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Guide for moving to Upper West Side

Many people think that moving from one place to the other has to be challenging and overwhelming. But, you know what? This is not true! In this guide, we will show you how to handle moving to Upper West Side like a pro! Trust us, with the help of our tips and our exceptional Upper West Side movers, even the hardest type of relocation can become a breeze. So, instead of worrying about the upcoming relocation, sit back, relax, and start reading our guide. Here is how to relocate to Manhattan in the simplest and safest possible manner!

Do you want to move to the Upper West Side with ease? Then start organizing it ahead of time!

Ah, New York City! Is there a better place you can call home? Being one of the most popular cities in the world, it isn’t surprising that so many people choose to relocate right here. If you too are one of the lucky ones, congrats! We are sure you are going to love NYC’s lifestyle and everything it can offer to its residents. But, before you start to plan how you will spend your days after the move, you will need to focus on some other things. Yes, we are talking about the preparations for your settling in Upper West Side!

Empty planner for writing a plan for moving to Upper West Side
Divide your move into smaller tasks and plan when you will take care of them

In order to avoid problems and keep the moving stress away, every step of your relocation needs to be planned. This is something you should do even if you hire local movers NYC to help you move just a couple of blocks away! So, moving is not the time to be lazy. If you have set the moving date, grab a pen, a piece of paper, and start making your moving checklist and schedule. Writing pre-move tasks down and planning when you will take care of them is what will help you have a relocation that is seamlessly organized. And, don’t worry, we are here to tell you which things should be on your checklist!

The most important things to do before the move

Every relocation is different! People have different moving needs and requirements and that is why every moving checklist is somewhat unique. Only you are aware of all of the things you will need to deal with before your move. This is why we can’t tell you how to create a checklist that is perfect for your relocation until we have a conversation with you. But, what we can do now is point out the most important pre-move tasks that can be found in almost every moving checklist! Here are a couple of tasks you should write down.

  • Notifying the people in your surroundings that you will be relocating;
  • Decluttering home and making an inventory list
  • Gathering various packing supplies;
  • Hiring a reliable moving company, such as Zenith Moving NYC;
  • Organizing a goodbye party a couple of days before moving to Upper West Side.

Your home needs to be fully prepared for the move before your movers arrive

As you can see, you will have a lot of work when you start preparing for the relocation to Upper West Side. Your entire household needs to be fully prepared for your movers. This means that everything you want to relocate should be inside moving boxes and all of your boxes need to be sealed before the big day. Unless you need to move in a hurry, make sure to start packing at least two weeks before the relocation. By doing this, you will have just enough time to declutter, gather packing materials, and pack your belongings. Keep in mind that if you find packing to be stressful or boring, you can always packing services Manhattan! Professional packers will pack all of your precious belongings with extra care and in no time.

Woman packing furniture for the move
Everything you want to move needs to be packed and ready for your movers

And don’t forget about preparing mentally for moving to Upper West Side

Most people only focus on cleaning and packing their homes when they start to prepare for the moving day. Even though these processes are important parts of every relocation, this doesn’t mean you should forget about something that is even more important! You also need to prepare mentally for relocating to Upper West Side. Living in NYC is a dream come true but you will still need to prepare for the change. The best thing you can do in order to prepare mentally for the move is to talk with your loved ones. Tell them about your fears and hopes. Your friends and family will be able to comfort and motivate you to embrace the new opportunities that will come by after the move.

Adjusting to the new home doesn’t have to be difficult, just step outside and start exploring

After you relocate to the Upper West Side, you will need some time to adjust to your new neighborhood and the people around you. Don’t worry if you start to feel overwhelmed, this is a perfectly normal thing! As soon as you organize your new home by following our room-by-room unpacking guide, you will be ready for exploring. Spending time outside and meeting new people will help you get rid of negative emotions and you will even settle in faster! To help you out, we have listed some of the things you can do in NY after moving to Upper West Side.

  • Organizing a party to meet new neighbors,
  • Checking out some of the best restaurants near Upper West Side,
  • Spending the afternoon at famous museums and art galleries,
  • Hanging out with friends at Central Park and other green areas around the city, etc.

    friends having fun outside
    Making new friends after the move will help you adjust easier and faster

Are you ready for starting a new chapter in your life? If so, make sure to contact us! We, at Zenith Moving, will gladly help you relocate to Upper West Side in the simplest possible manner.