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When You Need To Hire Moving Assistance?
Piano keyboard
Piano keyboard

Did it ever happen to you that in the middle of the planning of your relocation you figure out you can’t do everything alone? There are some things you can’t move without movers help and the sooner you embrace that the better.

I know you are all capable of many things, but some actions are best left to the professionals. Household items that are heavy and bulky are a challenge to move, not to mention that most are very valuable as well. So why risk damaging your possessions when you can hire a team of specialists that will handle those dreadful tasks with ease? 

Here is the list of the most common household items that are tough to relocate without hiring professionals.

List Of Things You Can’t Move Without Movers Help

Whether you’re moving locally, across the continent, or even across the world the most important thing is to make a detailed plan. If you know you own a lot of items that are bulky or require special handling (art collections, instruments, hot tubs, etc.)  the only smart decision is to hire help.

Many people assume that items like antiques, heavy electronics, art collections, pianos, and similar items can be moved by anyone. However, these items are extremely hard for moving and transporting so people who don’t have the training to move them or adequate equipment can end up injured and your item will most likely endure some damage.

Also, these items must be stored in a special type of storage as well. Some of these items can be damaged or ruined by high temperatures or humidity levels.

Electric appliances and large furniture

Moving household appliances and large furniture requires a lot of planning and a lot of well-experienced people. First, you’ll need someone to safely disassemble your items, especially when it comes to some special electric appliances.

Hiring professionals to do the lifting and moving for you is a great idea considering that an average fridge weighs around 300 pounds.  Items like stoves and dishwashers weigh around 200 pounds each. Now, you and your friends might be able to move some of these but imagine how hard it is to move a whole kitchen in a short period. But that is not all, after the kitchen, there is a laundry room, then the living room, a master bedroom, and so on.

I guarantee you that this is more than you can bite no matter how strong you and your buddies are, you still need professional help.

These specialists can effectively and efficiently disconnect and move these appliances since they are well trained to do so. Also. they use a lot of different equipment and tools to help reduce risk and time. A great thing is that you can make a deal with them to reinstall your appliances and furniture. Let’s face it we don’t need to know everything, right?

Things you can’t move without movers help – pianos!

Moving large instruments by yourself is almost unimaginable. Even when you are thinking it through you realize that this task requires at least four friends in avid physical shape, since most pianos weigh hundreds (some even thousands) of pounds.

Moreover, pianos are very expensive and many are very old and valuable items. So relocating it without proper equipment and insurance is a great risk. If you drop the piano the damage is unavoidable, and it could be devastating,

You will need special equipment and various moving tools to be able to move a piano and keep it undamaged. Since that equipment is pretty expensive and requires knowledge and experience it is best to hire professionals for this job. Remember, a piano is a very expensive item (talking about $25,000 and more), meaning you should rather invest money in a team of professionals than in repairing or buying a new instrument.

Antiques and art collections

A lot of people own antiques or valuable collections like arts, vine collections, jewelry, family porcelain, china dinnerware, crystal glasses, and so on. What most of them don’t realize is that these things must be moved and stored with care and in special conditions. Not to mention how heavy antique furniture and sculptures can be.

This process takes quite a bit of planning and prepping, but that is a must when you want to keep items safe and secure. Antique furniture and arts are especially prone to damage during the process of moving as well as when storing. Imagine how fast can a wooden antique dress can deteriorate in storage with high levels of humidity. Just a month or two in this type of condition is enough to destroy antiques.

On the other hand, valuable artwork can’t be simply put in the truck, and off it goes. You need to carefully pack it using packing supplies specifically designed for moving framed art and canvas paintings.

Things you can’t move without movers help – hot tubs!

Hot tubes are a very common thing in the past few years. When people order them they don’t think a lot about the installation process, since they hired professionals to do that. Well, the same should go when they are moving out and taking the hot tub to a new address. First, you’ll need a large truck where your hot tub can fit comfortably. The second thing is that you need a lot of manpower to lift and carry it. The weight of a hot tub is around 1,000 pounds, so I strongly recommend hiring a professional for this task.

Moving a hot tub is a complicated process that involves specific types of moving equipment and tools for reassembling and moving. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your moving team has experience handling these types of tasks.

Game room items like pool tables and home theater equipment

Are you about to move and you think that you and your friends can move items from the game room as easily as you play them? Well, not so fast buddy, believe me, this is a task that only pros can handle. Moving a pinball machine, pool table, or home theater is not an easy deal.

First, they are very bulky items, and usually very heavy.  Some poll tables can be disassembled yes, but some can’t and to be honest, many people don’t know how to do it. Overall, an average pool table can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. This is very heavy especially if you need to carry it up or down stairs.

Fortunately, a lot of moving companies have experience in relocating this type of items. This means finding the right one shouldn’t be such a big problem after all. But since you are already here why don’t you send us an email so we can schedule an in-person estimation?

Don’t Make The Risk, Hire The Right Moving Company Today!

You should not be moving any large household items on your own. No matter how many friends you can get to volunteer, it is not all about strength. You can get seriously injured if you don’t know how to properly lift and carry heavy and bulky items.

Luckily for you, you are at the right place. Zenith Moving company has a lot of experience in moving a wide variety of different household items, so we can make sure your belongings will arrive at your address safe and sound.