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Guide to packing kitchen appliances for moving

There are not so many things as stressful to pack as a kitchen. So many fragile things and items that probably cost a lot of money. No need to stress over it because Zenith Moving has some tricks on packing kitchen appliances. The important thing is to take your time packing the kitchen and follow some of our advice on it.

Prepare your inventory for moving

Moving isn’t just about showing everything in boxes and being on your way. There are some items you will need to take special care of. Before packing kitchen appliances you will need to clean them thoroughly. You don’t want spoiled apple juice draining from the box onto other things in the truck. A day or two before you start packing them, it would be great to prepare them accordingly.

Start by washing and letting everything dry. Beware of the parts that maybe not water-resistant. In that case, opt-out for wiping them with a damp cloth and some cleaning solution. Turn them upside down so that any water left can drain. Let them air dry at least a day before residential movers Manhattan come knocking and you have to pack them.

Try packing kitchen appliances in the original boxes

There is no better fit for your items than their original box. It was made especially for it and if you do have them, you are in luck. Of course, there is very little chance you have saved the fridge packaging, your movers will make sure that it is transported safe and sound. Boxes from your appliances are great to keep as storage boxes as well. The top-quality moving boxes Manhattan we offer are a great solution as well to your problem.  So until you are ready to move, use them anywhere in your house for some extra storage.

Mixer you will put in original box when packing kitchen appliances
Packing kitchen appliances is easier if you put them in their original boxes

When the time comes to relocate, packing kitchen appliances in their original boxes will fit like a charm. Just remember to clean and dry them before packing and you are good to go. Secure it extra with some wrapping paper or newspaper if needed. For some extra fragile items, better to opt-out from air-filled wrap instead of paper.

The remaining free space in the box should be filled with peanuts or paper. You do not want your appliances tumbling around the box. Make sure you layer it on the bottom of the box as well. You can also use blankets and towels for this. They are great for keeping everything safe and sound. And another huge plus is that you will have less to pack. Use what you can from your household as packing supplies to save money and time.

Use nesting method for pots and pans

When we say nesting we think of the Russian dolls inside one another, That is the single greatest method of packing pots and pans. That is if you want to save some space in your boxes and truck as well. Make sure the pots on the bottom are metal and solid. If you have some clay trays, you should pack them separately. That doesn’t mean packing kitchen appliances can be difficult. It means you will need to learn how to become an organizing professional.  Just make sure glass and clay are separated from the rest of the appliances.

Before you start stacking them one on top of the other, make sure to divide them with paper. To divide pots and pans when packing kitchen appliances make sure you use:

  1. Packing paper
  2. Newspaper
  3. Paper bags

Towels or blankets as a method of protection won’t work well here. These are thick and are better for wrapping up single items. Pots will not be able to sit properly on top of one another. Instead, try using them to wrap lids off of pots and pans, because they are usually made of glass and can be fragile.

old newspapers
Old newspapers are excellent when you need to protect breakable items

Be extra careful when packing glasses and plates

When it comes to packing glass, as you probably already know, you will have to be extra careful. This means acquiring some extra packing material such as plastic containers. They will prevent any breakage that may come from outside of the box. What is also important is to prevent them from smacking into one another inside the box. Use extra paper for this, do not spare it. Those are some beautiful wine glasses and we do not want them shattered.

When packing glasses use literally anything you have at hand to keep them protected. Supplies you will need for packing can be found anywhere around your home. Towels are great for laying them on the bottom of the container. Use extra paper for wrapping them well. Secure the paper with tape so it doesn’t come off in transport and cause damage.

Packing silverware is trickier than you thought

There is yet another thing from your kitchen you need to secure as well as you can, and that is silverware. It can’t be damaged on its own but it can damage other items. So when packing kitchen appliances make sure you pack your silverware separately.

image of silverware
Be careful when packing your silverware

Divide them by type and secure with a rubber band. There is no point in wrapping them up in paper or towels, save them for packing fragile belongings for relocation.  Instead, pack your silverware in old shoe boxes. If you have a problem with this because you may not think it is clean enough, pack them in zip lock bags and then place them in the boxes. A lot of people are saving their shoeboxes, so even if you do not have them at hand, they will be easy to find. Tape the boxes really well, because you do not want silverware flying around the truck, trust us.

As you can probably tell by now, packing kitchen appliances has something a little extra to it, but it is not science. You just need the right materials and some patience and time to wrap everything up. Make sure every household member is included in this process, because it may last a bit longer if you are doing it alone. Good luck with your move!