Work and Live Stamford, CT

Moving from New York to Stamford, CT, one can expect a mixture of an urban and suburban feel. On the one hand, it is a quiet place, not as dynamic as big cities. On the other hand, its business sphere is as advanced as it is in urban areas. Stamford, CT is home to many corporations. There is a great concentration of businesses in the realm of finance. Tourism is another prominent sector of the economy there. So is information technology. Healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, and retail also figure prominently in this city. Therefore, it is quite likely that the major motivation for moving from New York to Stamford, CT might be professional.

However, it is also reasonable to believe that it does not have to be the only one. Many have regarded moving from New York to Stamford, CT as the best option since the outbreak of the pandemic. This may be due to Stamford’s diversity, safety, cleanliness, and educational opportunities. Stamford features racial and ethnic diversity. Hence, those who are used to NYC racial and ethnic mix are not deprived of that aspect. The population is a combination of:

  1. white,
  2. African American,
  3. American Indian,
  4. Alaska Native,
  5. Asian,
  6. Hispanic,
  7. Latino.

Rain or Shine

The weather in Stamford might be milder than in New York. Although summers are typically long and hot, winters tend to be less harsh. Showers are common during the hottest period in the summer. Storms and more severe occurrences such as hurricanes are not unusual, either. Yet, living and working in Stamford, CT can still be enjoyable. For one, it is rather safe. In fact, except for some bad parts, the city is one of the safest in the US. There are numerous cafes and restaurants that meet the highest standards of café and restaurant goers. Art lovers can satisfy their hunger, as well. Stamford’s Downtown offers the finest art galleries. Some of them include The Mayor’s Gallery at the Government Center, The Stamford Art Association, and The University of Connecticut Art Gallery. Those who prefer film will choose the Avon Theatre Film Center and Bow Tie Cinemas. Music enthusiasts can quench their thirst at Stamford Symphony, The Palace Theatre, and The Connecticut Grand Opera. Stamford, CT has a public library and excellent public schools. Hence, there are quite a few reasons to move there

Planning a Move to Stamford, CT?

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