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Moving from New York to Westport, CT

Moving to Westport, CT

Moving from New York to Westport, CT is the choice many a Manhattanite has made since the corona virus outbreak. Thousands of New Yorkers have relocated to Connecticut during this period. There are testimonies shared by people from Brooklyn, the Bronx, Washington Heights, and Tribeca about finding home in Connecticut.  Apparently, this has become a trend. Out of the total number of those who have moved to Connecticut from New York, hundreds have chosen Westport, CT. However, one should note that seeking refuge from the lockdown frenzy has not been the only motivation. Professional reasons might have been central to some people’s decision to move. Alternatively, the reason has been Westport’s openness, as well as an outgoing, friendly community. It has 27,000 residents, mostly white, affluent, community oriented single family home owners embracing otherness and diversity. The New York Times claims that Westport, CT is “a historic town with a global mindset.” It is the sheer appeal of the town that evidences that Westport, CT is a good place to live.

Moving to Westport, activities    

For families, especially those who have children, the good education the schools in Westport, CT offer is a major advantage. The scenery that Westport, CT features might be per se sufficiently attractive. This includes spectacular places for outdoor activities, including beaches, parks, hiking sites, and golf courses. Some of them are:

  1. Sherwood Island State Park;
  2. Compo Beach;
  3. Burying Hill Beach;
  4. Sherwood Island State Park;
  5. Longshore Club Park;
  6. Aspetuck Land Trust;
  7. Wakeman Farm.

In addition, there are cultural and art scenes, and entertainment offerings. Beachwood Arts brings together generations, history, and modernity. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) offers heritage and art programs. So does the Westport Arts Center (MOCA). Connecticut Alliance for Music brings the passion of sound. Levitt Pavilion offers great outdoor entertainment. Westport Community Theatre is an indoor entertainment venue. Westport Country Playhouse speaks for itself. More heritage and arts can be found at the Westport Museum for History and Culture. There is the Westport Writers’ Workshop bringing writers to find inspiration and share creative moments with fellow creators. The Westport Library is located in the Downtown area, where there are also gyms and stores. Most of the offices are located  along the Post Road East and West. There are businesses throughout the town, some of them world-class instances of the financial and the real estate industries. Those who find satisfaction in shopping will not be disappointed, either. Moving from New York to Westport, CT needn’t entail an isolated suburban life. For one, those who need, want, or have to commute to New York should not worry. Metro-North and Amtrak ensure a seamless ride to Grand Central. This may vary depending on the day and the time of the day. Additionally, medical facilities and the Police Department service help maintain healthy and safe living conditions.

Getting There

Moving from New York to Westport, CT requires careful planning. Moving expenses can range anywhere from slightly above $1000 to several thousand dollars. Traffic and other circumstances can cause delays. Therefore, time management is crucial. Westport is forty five miles from New York. It takes an hour by car to get there, but it may take slightly longer by truck.  This should not be a problem if the choice is the moving company that ensures reliable, efficient, and professional services. The white glove delivery, moving equipment for antiques, delicate items, and technology may be among customers’ needs. Carefully handling clothes and furniture is equally important. In order to safely move all the belongings, all the while respecting the clients’ schedules and financial demands, an expertly executed moving process is needed. Therefore, one should make sure to choose the best

Planning a Move to Westport, CT

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