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Room by room unpacking guide by Zenith Moving

After the hard part of packing up your home is finished, you have some other tasks to complete. Room by room unpacking is the most efficient way of settling into your new home. It is conditioned by packing in the right way, so let us guide you through it.

Room by room unpacking requires proper packing first

To be able to unpack quickly and easily, you first must put some effort into packing properly. Room by room unpacking requires you to pack in that manner as well. That is great news because it will keep you organized when packing. Professional movers NY will also help you stay on track. Before starting the process, set up a room in your home to put away all the packed boxes. That will be your storage room until the moving day. Unpacking is the easier part because you have no pressure to meet the deadline. You have all the time you want to put everything in its place and just the way you want it.

piece of paper and pencils you will use to make a Room by room unpacking guide
Make a list of items for an easy room by room unpacking guide

Involve everyone in packing and unpacking as well. Essentials are last to be packed but first in the line to be unpacked for example. It is critical to make plans for everything week by week as your moving day approaches. That way you will avoid extra stress that relocating comes with.

Things to be considered before you start unpacking

We know you are eager to start room by room unpacking right away, but hold your horses for a while. You do not want something to go wrong, now that the most difficult part of the move is done. The inventory list that you made must be put in to use here. Our packing services NYC can come in handy here. Use your list you made when packing or the one your moving company has. If everything is in order then proceed. If not, check with your moving company about missing items.  Follow your plan of unpacking, stick to it tight and make a time table if necessary to keep you and your family on track with the process.

a hand writing on a paper
Stick with the plan when packing

We mentioned that you will require a storage area in your home when packing, remember that? Well, there is no storage area when you do the room by room unpacking. Every box must be in its location because if not, chaos will rule in your home. That way every member of the household can choose a room they want to unpack. This method speeds up the process a lot. If all of you are in the same room swimming in piles of boxes, it will just be a mess.


Do not unpack what you won’t use

Stuff that is off-season will only take away precious time off of your hands. Items that are usually in the storage area should be left unpacked. The same goes for off-season clothes, winter equipment, etc. Prioritize what you should unpack first, and what it staying in the boxes. Learn how to properly manage what goes into storage. If you are renting your moving boxes, then skip this rule, because you must return them.

winter clothes and shoes
You probably won’t need winter clothing now so leave them packed

The room by room unpacking probably won’t be a one day job. Two days are somewhat realistic, but if you need more, its not a problem. As long as you can function properly take all the time you need to unpack. On the first day of unpacking, you will only unpack essentials. We are guessing you already have your essentials box with you, but nevertheless. After putting away everything that goes into the storage areas of your home start with the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have little kids, a priority to set is their room. Make a safe space for your kids while you unpack, it will help a lot. Organize your moving in advance and prepare well.  A smart idea would be to make a safe place for your pets as well. Moving around can be tough on kids and pets.

Kitchen is up first

Room by room unpacking starts with the kitchen in this order:

  1. Hook up your appliances
  2. Clean the kitchen area
  3. Unpack and store non-perishable food
  4. Proceed with the rest of unpacking
kitchen apliances
Hook up your appliances once you move in

Be careful when unpacking the kitchen as there are many fragile items. Because you are in a rush to settle you will work in a hurry. And that might affect your concentration as you maybe not paying enough attention. Take your time because it is always a better option. If your essential box has some items from the bathroom, skip it for now and proceed with the bedrooms.

Bedroom unpacking

Ideally, you have packed the linens in your essential box, for later. If you used a moving closet or the clothes relocation trashbag hack this should be fairly easy. Before that make sure all the furniture is in place and secure your shelves and closet.

empty bedroom
Unpack your bedroom once you move all your furniture in

Linens save for last because there may be much dirt and dust around when unpacking. Set them up after you finish the room by room unpacking and cleaning. Make sure to open all the windows to let the airflow as you work. It would be really hard to sleep if you don’t.

Decorating your home comes last

After you are done with the room by room unpacking it is time to make space your own. Hang some art and pictures and let each member personalize their room. And preferably unpack their room as well. It is a great bonding experience with your children and learning time as well, to let the kids do what they can. Get rid of packing materials as you work to make sure you are making as little mess as possible. This will ease the cleaning process later.

Room by room unpacking shouldn’t be only work and no fun. Make some breaks for meals and quality time together. Maybe organize some game night even when you are done with the essentials. You have all the time in the world to get everything perfect in your new home.