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What to do with leftover packing materials

When planning a relocation, most people spend their time focusing on the before and during. Whether it’s packing, loading, transportation – it all takes time and energy. And then, once it’s all done, you end up overwhelmed with the entire process and just want to rest up. But there is still the matter of what to do with all those leftover packing materials. Of course, it’s always an option to rely on professional moving companies in NYC. But in case you’ve decided to handle the entire move or part of it on your own – here is a short guide to cleaning up after the relocation is complete.

Renting packing supplies is not a bad idea

Some moving companies can give you the option of renting boxes for your move. What is pretty great about it is that they arrive at your old place, and you send them back from the new one. What to do with extra packing materials will be no problem of yours if you opt for this.

Money you can earn by renting leftover packing materials
If the leftover packing materials are in great shape you can rent or sell them

Another huge plus is that the moving boxes Manhattan you rent can be plastic and reusable. They are keeping the planet clean and your items safe. Plastic bins are great for packing and saving space as well. They stack one on top of another like a puzzle. So a few problems will be solved by renting your boxes.

Save your packing supplies for the next move

This might be some extra work but it will be worth it someday. We all know how expensive moving can be. And at that time believe us, that every penny counts. Interstate movers NYC can confirm this having so much experience in this field Saving your packing supplies for the next move is smart planning ahead. This might not be your final destination. A lot can change over time. So the answer to what to do with leftover packing materials is to save them for the future.

piled cardboard boxes
Save your packing materials if you know you will move again

The storage areas of your home will be best for keeping them safe and out of your way. Deal with them later, after you finish unpacking in your new home. If you moved into a smaller home and have no place to store them, do not worry. Renting a storage unit in your area will be great for excess stuff and supplies.

Plan some creative workshops with your family

What to do with leftover moving boxes doesn’t have to relate to moving or anything boring. Using packing supplies in creative workshops can come in handy. Especially if you have toddlers in your family. Your kid and you can make DIY Christmas decorations for the next holiday season. Not only will this save you money on decorations but your home will be unique as well. There are a lot of online videos helping you get creative around your home.

cardboard decorations
You can make cute decorations out of leftover packing supplies

If you have some time to spare, besides making decorations, you can create an indoor maze for your kid. Projects like this do take some time off of your hands though. Keep that in mind. As we previously mentioned, you can store them in the garage until you unpack first. Girls love dollhouses, so go get some paint and start making a house! Keep in mind it needs to be pink of course, so you will need a lot of pink paint. Furry kids need your attention here as well. What you can do with leftover packing materials is to outline your pet’s bed. Grab some cloth and fill it with leftover peanuts from the packing of your fragile items.

Sell, donate or your boxes

Believe it or not, you can also sell your packing supplies. The moving industry is huge and it’s growing every day. So if you are looking to gather some money after you move, then selling is the option. There is a very high demand for boxes in the industry because of the expansion. Use that opportunity right! You can get up to $2 for a box. If you are someone with a lot of stuff, this will not be a small amount of money.

a teddy bear in a cardboard box
You can also sell your packing materials by organizing a garage sale

We can guess you probably didn’t know that you can donate your packing supplies as well. Some organizations will accept boxes as a donation. This is a win-win situation because you are relieving yourself of a burden and helping others as well. It is just so much you can do to help others, and you are probably not even aware of it. Recycling is the best option for those who want an eco-friendly move and are conscious of the environment. you can also use moving boxes for cleaning out your home after moving. What you should do with extra packing supplies is no longer a problem but keep in mind that you should:

  1. Separate plastic and take it to a separate center
  2. Cushioning and wrapping paper go with plastic
  3. You may have to visit multiple places to recycle everything, but have patience

What to do with leftover packing materials is to use them for storage

This goes especially if you moved using plastic bins. They are great for storing anything you can imagine in your household. Your pantry could probably use some storage organizing after the move, so use your packing supplies wisely. If you are a book worm like most of us, then you probably lack book storage as well. If you are storing them in a cardboard box, make sure they are safe and away from mold and moisture.

folded cardboard leftover packing materials you can use in your pantry
Use some of the leftover packing boxes to store some items in them

Plastic bins, on the other hand, will keep them safe anywhere. Just make sure to label everything before you put it in our storage units in Long Island City. If you have an at-home office, they can be used to archive your work instead of buying furniture. Office furniture can get expensive, and you have just finished moving. That can wait for some time and until then you can use the bins as the archive. Fancy, right? DIY it with your kid as well and customize it to your and their liking. Well, mostly their liking probably.