot easier.


A great tip that can be useful when packing all other rooms – labeling makes everything easier. Write down the contents on top of each box, so you can easily find something later on, as well as unpack. Furthermore, color-coding is another great way to organize your packing. If you mark your bathroom boxes in one color, and other boxes in different colors according to the room where they should go – your moving company will sort the boxes as you like it. They can take the boxes to appropriate rooms and make your unpacking process much faster and easier.

Pack the emergency kit

When packing your bathroom for moving, don’t forget to prepare an emergency kit – box with all the items you’ll need on your first night in your new house. Also, be sure to include a first-aid kit, too – injuries are a common part of the moving day. This way you won’t have to go through multiple boxes to find something you’ll need right away.