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How to pack holiday decoration and ornaments for moving

How to Pack Holiday Decoration and Ornaments for Moving

Nothing brings that holiday spirit, such as decorations. Even the most ordinary homes become warmer, and the atmosphere gets more cheerful and festive. Over the years, each of us have collected an extensive collection of Christmas trees, table arrangements, wreaths, figurines and ornaments. After the holiday ends, we carefully store and pack our favorite decorations, so they stay safe and ready for the next season.

When it comes to moving them to a new home, that can require going an extra mile to protect our most valuable keepsakes for years to come. Here are some useful tricks our trained packers use when offering packing services.

Preparing in advance the right packing supplies

The first and foremost thing you will have to ensure is to obtain the quality packing material which will lessen the risk of breaking your decoration in transit to your new home. This list will help you get started when it comes to packing supplies:

  • Moving boxes in small and medium sizes (where possible, use the original packaging)
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Moving blankets and/or paper padding (useful especially for larger outdoor decorations)
  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Marker

Don’t start panicking if you haven’t saved the original packaging. All small and medium-sized cardboard boxes would work just fine. Just make sure that they are in good conditions, meaning that they are dry, clean and strong enough to carry heavier items. However, packing properly fragile decorations, means more than just having quality boxes. You will need to invest in Bubble Wrap, moving blankets and paper paddings. You can anyway use any leftovers to pack other delicate items you have around the house.

Packing properly fragile decorations, means more than just having quality boxes. You will need to invest in Bubble Wrap, moving blankets and paper paddings.

One more thing to remember is never to directly place the tape onto the ornament, so you can avoid damaging the piece. And most importantly, label clearly the boxes with ornaments as “fragile” and leave the detailed description of what is inside, not only for the moving crew that will carry those boxes to your new home, but also to yourself once you decide to unpack everything. This can also come in handy when organizing and  storing   Christmas decorations  for next year.

Steps on how to pack the holiday decorations in a right manner

After you have prepared the necessary supplies, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start packing. Carefully follow these simply steps and packing holiday decoration will become a piece of cake.

  1. First thing you should consider is decluttering. Each of us have something that is broken, but it is sentimental, and we associate with it some family memories or special moments. If you cannot mask those damages with some melted vax or glitters, consider letting them go. Also give away the decoration that doesn’t serve anymore its original purpose and is only collecting the dust.
  2. Don’t just simply throw Christmas lights and garlands into a box, instead
  3.  roll them carefully around the cardboard or power cord holder and secure everything with the layer of
    Bubble Wrap that will keep everything in place and prevent braking.
  4. Categorize your ornaments into fragile and non-fragile ones. Put some extra bubble wrap and paper padding around your most delicate keepsakes and make sure to mark the box as “fragile” and absolutely avoid piling heavy items on top of it.

Planning the relocation during holidays

Organizing the relocation during holiday season, requires some extra planning since it also involves a celebration during that period. But holidays mean as well some time off work, school and other everyday task, so it can be an ideal time for a move. Don’t forget that we at Zenith Moving are there for you, so you can rely on our professional moving services and get in touch during the busiest days this holiday season.

Let Zenith Moving help for Pack Holiday Decoration and Ornaments for Moving

It is always stressful when you have to move house, but it can become even more challenging when having to pack delicate ornaments and decoration. If you don’t have time for the above-mentioned steps, leave it to our trained packers and movers, who will pack everything in our professional packing material and in that way ensure that nothing gets damaged during transit.