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How to move a piano in New York? You have probably been wondering whether a piano can be moved without the specialized hand of the moving companies? This can be an arduous task due to its weight, size, fragility, and value. In most cases, it is highly recommended a professional and reliable service when moving a piano. That is why Zenith Moving is here to offer a remarkable piano moving experience across New York in no time.

How to move piano without the professional help

It’s a well-known fact that the piano has 88 keys, and it can weigh somewhere between 300 and 1,000 pounds. However, did you know that it can consist of over 12,000 individual parts? Many of these parts are made from a high-quality material with the aim of providing endurance. Having this in consideration, it’s indeed important that its relocation is done with the utmost care, which commonly only professionally equipped movers can offer. 

If you are still determined that you can do it on your own, consider our useful advice below.

Make a moving plan in advance

Preparation is the key, so having a plan that you can stick to, will make the process of moving a piano easier. First and foremost, take the precise measurement of the piano, including its width, depth, and height, and make sure to calculate the door frames, stairways, and corridors as well. Once you have all the measurements, gather manpower that can help you out with this challenging task. Depending on the size of the piano, you will need at least four people. 

Having all this sorted out is crucial, but so is the equipment you are going to use. You will need:

  • Moving blankets and furniture pads
  • Piano dollies or piano skid board
  • Dolly straps or tie-down straps
  • Quality working gloves
  • Packing tape

Moving a piano depends also on what type of piano you’re looking to transport. The essential distinctions should be done between upright pianos and concert grand ones. Based on it, there are different maneuver techniques you can put into practice.

How to move an Upright Piano

An upright, or commonly known as the vertical piano, is lightly easier to move due to its size. To move it, wrap it carefully with blankets and furniture pads. Make sure that all corners and piano keys and pedals are well protected and secure everything with the tape. Avoid using the tape directly on the piano surface because it can potentially remove paint. Next, once you have it well-wrapped, lift it onto a piano dolly that should be at least half the length of the piano, and strap it firmly with dolly straps. Finally, when you have it positioned on the dolly, carry it carefully to your moving truck.

How to move a Grand Piano

Moving a grand piano can seem an unattainable task, but with some extra effort and advice from our professional movers, you can try to handle it on your own. Firstly, try lowering and securing the top lid. Dissemble with a screwdriver different parts, such as legs and piano pedals. Wrap everything separately with blankets and furniture pads and secure with tape. Please make sure that your teammates are on the alert for any potential fall or other accident that may occur when dissembling the legs. Carefully move the piano into a piano skid board and secure it with the straps. Proceed with loading it into the moving truck.

When to Hire a Professional Mover

If moving a piano is making you distressed, it is the right time to give a call to a professional piano mover.  In that way, you can be sure that your precious instrument is in good hands and that we are taking excellent care of transporting it to your new home.