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We know you are so excited about your move and your new place but wait a second. Imagine if you got there only to find it in a messy state that you have to clean up. It occurred to you that that isn’t quite right, and not exactly fair. You would think that the hard part is over after relocating. So, here’s the thing, let’s be the good guys. Cleaning out your old home after relocating doesn’t have to be that hard and dull. And Zenith Moving has a good idea of this, which is why we’ve decided to share as much in this article.

Hire professional cleaning services

A professional cleaner you hired for cleaning out your old home after relocating
Cleaning out your old home after relocating is easier if you hire professional help

There might be a chance that you just have so much work to do with your relocation. And there just is not enough time to do the cleaning. Local movers NYC already dealt with your stuff, and you must be on your way. Still, as we mentioned, it would be a shame to leave it with spiderwebs all over the place. The mess you might leave will not get you your security deposit back. If you are trying to sell, it will not be as desirable. So cleaning out your old home after relocating is a must. This means it is time to hire professional cleaning services.

Professional cleaning services will maybe cost you more than cleaning yourself. But they will spare you the trouble if you think you do not have the time. Or simply you do not want to do it yourself because you are exhausted. And that is completely understandable. Whatever reasons you have for hiring cleaners is yours only. Make sure you go with some recommendations from friends and family. Do some research and make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

You will probably need to make a checklist when cleaning out your old home after relocating

Make a checklist for cleaning out your old home after relocating
Making a checklist is important when it comes to cleaning

A solid plan and a checklist go along when you are moving. Not just with cleaning your old or new place. Moving, in general, is making list and inventories with few extra steps. Hiring residential movers Manhattan is the first of them. Jokes aside, this will help you a lot. Family members can also keep tabs on what’s done and what needs to be done. The task will be divided without wasting time on explanations. Just place it in plain sight and ask every member to check what they’ve done.

Cover some basics of a family meeting about dividing the areas of the house. Believe it or not, some people prefer cleaning certain parts of the house. This makes cleaning your old home after relocation that much easier.

Acquire proper cleaning supplies before you start

Not having proper cleaning supplies before you start moping around can cause setbacks in your moving process. Make sure you have everything at hand before you start the process. Cleaning out your old home after relocating means you will need the following items:

  1. Disinfectants, glass and floor cleaners
  2. Cloths for different surfaces
  3. A mop and a bucket
  4. Vacuum cleaner and some dusters
  5. A mask and gloves

Some of these are already probably in your home, so no need to worry. Not much money will be spent on this. Some adjustments you can make to save money on cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar can go a long way. You can use the mixture for mold, grease, stains, etc. Since you moved and probably decluttered before that, some old clothes can serve as cloths. Rip them apart to several pieces to save yourself the trouble of buying new ones. A newspaper is even better than cloths for cleaning windows and glass. It does not leave tiny fibers and you won’t need to scrub like a crazy person. Just use a good glass cleaner and some old newspaper and you are good to go.

Cleaning products
Having a proper cleaning product is very important

General rules you should follow for faster results

Cleaning out your old home after relocating isn’t without rules. As well as cleaning everything else. There is a certain way of doing things that can ease the cleaning process, like recleaning some areas again. To avoid cleaning something twice, make sure you start from the top. Work your way down to the floors in order. Dust from the ceiling will fall on the floor and counters if you start from them. And then you will have to repeat the process. Do not do that to yourself.

Remember to dust everything before you start cleaning

Before you start spraying around with anything, you would want the surfaces dust and specs free. By this, we mean that it first needs to be vacuumed before you start moping or anything else.

The room by room rule does not apply to the cleaning process

Everybody already knows that the room by room packing is the most efficient way to pack. It is a real time saver for both packing and unpacking. Getting ready to move isn’t the same as cleaning post-move. The rule does not apply to the cleaning process. A rule for cleaning is to go task by task. So if the vacuum is in your hands, you do the vacuuming of the entire home first. Then move on to moping for example.

a vacuum
When vacuuming, vacuum the whole house

Task by task cleaning won’t leave you with dirt on your feet to transfer to the next room. Just after you cleaned it in its entirety. Avoid it by simply doing one thing at a time to the entire place. And when you are done with a certain task in a room, a family member can start the next. Or if you prefer it, do them at the same time to different areas of the house. It is up to you to organize your family members the best you can. Do not forget about the outside too. The patio is the first thing people will see coming in to rent or buy. Cleaning out your old home after relocation must include the yard and the outside in its entirety.

Do not forget to play some music first. We mentioned that cleaning out your old home after relocation doesn’t need to be dull. Play some music, organize your family members and let’s get going!